Brazil Vows to Help International Fund for AIDS and TB

The Brazilian Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, said yesterday, July 6, that Brazil intends to assist in the implementation of the International Drug Purchase Facility (IDPF) by contributing a share of the federal budget until the country devises a mechanism to charge a tax on airline tickets.

The purpose of the IDPF is to buy cheaper medicines to use in the fight against AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, diseases which are more prevalent in developing countries. Since July 1st the tax has been collected in France.

Brazil and more than 40 other countries and international agencies are discussing this and other proposals at the First Plenary Meeting of the Pilot Group on Innovative Development Finance Mechanisms, which is being held in Brazil. The meeting ends today.

Brazil plans to levy a US$ 2 tax on international flight tickets. According to the minister, the financial impact on the ticket price "will not amount to anything, but it can make a big difference for the poor and very poor who are dying."

Amorim pointed out that the rich countries already allocate 0.7% of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to international aid and that Brazil, although it is not obliged to make this type of contribution, has a "government commitment" to help raise funds for the IDPF.

The IDPF is expected to begin operations in September with a budget of US$ 300 million provided by Brazil, France, Chile, Norway, and the United Kingdom.



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    Brazil is not at war…..
    but has invested and still invest very little in education, infrastructure, health care, social
    inclusion, low cost housing compared to their GDP per capita. On the other hand Brazil has a very high tax rate, one of the highest in fact !

    One has thus to ask : what does Brazil government do, with all that money ? The answer is quite simple : corruption, corruption, corruption, very high bureaucracy, high salaries and pensions for government employees.

    This already siphoned an important part of the revenues, explaining why so little remains for the development of the country and for the poors.

    Afterall, Brazil is the country with the highest poverty rate in the world when compared to their GDP PER CAPITA !!!!!!

  • Guest

    Fewer wars ad more money to fight diseases…..Good investment in the future

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