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Green Car is Job One Announces Ford at Brazilian Seminar

Ford announced during a seminar on Brazilian agribusiness, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture in Germany, that the "green" car, or powered by bio-fuels, is in the center of their business strategy. The information was released by the spokesman of the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to Norbert Krueger, head of sustainability and corporate citizenship at Ford in Germany, the company decided that the car model, for the factory, is the "green" car, in other words, the car that doesn’t pollute, uses sustainable energy from the social and environmental points of view.

For such, Ford is investing in popularizing cars powered by bio-fuels, especially ethanol. But according to the representative at Ford, for the strategy to popularize ethanol in Europe to work, it still depends on some important matters, like price.

The seminar on Brazilian agribusiness happened on the 12th of July at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It was part of a program for promoting national agricultural and livestock products in Germany, which started even before the World Cup and lasted throughout the competition.



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  • George

    Eco car
    Until the majority of people on this planet choose to live by science, rather than by beliefs, our planet is going to continue to be polluted, biodiveristy will continue to lessen, and we will continue to have wars over land and resources. When will our ignorant majority open their eyes? We already have too many of our species on this planet. Tell the religious and political leaders that population reduction through education that utilizes birth control, sterilization and abortion is better than allowing these embryos grow to adulthood and be slaughtered and tortured because there are too many of us.

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