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WTO Stalemate Is Political and Not Technical, Say Brazil’s Lula

During his weekly radio broadcast Monday, May 29, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said that it is time to take a political decision with respect to the agricultural issues pending in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

According to Lula, the period for technical negotiations among the countries is almost over, and the solution is now up to the presidents and prime ministers.

The president observed that a meeting of the G-8 (the group composed of the world’s seven richest countries, together with Russia) is scheduled for July, in St. Petersburg.

Some other countries, including Brazil, have been invited to attend as guests. According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the group’s enlarged summit will take place between July 15 and 17 and is expected to discuss, among other topics, international energy security, the fight against infectious diseases, and educational development.

Lula stated that he is optimistic over the prospects for an agreement in the agricultural sphere, which, in his view, would give "a new aspect to the geography of world trade."



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    issues pending at the WTO !
    Contrary to the repeated and constant lies of Lula and his gang, the pending issues are not only with the agriculture, but also with Brazil not willing to open their door to more foreing industrial goods and financial services !

    And if Lula is optimistic (despite he says the opposite most of the time) is HE ready to open more his door ????

    Afterall the EU has as much unemployment as Brazil and your actual trade surplus with the EU is around 25 % of your total surplus.
    We are buying 33 % of all your agribusiness/agriculture exports !

    And contrary to what Brazil is accustomed to do with its citizens, the EU cares for their 7 millions farmers.

    And this is regardless if this pleases you or not !
    It is time that you open more your doors so that you can finally develop your country that is lagging so much compared to ALL other developing nations !

    Quite simple !

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