Invasion of Brazilian Congress Caused US$ 45,000 in Damages

It is estimated that the damage caused by the members of the Movement for the Liberation of the Landless (Movimento de Libertação dos Sem Terra) (MLST), when they invaded the Brazilian Congress building will total over US$ 45,000 (102 mil reais).

A brand new car, which was to be raffled off among congressional employees, four ATMs, three computers, a statue and many security cameras were among the damaged items.

Although more than 20 people were injured in the melee, only one of them, Normando Fernandes, a security guard, remains in hospital. He had head injuries and is in observation.

A recently inaugurated pavilion at the Papuda Prison (Presí­dio da Papuda) in Brazilian capital Brasí­lia is the new residence of 500 protesters from the MLST who invaded the Congress building on Tuesday.

In the prison the MLST members have been separated according to sex and are being kept apart from other inmates.

Twelve of the MLST members, who are classified as leaders, have been isolated from the others "to make sure they do not try to start some kind of an uprising," says Athos Costa de Faria, the Distrito Federal secretary of Security.

Meanwhile, the official website of the Chamber of Deputies is showing a video tape of an MLST meeting in which the invasion of the Congress building was planned.



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  • Guest

    HEY, two-faced man.
    You did not give YOUR viewpoint on corrupt American politicians and American warmongers.
    By the way, how are the American airforce bases in Germany doing?

  • Guest

    Janus reports to a two-faced god.
    As a (german.).. Use capÀ­tal letters whenever you write some words (Your homework will be to look for the grammar rules )

    Is it so cold in Germany that you can´t do anything else, but typing nonsenses ( as a German…) How stupid.
    Are you going to tell us about Hitler, Goering, etc.etc. ?

    The (e)uropean viewpoint is not necessary because it is European. Besides, Europe comprehends many countries, with different cultures, each culture with its ” viewpoint”.

    Gimme a break, eUrOpEaN.
    Go sqaure your neighbors – in case you happen to make friends with them –

  • Guest

    Janus – hannover
    about “oh boy”:
    I could re-write your comment to an european point of view, especially to a german point of view.
    As a german I´m also looking forward to the rising of new powerful nations, including china, brazil and india. i think everyone is just tired of taking shit from the same ones fo so long.

    lets take and give shit to/from different countries for a change. yay

  • Guest

    oh boy….
    You people constantly talk smack about Brazil, whenever their is something possitive posted in this site no messages but when its negative the posts come swirling in. The fact that you don’t condemn such a violent act is beyond me, you want the government to fail so badly that violence is okay by your book. I can’t wait when Brazil establishes itself as a great power you people will just have to shut up, I don’t know if its jealousy that Brazil suddenly is turning its back on America and looking for the rise of a powerful China that has gotten you people with constant negative views. Either way your on the decline….enjoy the ride.

  • Guest

    But let´s not forget those who stole from INSS.


    Do you also think so about corrupt American politicians and American warmongers?

  • Guest

    I agree. Let´s not forget those who stole from INSS.

    Since you feel at ease to give your opinion on Brazilian issues, may I ask you if you also think like this about corrupt American politicians and criminal authorities?


  • Guest

    peanuts US$ 45\’000.- !!!
    No need to put several hundreds of militants in jail for such an amount !

    You better put your corrupted politicians in jail. Each stole far more than Us$ 45’000.—- and per year !

  • Guest

    The other side of the coin
    Here in Brazil we have to go to extremes in order to be heard.
    The MST is tired of promisses and decided to fight fire with fire.I make no apology to criminal act, but they would have saved the nation a great deal of money if they had incinerated the whole thing.
    Enough is enoug and those people had up to theirs balls.They are tired of being thown about like sack of potatoes. They are citizens as well and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.
    And the are not.
    They have no hope.Dialogues no longer works.
    Let´s burn down Brasilia!

  • Guest

    but had they not done it who would care, and do something, about roofless people?
    It is indisputable that it was an organized act, however they surely have to get organized to get results. Otherwise, they will just keep whining like you and I.
    Now, it up to the justice. (What justice?)

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