Brazil’s Family Grant Reaches 11.1 Million. It Might Mean US$ 7 a Month.

Brazil’s Minister of Social Development, Patrus Ananias, informed in a press conference Thursday, June 29, that the Bolsa FamÀ­lia (Family Grant) program has reached its goal of benefiting 11.1 million families. Since the end of last year, 2.4 million families have been added to the rolls.

The maximum value of a Bolsa Famí­lia is 95 reais (US$ 44). Families whose earning per capita is 60 reais (US$ 28) a month might get from 50 reais (US$ 23) to 95 reais. Families earning more than 60 and less than 120 reais might get as little as 15 reais (US$ 7) and a maximum of 45 reais (US$ 21).

According to the minister, updating the Unified Register of Social Programs helped the government meet the target. "We began updating the register in July, 2005 – nearly a year ago – and finished the job on March 31 of this year," he said.

Updating the register permitted the cancellation of irregular benefits and the inclusion of new families. According to data from the Ministry of Social Development, this year alone nearly 500,000 families were removed from the rolls. The government was thus able to save more than US$ 90.25 million (200 million reais).

"During the updating process we conducted a review of the families enrolled in other programs that are part of the Family Grant, especially the School Grant and the Cooking Gas Assistance programs. As a result of this review, we suspended 974,000 School Grant benefits and 1.634 million Cooking Gas Assistance benefits," the minister informed.

Ananias underscored that the Family Grant achieved its goal without spending more than was foreseen in the 2006 federal budget.



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  • brasilian girl

    Completely agree with the comment above. Brazil is so rich in agriculture and so much to give to its people. Why are we living in such poverty. We should really look at our government and not be thankful for had outs. Its your tax money, have a say on how its being handled.

  • Guest

    Above stats….
    …are insulting for a country that has a GDP per capita of US$ 4400.- !

  • Guest

    Sad reality, sad numbers !
    You cannot then be proud of your poverty for the 11 millions Families earning LESS than $ 28 per capita/month !

    Quite a shame, knowing that your GDP per capita is around $ 4400.-.

    Brazil has the highest poverty rate in the world, when compared to their GDP per capita or average per capita income !

    SIMPLE !

    And please dont say that this is innacurate.
    Just scroll down the articles, there was a reference on that subject from the World Bank, just 2 days ago !

    Your society is unjust and unfair !

    And finally how can Lula be so proud of giving $ 7 per month to the most needy ?

    This is the equivalent of less than 10 liters of gasoline, or not even the price of 1 pizza in a third class restaurant !!!!

    A shame to dignity and humanity !

    You country is not a poor country with a GDP of $ 4400.- per capita.
    But tens of millions of Brazilians have the same living standard as poor Africans nations producing very little !

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