Brazil’s Ethanol Will Power Japan’s Car Fleet

Brazil agreed Monday to help Japan develop the ethanol industry and thus reduce the country’s fuel bill.

Brazil to help Japan with the ethanol industry
Japan, ethanol,

Brazil’s Ethanol Will Move Japan’s Car Fleet

Brazil agreed Monday to help Japan develop the ethanol industry and thus reduce the country’s fuel bill.
Brazil’s Development, Industry and Commerce Minister Luiz Fernando Furlan and Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Toshihiro Nikai met in Tokyo for the first session of the high-level task force established last May.

Both ministers agreed to share and exchange ethanol industry information and assess the possibilities of large-scale imports to Japan in the near future.

Brazil is the largest ethanol producer in the world and the only major exporter of the fuel distilled mostly from sugar cane.

Last March, the Japan Alcohol Trading company and Brazil’s state-run oil company Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) established a joint venture to enable Japan to import alcohol made in the South American nation from sugar cane.

The new company, called Brazil-Japan Ethanol, will have the exclusive franchise for selling Brazilian ethanol in Japan.

According to Kyodo news agency, the Japanese Petroleum Association already advanced its intention of purchasing an estimated 360,000 kiloliters (2.3 million barrels) of sugar cane ethanol by fiscal year 2010 which should also help Japan meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.

Ethanol from agriculture is already in use in France, Spain and Germany, among other nations. Made from crops such as corn and sugar cane, ethanol is basically grain alcohol and is usually mixed with unleaded gasoline and can be pumped into vehicles at existing service stations.

The main downside to using alcohol as a fuel is that it is highly corrosive, requiring modifications to the engine and fuel system.

Brazil, however, has perfected the flexible fueled vehicle (FFV) technology invented by the Ford Motor Co. in the mid-1980s to allow vehicles to operate with any combination of fuels.

Proálcool, a program for the mass production of ethanol from sugar cane was introduced by the Brazilian government in 1975 as a response to the effects of the first global energy crisis.

Ethanol was hailed at the time as "the fuel of the future" because it was cheaper than gasoline, came from a renewable source and burned cleanly, unlike fossil fuels.

In the 1980s, alcohol-fueled vehicles eventually accounted for about 90% of Brazilian production and sales, but supply problems made them practically disappear from the market in the late 1990s.

"Now it’s different, because with the flex system the consumer has a guarantee that if there are problems with the supply of one fuel, they can switch to another," Alfred Scwarc, a consultant to the São Paulo sugar industry’s Unica trade association, said last December.

Scwarc, who labelled the growth of the bio-fuel fleet "astonishing" said the sugar industry, unlike in the 1990s, this time was ready to meet demand for ethanol.

"We are in the process of expanding, of investing in new plants and distilleries to increase agricultural and industrial production" underlined Mr. Scwarc.

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  • Mr. Intelligence

    Ethanol is King
    Here I am, Mr SMART !
    written by Guest, 2006-04-11 17:53:36

    You are so smart that you never provide an answer to a question.
    ON the above article, do your maths, if you went to basic school.
    In 2010 you will provide, if evrerything goes well, the equivalent of 6388 barrels of oil equivalent per day to Japan. I hope youi realize that will be less than 1 % of their daily oil consumption.

    Mr. Stupido!! from above accusations against Mr. Squid.
    You Americansare so jelous! The US is got the worst reputation on this planet and you put this ma down.
    Your country has killed and put in CIA backed dictators in Latin America for years, how dear you talk bad about Brazil, shame on America (US).

    Your country is in deep crises, a declining greenback (greenbooger money). You pray on weak countries to over throw ther governments to steal their resources. Your just angry because the USA can’t do that to Brazil, the Green Giant, eh!? asshole!!

    he US would never win a war against Brazil on ground combat. How come the USA dosen’t pick a war with Brazil?
    You know why? The US would be doomed, man! Doomed!

  • Guest

    Jerry Ross
    Where can i find a Brazilain’
    consultant that can help us locate
    a brazil company to export
    ethanol to Canada.

    Our contant name is
    Ontario Biofuels
    Toront Ontario canada
    416 285 1980

  • Guest

    Hello Mr SSSSSsmart !!!!!
    Bad luck for you. Here is a proof of what I just said :
    In related news Brazilian president Lula da Silva announced further support measures for the farming sector to as “to bring relief for the next two years”.

    “We’re currently discussing details of the package which should help Brazilian agriculture get through 2006 and 2007 with not many surprises”, said President Lula during his Monday broadcast.

