Brazil Doubles Exports to the Caribbean

Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, commented this Monday, April 24, that the positive results of Brazil’s exports to Caribbean countries reflect the policy adopted by president Lula’s Administration in the region.

"Many things have been planted, but this Administration has been tending them well, we might say."

According to the Itamaraty (Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Relations), the Caribbean market for Brazilian products has been expanding "significantly."

Last year Brazil exported US$ 2.4 billion there, double what it exported in 2004 and equal to what it sold to France during the same period.

Referring to the role of the Brazilian government’s policy in relation to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Amorim emphasized the close nature of Brazil’s ties with countries in the region.

"This proximity is the fruit of a comprehensive policy of greater integration with South America and Latin America," he observed.

According to Amorim, the Haitian question also contributed to this proximity. He recalled that the first visit by a Brazilian chancellor to a CARICOM country was when he went to Barbados to attend a meeting of CARICOM ministers.

"The importance of Brazil’s role was recognized in the region. We made a big effort, not only with the troops there but forging political arrangements as well. Brazil’s approach to the CARICOM was important to the peace process in Haiti itself," Amorim pointed out.

Agência Brasil



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