Brazilian Hezbollah Fighter Killed in Lebanon

The Itamaraty, Brazil’s Foreign Relations Ministry, has confirmed the death of a Brazilian Hezbollah fighter during an attack by Israeli military forces in Lebanon.

Ibrahim Saleh, 17, was killed on Tuesday, August 1st, but the official information about his death was only released today, August 5. There are no details on how the death occurred.

Saleh becomes the eighth Brazilian victim of the Israeli war against Lebanon. The youngster was born and got his birth certificate and passport in Brazil, but he moved to Lebanon  early on and was raised there.

The Brazilian embassy in Beirut informed that it wasn’t contacted by the family of Saleh’s after his death. They also told reporters that the only connection of the young man with Brazil was through Brazilian relatives with whom he was still in touch.

Ambassador Everton Vieira Vargas, who coordinates the Brazilian assistance in Lebanon, confirmed Saleh’s death. But he refused to comment when a reporter asked if the Brazilian government considered the young fighter a terrorist.

"I am not going to use adjectives. He is a Brazilian, period. He simply increases a sad statistic of Brazilians killed during this tragedy that befell Lebanon. I believe any commitment undertaken by a person under a political view is obviously first of all an individual decision."


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  • M

    Stupid! you dont know what ur talkin about! Neither my cousin Ibrahim nor any mujahed is a terrorist… Terrorists are those israelis who’re trying to steal our lands. Well, probably cause they got no place in this world, but that doesnt give them the right… People,,,, go find something else to do other than talkin about us. LEAVE US ALONE!

  • James Hoffmann

    You’re kidding, right? How in the hell can you call a Hezballah fighter a victim?
    I’m thrilled there is another dead terrorist in the world, brasilian or not.

    God Bless America and Israel too!!!

  • Judge Dread

    re: FedUp…
    Right on. I say good bloody riddance too. But what a pity that the Brazilian official was afraid to call a spade a spade.I say: if he was a hezbollha fighter, he was terrorist. There you go, I used the adjective for you Mr Vargas — oh, and I’m not Jewish!

  • Fedup

    I say ‘ GOOD RIDDANCE”!

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