    And another one from your Ministry of Agriculture :
    also announced that good payers will be “respectfully” rewarded since “some farmers in this country, historically, have borrowed money and never paid back”.

    Borrowing and not willing to back is typically Brazilian style. Isnt it already known ? Nothing new…in my opinion !

    YOU SEE MR SMART, May be I am am not so Idiot, and definitely you are not so Smart.

    Anyway….go back watching your TV soap opera, it is the only knowledge and culture you have concerning your own country. Obviously also when your TV news journals provide you with the rosy things.

    Ohhh by the way, MR NOT SO SMART, is Brazil not against the EU and the USA agricultural subsidizes at the WTO ???????
    But subsidizing your farmers is normal. Right ?

    Welll…welll that is Brazilian definition of reciprocity, fairness and justice.

    No doubt then that Brazil is a country with NO future.

    You have never yet been a miracle economy, except for a few years here and there. Worse, under Lula mandate the miracle léasted only 1 year this time, in 2004.

    The other years were only a mirage economy. Lots of talking, not much in results.
    But keep producing, soya, beef, your major exports, very very cheap.
    I said it, WE are buyers as long as you loose money on what you sell us.
    Continue producing as much you can your ethanol.You will make a profit as long as the industry will remain relatively small, but when big, prices wil go down …down…down…down….and we will buy…buy….buy….!

    I dont think this is the smartest way, Mr NOT so SMART !
    But free you are of your own destiny as you have been free for the more than last century.

  • Guest

    Here I am, Mr SMART !
    You are so smart that you never provide an answer to a question.
    ON the above article, do your maths, if you went to basic school.
    In 2010 you will provide, if evrerything goes well, the equivalent of 6388 barrels of oil equivalent per day to Japan. I hope youi realize that will be less than 1 % of their daily oil consumption.
    Even worse, if you are familiar with ethanol. You need more ethanol for the energy equivalent of oil. That is why ethanol cannot be more expensive than oil to be competitive.
    It already happens, that in Brazil the price difference of ethanol becomes very shortly uncompetitive with oil, again knowing that more ethanol is needed.

    Let me laugh on your ethanol industry. You said the same 30 years ago. You failed miserably. Then you said that coffee is your gold equivalent.You failed. 3 years ago, the trend was soya.
    Soya everywhere, in every article, every front page, TV journals. Today, sure you still produce a lot of soya, BUT AT A LOSS.
    Agricultural land prices plunged by over 50 % in just 2 years. Bunge/Cargill and the majors are closing plants after plants. One of the major company just reduced their 4 years investment plan in Brazil from US$ 1.3 billion to $ 400 millions. 70 % reductions and they make think of even more.
    Cattle prices ! Sure you have as many cattles as your population. It remains that cattle farmers are struggling for the last 3 years ALREADY.
    They are producing at a loss.
    You should know Mr SMART that the aroba of beef is now just under Reais 50.-.This price is the lowest since 1996, not even taking in account the inflation.
    This said, of xourse you are welcome to produce as much as you want WITH A LOSS. WE are buyers.
    Finally, back to your ethanol industry, I hope for you that it will be your future, that you will plant sugar cane in many more hectares than even soya.
    No doubt in my mind, that once more you will fail.
    And if yourselves will even plant sugar cane in your garden, in your farm if you have one, I would not wish to be your son.
    Because their future job could only be….sugar cane cutter or slave !
    What a bright future ! Yeahhhh !!!And MR SMART, you are probably aware that Lula has big plans for your mamona. He started planting mamona eveywhere in the Northeast ! Correct ? The oil extracted is even better than ethanol ! Right ?
    Then you better check by yourself the reality. In the first quarter your mamona production went down by……32 % !!!! Yeahhhhh….what a boom in growth.

    Since you dont really know what is happening in your own country, you will read very shortly in your newspapers (if you are not illiterate, MR SMART) that your government is launching a plan to save your farmers, not because they are making much money….by definition ! Correct ?

    And to close the subject, I am a close friend of Jean- Claude ZARB, alias

    If you are unemployed, let me know. I may ask him to hire you as a sugar cane cutter.

    Good luck to you and your family MR SMART. Have a prosperous future in your ethanol industry !

  • Guest

    Dear Brazilian Friend…
    This guy is very stupid (mr idiot). Every time he starts spouting bullshit without any notion of his stupidity.

    You and me have tried to debate with him, but when it comes to genuine conversation, he disapears!!

    A real ignorant coward!

    Signed Leizão

  • Guest

    We are waiting for your stupid comments
    Where are you stupid guy??? Let’s see your take on the subject…

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