Brazil Wants to Keep Preferential Trade Status with US

At the end of this year the United States’ General Preferential System, which gives certain countries, among them Brazil, special trade status and zero-tariff access to the US market for some goods, is scheduled to be phased out.

Roberto Abdenur, the Brazilian ambassador in Washington, says he would like to see the system extended in the case of Brazil. He points out that a large part of the US$ 3 billion Brazil exports to the US under the terms of the GPS are goods made by US subsidiaries in Brazil.

Under the GPS, in 2004 Brazil economized US$ 98 million in exemptions. Brazil’s total 2004 exports to the US reached US$ 21 billion, with 15% (US$ 3 billion) getting GPS reduced import tariffs. That was only slightly less than India, with US$ 3.270 in GPS exemptions.

Foreign Trade

Brazilian exports continued strong at the beginning of June, reaching US$ 1.108 billion for the first two working days of the month, while imports reached US$ 587 million, for a surplus of US$ 521 million.

That brings Brazil’s trade surplus for the first 105 working days of 2006 to US$ 15.985 billion, which is actually 1.86% less than the surplus was for the same period in 2005. .

Total exports for 2006 are now at US$ 50.574 billion, up 12.44% over the same period in 2005. Meanwhile, exports reached US$ 34.589 billion, up 20.56%.



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    posted that question under wrong article. The title in these comments are cut off for some reason, when I post.

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    the prior question should be disregarded

  • Guest

    Do Brazilian boys try to get sex the mom
    just wondering?

  • Guest

    reciprocity is needed
    I think the usa needs equal access of goods not to be taxed when entering Brazil. A visa for a visa, 3 billion for 3 billion I say….

  • Guest

    Upside down
    Poor little Americans ! The world around the US is so nasty…

  • Guest

    what I would like to know, and believe I already know the answer, but are ANY american imports not taxed when entering brazil?? I’m nearly 100% certain that the answer is NO!

    Where is the reciprocity? We should tax brazilian imports to the U.S. the exact same percentage that U.S. imports are taxed when entering brazil!

  • Guest

    How strange Brazilian policies are !
    You criticze every day the USA without naming them (on purpose), on the Imperialism, Neo Liberalism, just to name a few.
    You are quite rude verbally too for U.S. multinationals such as Cargill, Archer Daniels despite all the jobs they provide you and the export they created due to Their Investments (not yours)
    You are totally against the FTA and against Bush himself.

    Nonetheless….you wish to continue and beg to keep the Preferential Trade status with them.

    This just show the reality and consistency of your hypocrisis.

    If my name would be Bush, I would tell you…..go to Hell… !
    The U.S.A dont need you. Everything you produce can be bought elsewhere, cheaper and of better quality.
    The exeption could be Orange Juice due last year ouragan in Florida !

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