Brazilian Men Come on Top as the World’s Most Promiscuous

The September issue of British magazine Men’s Health decided to find the answer for this question: Which nation is best between the sheets? The response of 40,000 men from all over the world brought some revealing data.

Among them, that Brazilian men go to bed with more women than any other men on the planet. The anwers not only show that Brazilian men are the most promiscuous in the world, but also that Brazilian women are the easiest to get under the sheets.

In their answers to the British fitness publication Brazilians revealed that in average they have sex with 11 women during their lives, not counting the prostitutes they may encounter. Among the interviewed 19% admitted that they had participated at least once in a ménage à trois.

On the other side of the spectrum Men’s Health found out that Polish and German men are the most faithful on earth or at least that’s what they say. 62% said they have never betrayed their women. Australians and Dutch come close on their heels with 60% and 59%, respectively, saying they are incapable of cheating.

Meanwhile, South Koreans are those who have sex most often: four times a week. Mexicans take more time for sexual intercourse: 23 minutes and the British are the ones who dedicate more time to foreplay: 17 minutes.

Italians are the winners in giving their women pleasure. 60% of them say they always lead their partners into orgasm. Filipinos are best in another field: masturbation. They confess practicing onanism six times a week.


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  • Max


    I really had no idea about how evil I am. lol
    Well, putting the joke aside, I must understand that, if you said all that, you did so based on your bad experiences, which I m really sorry about. But I don t think to avoid or not to avoid a Brazilian guy will keep you safe from betrayal. I think what you said is overall, it happens everywhere. Yes, I already got many talks (which I didn t find funny) of old married guys (a shame) talking about cheating and the hot young secretary blah blah blah.
    I don t know but maybe that kind of “open conversation” must be more or less common according to the cultural ambience it s inserted.

    I m a Brazilian man, but I was not brought up by the same values many guys here were. But I think that s the main point, there are many different people with many different values, although of course there is always a slighly more popular group as a “standard”. But again I bring up the same question. Maybe Brazilian men of such standard are more likely to tell jokes and make fun about how he or his chap betrayed his gf/wife. I say “maybe”. But it doesn t mean they betray more than other men from other countries and I think it s the main point.

    We have the following saying here (and some people misinterpret it), maybe you have a similar, “Occasion makes the thief”. The truth is that not the majority of men is faithful, period. It s just a matter of opportunity. We also know that obviously there are really idiots who create the opportunities. But I think the kinda man any woman would like, and that type is not so easy to find, is the guy that, despite of the opportunities, would keep faithful in any situation. Such guys exist but they are not easily found. And I think it s not a matter of nationality.

    It’s just a pity a man with a good reputation must have his reputation questionable because of the bad reputation of others. I feel really sorry but at the same time I understand as we always connect bad experiences to stereotypes, which is a kind of defensive behaviour to avoid getting hurt again. But I think, if you allow me, you could be less attentive to the “nationality” factor and more to the subtle characteristics you found in both as men, maybe some little ones you ignored as your eyes were kind of “charmed”, so that you can better protect your heart.

    (Sorry, I voted up your comment by accident thinking it was the way to add a reply lol)


  • Knowthetruth

    The truth about Brazil is there are good men in the country but they ARE NOT MARJORITY.Cheating is second nature to them. A man that doesn’t cheat his wife in Brazil is LAUGHED AT, MADE FUN AT, RIDICULED by his peers. They say “if you don’t cheat, you are not a real man.” That’s their motto.Even tough they claim to be family men, what their male friends say and do have ultimate saying in a Brazilian man’s life. It is like they want to be married but want to behave like they are single and have a hard time when the wife doesn’t put up with their crap.

    They will flirt with other women and if their wives/gfs/fiancees throw a fit, they have THE BRAZEN FACE TO CALL THEM INSECURES!:sad::sad:

    On the other side, if a man is half nice to their lady in a way they are not,they flip shit! Men in Brazil have been told they cannot let a new adventure pass. If a woman hits on them, they really believe they are poor little victms that can’t do anything to cut this crap out! They cannot help it. It is just so ridiculous the amount of BS they tell women. The best proverb to describe a brazilian man is this: do as I say, not as I do!

    A friend of mine just told me recently about an american student that was invited to come to a soccer game with his Brazilian co-workers. All of them were married and 4 of them brought their hoes. When they told the american student those women were girlfriends, he couldn’t understand why they weren’t wearing a ring and why they are called girlfriends when he knew they were married… Later one it was explained to him they were actually whores.He couldn’t believe his eyes!!!

