Brazil Plans Self-Sufficiency in Gas in Five Years

The Brazilian government plans to concentrate its efforts on increasing natural gas supplies in Brazil and thus reduce the country’s dependence on Bolivian gas, which presently constitutes 40% of what the country consumes.

This information was provided Monday, May 22, by João Souto, secretary of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Renewable Fuels in the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy.

During a seminar on National Natural Gas Policy, Souto affirmed that "with the steps we plan to take, domestic supplies will increase approximately 100% in the next five years from the current level of 48 million cubic meters to 100 million cubic meters."

Converting natural gas-fueled thermoelectric plants to biofuel heads the list of measures to diminish demand. According to the secretary, this conversion will begin in 2007.

In the sphere of gas transportation infrastructure, he added, investments of US$ 4.5 billion are projected for the construction of new gas pipelines.



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    Brazil transportation infrastructure !
    Really funny that this budget budget is higher than the whole government budget for roads and highways infrastructure for the whole country !!!!

    This just shows how your government dont care at all for the infrastructure transportation of goods and citizens !

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