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Brazil’s Petrobras Spends US$ 2.5 Billion in 26 Oil Tankers

Transpetro, subsidiary of the Brazilian oil company Petrobras for the logistics and transportation sector, announced yesterday, July 12, the conclusion of negotiations with the Atlântico Sul consortium for building ten large sized oil tankers, of the Suezmax kind (with draft to sail by the Suez Channel).

They also ended the first phase of the tender in the Program for Modernization and Expansion of the National Fleet of Tankers for building 42 large sized vessels.

The 26 vessels foreseen in the first phase of the program will cost the state-owned company US$ 2.48 billion, in orders to the national shipyards. Of this total, US$ 1.209 refer to the Suezmax tankers.

The Rio Atlântico consortium is formed by the groups Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Corrêa and Queiroz Galvão, as well as the shipyard Aker Promar.

In the negotiations with the group, Transpetro managed to reduce to US$ 120.9 million the average price of the ships – the value initially offered by the consortium was of US$ 141 million.

Last month, the subsidiary of Petrobras signed negotiations for building 16 ships costing US$ 1.27 billion – value 16.2% below the price presented by the shipyards.

In this case, in spite of the reduction, the price of the tankers was still up to 3% above the international average price for building similar vessels.


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