    It is sad! I lived in Brazil for a very long time and I’ve seen that if a man cheats on his wife, they say it is her fault. If a wife cheats on her Brazilian husband, it is her fault too. It is a lose lose situation for the woman.

    Brazilian women live under terrible pressure to be pleasers all the time. That’s why when they meet a foreign guy that treats them they way they are supposed to be treated, they just go for it.

    Brazilian men don’t like foreign men taking their women away because it makes them look bad but they will never tell you that. Instead they will trash the brazilian woman for marrying a foreign guy.

    Women, you can even find a good Brazilian man but be aware that’s the enviroment he was brought up.If he cheats, he will never consider if he did something wrong. They don’t look for solutions.They just look elsewhere.

  • João Carlos Rocha

    a moment please
    I am a Brazilian man, born and raised in southern Brazil, where European colonization settled, we can not generalize the Brazil is very big here in the south we have the best specimens of the male race in the world, believe me, here somo helpful , caring, shared tasks, we give great care, we care too much how the person is, we always want to see her happy, somo very passionate about our women, if they really want to be treated like princesses, married to a Brazilian, we do a lot of sex? yes this is true, at least once a day, but there are exceptions, there are people who do not, I personally, am not married but with my last girlfriend’d make very much, but if you are up to the center of the country begins to give complicate the men from the center of the country, mainly from rio de janeiro are idiots, only interested in the beautiful bodies and will have sex with you and kick your ass, and if you go up a little more and get close to the north of the country , then you have to be more submissive women as possible, as it has to obey her man, but runs the risk of taking a beating! yes it’s true, but I assure you who want a Brazilian man, come to the south of the country, here for sure you will find a man, who in life you never dreamed of finding a big kiss to all women in the world!! Note: I’d love to meet a Russian!!! hahahahahahah kisses

  • Luciano

    No for all
    i’m brazilian and have only a little group (as in others country) about promiscuoucity. If a man betray other, really had a reason for do it.

  • Davi G.

    Brazilian man – Capable of real love
    Women of the world STOP!! Do Not think about going out with a brazilian man just for sex or looks, a brazilian man will fall in deep deep love with you. So If you don’t like to be treated like a queen and gain extensive massages every single day after a long work journey dating a brazilian man is probably not a good idea for you.
    Women from cold countries don’t appreciate men needing them all the time. 8)

  • in New Zealand

    They all cheat all around the world
    Im in New Zealand. I met a brazillian man and had a relationship with him and a baby. When he met me he was with another girl and cheated on her with me… i didnt know about her until later. The whole time we were together I constantly discovered his cheating, his constant looking to date other girls and his ex girlfriend. His brazillian friend was also the same and they would joke about their cheating and flirting. I have kicked him out so many times but he wont take ‘no’ for an answer until my neighbour helped me physically remove him.
    I have had such a bad experience i will never date a brazillian ever again. im so sure a kiwi guy would never act so brazenly rude and disrespectful to women. Oh and he used emotional abuse on me too for pretty much everything

  • American Girl

    reply to Help
    He is mentally abusing you and trying to manipulate you. That is not love. That is control. Best to cut your losses and exit the relationship.

  • maile an american chick

    Ok I love my Brazilian, he’s smart, active, full of life, very handsome, and boy is he loving. And when i mean loving, this guy want sex allllllll the time. i mean every day maybe even 3-4 times a day. I’m very greatfull that i have a man that wants to make love to me, but every day??? 3-4 times a day?? sometimes on our days off together we spend the whole day making love. and to be honest it gets tiring physically. The day i tell him im tired and i need a break, weather i had a bad day, or a long day at work, or i just dont feel like it, he get sooo pissed. Not once in any of my past relationships have i had a man this upset for not having sex for one day. Im not used to this amount of attention. he threatens me that if i dont give him attention that he’ll find urges to get attention else where. He turns it around and tells me that i dont love him. I love him with all my heart, with all that is in me and everything i have, i love him. But he doesnt think so just because i dont feel like making love!!!??? i need help and opinions. I dont want to lose him just because of this. I told him there is a very big misunderstanding, i really think that it is a cultural misunderstanding, because i have never had this much sex with any man in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!! I cant keep up with his sexual level, is there something wrong with me? Is this normal for most Brazilians? Ive told him that hes taking this the wrong way. and that just because i dont feel like making love at the moment doesnt meant that i dont love you less. so please i think at this point any advice would help.

  • Virgilio Vilas Boas

    Brazilian, Americans, British….
    I’m a Brazilian man, 25 years old, Production Eng. and I had experiences with all of these three kinds of girls. Well, I just don’t get what’s the point of that research and how true it is. If you research in places different from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte you will just find out that we are not as bad as you think.

