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Brazil Expecting 6 Million Tourists, 2.5 Million from Europe

Brazil’s Minister of Tourism, Walfrido dos Mares Guia, says he does not believe the country’s tourism industry will be harmed by the weak dollar.

According to Mares Guia, some 6 million foreigners are expected to visit Brazil this year and spend US$ 5 billion in the country.

The minister points out that last year 5.4 million foreigners came to Brazil.

"With the weaker dollar, more Brazilians are going abroad. But at the same time, more foreigners are coming to Brazil," said the minister, adding that a strong advertising campaign has helped.

"We have set up Embratur offices in various cities, participated in 40 fairs and have run 16 workshops all around the world. We are spreading the news about tourism in Brazil."

Mares Guia said that this year it is expected that out of the expected 6 million tourists, 2.5 million of them will be from Europe.

"We now have 30 direct flights to the Northeast from various points in Europe. That should mean a lot more Europeans will be coming."


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    Great place to visit
    I spent a week in Rio last month and had a wonderful time. Beautiful country and a very welcoming people. I really do hope they start making strides to ease the wealth disparity — there’s such an untapped mass of human energy that could really launch Brazil forward in the eyes of the world if they would just take advantage of it.

    I definitely plan to return, sooner rather than later.

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    Vactioning In Brazil
    Brazil is a has it all. Your country has beautiful landscape (just checkout a journey to Petropolis) to wonderful welcoming citizens to great beaches. Before I made my trip to Brazil, there were a lot of “negative” things I heard about this country. After visiting Brazil last year, this country and it’s people are dear to my heart. I wish President Lula and his government the best if they are really trying to uplift the poorwhile facilitating growth to build wealth of Brazilians. In fact, I’d strongly consider making Brazil a second home. Keep the tourism rolling. Acommonthrought@aol.com // Rob J> Chicago

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