Brazil Sees Ethanol as Its New Economic Frontier

Ethanol is Brazil’s new economic frontier, according to Antônio Barros de Castro, director of planning at the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES).

He made this observation in comments on the country’s trade diversification, in terms of both products and regions. He even suggested that Brazil should be the world leader in this advance.

"The Brazilian economy is quite internationalized nowadays, which constitutes a positive phenomenon. It exports all over the world. Our eggs are in all baskets," he affirmed.

Barros de Castro expressed optimism over ethanol, because it is an area in which "innovations can arise." He went on to say:

"It is no longer just Japan, with an order for 10 million liters under negotiation. It is also California, and there are various other signs that the situation is hugely favorable to ethanol."

The director recalled that the alcohol supply chain "extends from sugar cane to a point where biorefineries, plastics, etc, are to be found. It is full of fronds, with various branches, and Brazil has shown that it is getting ready to occupy the area in force."

In his view, Brazil must still overcome two limitations. The first is that the ethanol market is still not adequately structured.

"Ethanol still does not exist as a commodity. That is, there is no standardization. Brazil must help build this market, so that consumers can be confident that, when they purchase ethanol, they are buying something with which they are perfectly familiar and which possesses certain well-defined properties."

The other limitation, according to Barros de Castro, is that, to build this market, Brazil should not go it alone. He emphasized the need to pluralize the ethanol economy.

"We will only be able to export on a large scale, if we help other countries, such as South Africa, India, and Mexico, to produce ethanol. It would be ideal for Brazil to lead this process, but, due to the problem of energy security, it would be totally counterproductive to have an overbearing influence in it."

The director informed that "a genuine wave of refinery construction," with 80 enterprises, is underway. And that a study sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology adduces two scenarios for the addition of ethanol to gasoline, in ratios of 5% and 10%.

"This would imply a leap in the Brazilian presence and a growing affirmation of the ethanol energy route, which justifies our enthusiasm," he added.

Agência Brasil


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    Ahead of the game in the U.S.A
    After watching ethanol drip into the gas pump in my homestate of Nevada and across the U.S. and always looking for opportunity It’s time to fill my tanks with Ethanol, alcohol, alcool BIOENERGY… It has the best future yet, in fact i believe that it’s solid gold. Then seeing how Brazil has taken the ball and shown itself as the leader in the industry with sugar and the secondary energy made from production of ethanol, Brazil needs to secure the position of LEADER in this industry before it is gobbled up by our Government (U.S.A.). GO BRAZIL! get it on baby! oh yea and by the way if any of the companies developing ethanol and ethanol byproducts or energy would like a self-motivated, energized believer in the future of BIOENERGY, want’s a professional to market the products I WANT IN! contact me
    Michael Augustine phone 775-751-8968
    (U.S.A.) e-mail
    I am very excited about the future of Ethanol and the various bio-energy fuel sources made available by the production of ethanol, not to mention the enviornmental benefits. The waste products availiable to produce BIOENERGY is astounding and needs to be focused on. It will give the oil industry a real wake-up call or slap upside of the head, whatever it takes.The production of alternative fuel sources must continue,
    for the good of alll countries.
    VIVA BRAZIL you have my attention

  • Guest

    Latest news!!
    In the past 3 weeks, the national news in the US have mentioned flexfuel cars and cited numerous times Brazil as a model to follow in the quest to independence to the oil coutries.!!!

  • Guest

    Bl(e)ak future
    is better than NO future.

  • Guest

    oil for president
    I agree with your post. The oil party runs the USA now. Nothing is done except for their profit. I would love to see Brasil export the “no gas” ideas to America! And Americans would love to “get off gas!”.

  • Guest

    Viva Brazil
    Brazil is opening a new future for mankind. Renewable energy is and will be the first real economic world revolution made in Brazil.
    I pity the US, killing and getting killed in Iraq and now Iran !
    Us has a bl(e)ack future.

    Ass. Marinheiro

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