    Well, what I know about american man and woman is that………….doesn’t matter!!!

    Just go find out yourself if they are good or not… Stop judging people without knowing them!

    Be happy!!! 😉

  • ellisa

    brasilian and latin men in general
    i have a four year degree in latin american history and lit and studied in rio for awhile and also have traveled around other parts of latin america. here’s my experiene. i was in a relationship w/a brasilian man for 4 years. he had an order to leave the u.s. due to paper work difficulties. i wouldn’t marry him because of his coke and women problems. it was the latin scenario of having the good woman at home and the hoes in the street. i was as he would always say to his friends. tou com a primera dama agora. i’m here with the first lady. i always thought that was code for im not w/one of those hoes i run around with so keep it cool. yet at the same time he was always respectful to my face and there wasn’t much he wouldn’t do for me. but he liked his drinking, women and drugs. all his friends sweared to me that i was his only one and would tell me not to break up with him so in spite of his cheating he must have loved and needed me in ways that other men have not. it’s like if they found some other diversion they just left. in some ways its like no bimbo could really break us apart. they were just that bimbos during some drunken moment. we never broke up he just left the country and i have a child with a former husband and could not go down to brasil with him. he still calls now and then to make sure i’m ok and to ask me to go down to brasil and live ‘happily ever after with him.’ in my heart i’d like to try that but in reality i can’t. a side note is that i do in fact live in florida, lots of cuban immigrants here and i hate to stereotype but in my personal experience i’ve dealt quite a bit with both cultures. cuban men are out of control in comparison to brasilian men. jerry springer candidates in terms of how they behave toward women. they resemble the obnoxious male canine pet who embarrasses you as it jumps on the legs of your company. disgusting. they don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re promiscuous from their wives, girlfriends or onlookers. they look you up and down like your their lunch with their female partners right beside them. they think its ok to issue compliments to women re their physical beauty right in front of you. they’re disgusting. brasilian men and trust me i’ve lived in rio and miami fl, are much more discreet and subtle and have more class than that. they don’t make themselves so obvious or exhibit obnoxious behavior toward women. they’ll have an actual conversation with a woman re sports, food, brasilian culuture, etc. and most brasilian women i’ve known will not put up with such behavior from their partners on their watch. now when their partners are out alone that’s a whole other story.anything can happen. but at least its not in their face like cuban men.

  • Angel

    I will tell you my experience with brazilians. I am american and I married a brazilian man. When he and I met I was married and he had a girlfriend. But we caught ourselves falling for one another. i divorced my ex and me and my current husband got engaged. I heard all the crap about he is just marring you for his papers. It was in my head, so we stayed engaged for a year before we married. Sex was incredible with him and I. But the problem we seem to face is communication. He speaks english extremely well, he has been here 8 years now so hes not new to the english language. But when we talk, I always hear the girl stuff about brazil from him but then when I speak to a brazilian women she talks about when a brazilian man goes back to brazil to visit, he wont be loyal. How is that not suppose to effect my thinking. So I question every little thing. He wont answer the smallest of questions any more without saying I am causing a fight. He tells me I have to trust him, but from my past trust has been broken. He is a good person and I feel like he would not cheat on me, but to many things around me are making me believe different. When I ask him about the things that bother me, I need that security and I cant feel secure if he goes back to brazil to visit without me. Then all the things the brazilian women say to me, seems to be stuck in my head.

  • Ariseli

    My Story with a Brazilian Guy
    i lost my virginity to a brazilian guy when I was 13. He was a year and a half older than me but in my grade still. He transfered to my school and all I could remember is how everybody was pressed about him because he was really hot. And being in a hispanic majority school you know all the hispanic girls were after him haha. 😀 but yea on the first day he came we spoke and like a whole bunch of other girls in my grade I sort of fell for him. He couldv’e had any girl in my grade but he asked me out. I was like YESS! I mean who wouldn’t be he was really hot you know. But he was also very passionate and for a 15 year old he seemed very mature…relationship wise and sexually. Okay so yeahh;…he was a very good bf but he was a little over-protective at times. He was very funny, smelledd gudd&was great…you know. But then I realized later on how much of a flirt he was. Even though I didn’t want to, we had to end it. Besides, he is going to a different high school than me. I still have feelings for him, but who wouldn’t for their first you know. So yeah i’ve seen a whole bunch of brazilian. Bottom line;*SEXYY&FLIRTS. He never cheated on me…unless you call flirting with another girl cheating. Eh i guess so. He was good in bed,…but since he was my only one so far how could i know right?

