Brazil’s Doesn’t Wish to Be Prosperity Island Surrounded by Misery, Says Lula

A planned gas pipeline that will run from Venezuela throught Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile is the solution for the region’s natural gas problem, declared Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, this Monday morning, May 8 on his weekly radio program "Breakfast with the President" (Café com o Presidente).

"This is a really big gas pipeline [it will be the longest in the world] and it can resolve the supply problem for a century. We are working on this," said Lula.

The president was referring to his meeting last week with presidents Néstor Kirchner (Argentina), Evo Morales (Bolivia) and Hugo Chávez (Venezuela).

Lula also declared that Brazil’s role, as South America’s largest economy, was to help neighboring nations grow. "We do not want to be an island of development circled by poor countries," said the president. "We want everybody to grow."

Lula went on to say that the best way to resolve problems with Bolivia, following the nationalization of its natural resources last week, is at the negotiating table and not by using punitive measures.

"We are not going to retaliate against a country that is much poorer than Brazil, with more hungry people than Brazil. I know that there are some who think we should take a hard line position. But we are peaceful, we want to reach an agreement. That is the best thing Brazil can do," declared Lula.



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    Ohhh nooooo!
    Helping neighboring nations grow, means that Lula wants to control them as he wishes.
    Examples :
    – problems within the Mercosur members.
    – Mercorsur has laws, but unilaterally Brazil decided to no longer allow rice import from Uruguay. On the other hand he wants to sell more of his fucking agriculture to every nations in the world. Worse, he is not even willing to reciprocate by lowering his trade barriers on industrial goods and financial services.
    – He put some restrictions on Chinese textile imports, when the Chinese imports correspond to 1 % of the Brazilian textile industry ! Yes 1 % is correct.
    He did not realize yet that the lost jobs were mostly due because China took market share on the Brazilian textile EXPORTS ! Quite different !
    – He wants rich nations to forgive loans to Bolivia, but he doesnt want to forgive loans Brazil made to Bolivia. Strange, isnt it ?

    This guy has one dream : to be canonized in a barrel of…Ethanol ! (National beverage replacing cachaÀ§a in 5 years)


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    Lula also declared that Brazil’s role, as South America’s largest economy, was to help neighboring nations grow. “We do not want to be an island of development circled by poor countries,” said the president. “We want everybody to grow.”

    I almost fell out of the seat laughing when I read that. Like Brazil is suddenly economic heavyweight willing to take the rest of the poor little Latin American countries under his wing. Ahhh thanks big guy!! What a fucking asshole this guy is.

  • Guest

    Yeahhhhh !
    Brazil is now a prosperous country with no poverty.

    So much prosperous that Lula decided, on purpose, to have his country with the least economic growth of all countries during his mandate.
    Before eying in others tonga, he should look in his own.
    He should also read statitics provide by the IBGE and some International agencies first.
    If he can read and understand simple rankings and ratings.

    And paying the fair international market price for Bolivia gas is not making a gift.

    But fairness is not something Lula learned in his schooling ! What schooling did he do anyway ?

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