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Brazilian Jujitsu Conquers United Arab Emirates

Brazilian fighter Carlos Santos, Carlão, is organizing the first national jujitsu championship in the United Arab Emirates. Carlão, who is a black belt and three times jujitsu world champion, works at Abu Dhabi Combat Club, an academy belonging to sheikh Tahnoom bin Zaied, son of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

He was sent to the Arab country by academy Brazilian Top Team, based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to help spread the sport in the Emirates.

The championship is going to take place on December 17 in Abu Dhabi Combat Club and will have around 150 participants.

“We already have 80 enrolled, and there is still over one month before the championship,” stated Carlão.

Jujitsu started spreading throughout the country after sheikh Tahnoom began practicing with Brazilian Nelson Monteiro, around seven years ago, while studying in San Diego, in the United States.

“The sheikh fell in love with the sport,” explained Carlão.

The academy was opened in Abu Dhabi five years ago. At the beginning it was Monteiro himself, who has now returned to Brazil, who taught the sport.

Carlão travelled to the country to teach for the first time around three years ago, and from then on he has constantly been travelling between Brazil and the Emirates.

He has spent the last five months in the Arab country.

“I do not know how long I am going to be here,” stated the fighter.

At present Carlão is the only Brazilian jujitsu teacher at the academy, but Brazilian Top Team has already sent six professionals to work in the country in the last three years.

According to Carlão, in the country, the sport is mainly turned to upper middle class people.

“There are many company directors practicing jujitsu here,” he said.

He explains, however, that academy students include people from the Emirates, Palestine, and the United States.

A large part of the country population is made up of foreigners. The country citizens may go to the academy for free, but foreigners pay US$ 150.

If it depends on the athlete’s plans, the sport will grow even more in the Emirates.

Carlão wants to organize the first Brazilian jujitsu championship in Asia next year, and in two year’s time also wants to take the jujitsu world championship to Abu Dhabi.

The championship normally takes place in Brazil.

A few days ago the Brazilian met one of the best-known boxing managers in the world, American Don King, who has shown interest in participating in the organization of jujitsu championships.

King is going to open two offices in the Emirates, one in Dubai and another in Abu Dhabi.

The championship to take place in December will include participants ranging from the white to purple belts.

The sport classifies athletes in the following colours: white, blue, purple, brown, and black, according to their performance.

Brazilian Jujitsu

Despite having originated in Japan, the Brazilians created their own way of fighting jujitsu.

This is so true that the sport is currently known internationally, and also in the Emirates, as Brazilian jujitsu.

Brazilian fighter Carlão was world champion in 1996, 1998 and 2000, and also won the European Championship, in Portugal, in January this year.


Abu Dhabi Combat Club

Brazilian Top Team
Tel.: +55 (21) 8187-1223


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  • Manuel Cortez

    Brazilian Jujitsu
    CarlÀƒ£o is still competing? I Wanted to see and Brazilian jujitsu champ Raw Leiba fight in 1996 but Leiba was into “other things” i think he said. That guy (Leiba)had so much talent and will probably go down as one of the best athletes no one knows because he wouldn’t stick to one sport.On top of being awesome in jujitsu he was good enough to play in the NFL but backed out of that with the Chargers,He played basketball in Europe but didn’t want to play anymore and now he’s an Actor and ill give it a pretty good one. But i sure wanted him to fight CarlÀƒ£o back i the day he has a great body still or ad least he did in ‘StreetFighter’.

  • Ahmad

    Hey Guys
    I found the place here in dubai http://www.braziliantopteam.com/classes_dubai_eng.asp

  • M.V.

    Hey Jean-Philippe Moulin & Rosauro Quiming,

    Alright here’s a crazy Idea, i still have not been able to find a club in Dubai. So what do you guys think of getting together just to roll and stay in shape until a sloution comes up??

    Email me to get my contact info guys, Cheers: mvadiee@gmail.com
    M. Vadiee

  • Rosauro Quiming, Jr.

    I would also like to practice the art of Brazilian jujitsu. But I am residing in Dubai UAE and Abu Dhabi is quite a bit far for me to travel and have a training. I am hoping you could also establish a training hall here in Dubai so I could be the first one in line for the enrollment. More success and more power

  • Mohammad Vadiee

    Ya I’m looking for a BJ club in Dubai, Any ideas?

    M. V.

  • Jean-Philippe Moulin

    Jujitsu in Dubai
    Hi, do you also have a club in Dubai? If not, can you give me the details of one that does?


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