  • Victoria

    Be careful what you wish for
    people… have you ever heard of the term, self-fulfilling prophecy?

    I never knew (nor cared about) anything Brazil related. I had no idea about the Brazilian stereo-types (male or female), and when one day i met a stunnign and charismatic guy with whom i shared instant chemistry, i was none the wiser that he as a Brazilian, would in theory cheat on me and mess me around.

    well guess what, from day one that brazilian and i have had something very special, he has never messed me around, no mind games, no erratic behaviour, no flirting with other women, and to the very best of my knowledge, has not never cheated on me. When we got into our relationship, i carried with me no prejudices about his nationality, and had the same expectations of him, as i would of a man of my own nationaility. He has never let me down. we have been together for almost 4 years, and have lived together in Brazil for two and a half of those.

    I really think that had a entered our relationship with pre-conceived ideas about him and how he would behave.treat me, i most probably would have sabotaged our relationship and we would have gone down the gurgler pretty damned quickly… so people. if you get into a relationship, dont carry grudges about what you think they will do to you because of their nationality. Give them a fair chance to show you who they are as an individual. you wouldnt want to be pre-judged, so don’t do it to others.

  • martha

    brazilian men are cheaters. imagine, i met a brazilian guy who i thought is the best person in the world. he was illegal when i met him but that did not matter to me because i love him and fell in love with him, but then again i when i was with him we had a beautiful baby… he then told me when i was 4 months pregnant that he married some girl for papers which i believed him again….. then a couple of months he told me that he has a child with that lady that he got married who is 5 months younger than my child….. he does not want to marry me because i am an immigrant, he married some dominican republic lady who is a naturalized citizen…
    so i guess the whole ordeal was very huge for me….. it;s sad but this is a true story.. i am not saying that all brazilian men are like that, i guess it depends on how they were brought up and the environment they live in. no respect and no sincerity to women….

  • Arthur

    I think the comments here are very prejudiced against Brazilian men, I agree with the part that says we are the ones who get laid the most in the world, however, I don’t believe that necessarily implies in us being promiscuous or liers, I mean that “not calling the next day or ever again” isn’t necessarily a lie, I’ve done that several times but keep in mind that those times I didn’t tell the girl I’d call her or ever talk to her again so basically we are being labeled for not doing things we never said we’d do, on the other hand when I tell a girl I’ll call her I really do and I’ve never cheated on any girlfriend!

  • brazilians


    OK so first of all i think that everyone in every country has a default!! some more than others but u cant judges every person from that because not everyone chooses to live like that. I’m dating a brazilian guy right now and the thing with him is that he treats me sooo wonderful compared to my ex boyfriend who cheated on me. HE WAS DOMINICAN!!! those i would say stay away from but again not everyone is the same. even though many of u have had bad experiences with brazilian men doesnt mean that u should soley judge all of them for the mistakes of the pigs that you had to deal with from Brazil. or any country in that
    javascript:void(0); I know from experience its hard to trust again especially after being hurt so many times but u cant decide to block love out of your life forever because in the end what everyone wants from life is to be loved. GUESS WHAT….WE ALL WANT THE SAME THINGS!!! believe it or not there are some pretty decent ones out there. you just have to know where and when to find them. One piece of advice for u ladies that have been cheated on. this helped me! pay really good attention to how your man acts with you! at this point u already have experience from recent pigs and know how they played u! if you feel certain acts are being done again such as putting u on hold every 15 min because a so called friend is calling and they will call u right back!! THEN BE SUSPICIOUS!! but if he treats u great and u have a good feeling, go with the flow because u dont want to ruin what might be a good relationship with someone by being suspicious all the time and not trusting even though i know its hard.
    My brazilian guy has treated me soo well and he knows about my past with my ex and he understands that i was hurt. guess what he was hurt too. maybe thats why we understand eachother so well. im spanish and he speaks no english so we communicate in our own languages and its just sooo cool. I have never met a guy that is soo caring and attentive to me before.

    all im saying is that u should never block someone from your life because you never know if that person will be the RIGHT ONE!!! he/she could be brazilian 😉
    oh and by the way i dont know if u guys agree with me or not but i would love to see a webpage where people can go and put reputations from men and women from every country that way people in relationships can know what to expect!!LOL ex. like i would go and put my experience with my ex dominican boyfriend under the dominican men so girls with dominican boyfriends would know what to be suspicious about.HAHAHA!!!

    GO BRAZIL!!!! 😀

  • Well thats wrong

    1) Brazilian men are definitely cheaters and theyre pretty promiscuous. Yes its a generalization. I am American and Ive been with 5 Brazilian men. All but 1 cheated on me. The other one i dumped him before he got a chance. ha. bastard.

    2) Brazilian women – promiscuous! NO WAY! American women are wayyyy more promiscuous. Maybe its a generational thing or something. I dont know.

    Brazilians are a beautiful people – I love them very much. But they all cheat. If you marry a Brazilian man, be sure you can deal with that. Brazilian men can come along after me and say otherwise. DONT BELIEVE THEM!

  • Ashantay

    I have to say I have integrated with many people of different cultural backgrounds and have had no problem with anyone in the past, however recently this Brazilian guy added me online through this popular website which I am sure many of you know about *coughs Youtube* anyway the guy asked for MSN and I thought to myself ‘Oooh this could be interesting, talking to a Brazilian guy online’ so yep exchanged msn addys and have been chatting for around 3 months, the first month or so was great, like I felt he was one of the coolest people I had talked to out side of my country and it seemed like the start of a great online friendship…

    Then of course it began to decline…on many occassions he would come online simply to brag about how bad his day had been, without any regard for how I was feeling…even to the point where he had an angry vent on his idea of not believing in God and how his parents apparently denied him a life because they wanted him to believe in God etc..anyway that conversation was so draining he logged out then didnt even return for a couple of days…anyhow I have noticed this pattern with him, he will just log out mid conversation and doesnt even have the decency to say why…then he will return the next day like nothing happened, asking how I am…when in reality I just wanted to say why did you just end the conversation like that? he continues to behave in such a manner, he will talk to me randomly, then log off (if he had a bad internet connection he could have just said) so it got the point where I had to confront him & ask him why he needs to be so immature? he then came out with the whole ‘I know what I can feel, I am not chasing you, I dont want a relationship’ who said anything about me wanting to be in a relationship? lol!

    His behaviour is completely erratic and he told me that he missed me and how I shouldnt delete his email…so I offered him a second chance…and guess what? he is continuing to revert back to his old ways of talking to me when it suits him, I explained to him that he added me first so I have never had any ideas about chasing after him! He is definitely playing mind games thinking I will confront him again, seriously his attitude and behaviour of a 22 year old guy is just completely ridiculous, he sent me and email back and I replied…I asked if he had read it…he laughed and was like no I havent..I thought to myself you are a serious headcase

    I have never met or conversed with a person who has more mood swings than a woman going through the meno, its just totally unecessary and whilst I dont assume all Brazilian men are like this, he has given me a negative view of how some of the men are, playing his stupid mind games, anyway I have devised a plan I will not be talking to him for a month, which means avoiding complete contact with him online, if he realises the error of his ways, he will respond, if not then I will delete him for good, because I dont have the time for this nonsense

  • Lani Burts

    😉 Im jus a curious girl, wanting to find out as much as I can about Brazilian Men, I really like one I have met online, My main problem is trying to learn to speak portugese! Anyways, thanks all for sharing, I read all your comments 😉

  • Michaela

    Brazilian Men 😀
    I’ve been in a relationship with a Brazilian for over 2 yrs now. I’m pleased to say, that this is probably the best relationship I’ve ever been in. He surprises me everyday. When I’m convinced he hasn’t been listening to a word I’ve said, he proves me wrong and then some. When I’m upset over something trivial, and feeling flustered…..he calms me down and helps me sort through my anger/emotions. He’s the best lover I’ve ever had.. and he’s the best friend I’ve ever had..

    but none of this.. I believe, is because of his ethnicity. I totally agree with a few of the other comments given, that this is not an ethnic/racial/whatever a-ma-bob thing.

    I understand the stereotypes that have been given to Brazilian men, but… I don’t hold them as truth. Different societies preach different social values, and each person.. (as an individual)… is responsible for deciding which values they themselves will treasure. I personally don’t understand why it would be soooooo terrible.. if British women enjoy a good one-night-stand, (…[i]if true[/i]…) Is it because they are women …who… god forbid…..enjoy sex? xD haha

    The only negative stereotype here, IMO, would be the one about cheating…..
    Sleeping with people while you’re in a relationship with someone else …is terrible… (unless your partner is into that sort of thing..=| (((soooo not me)))

    Both my boyfriend and I, have been victims of this nasty crime, in previous relationships..
    and believe me.. it scars you for a long time after.. and makes trusting your partner nearly impossible..

    it’s terrible to accuse a whole group of people …of being susceptible to cheating.. 🙂 so be careful in how you word things.


  • Edu

    I am Brazillian, and to start, I admit that from personal experience, we are more promiscuous and are more suceptible to cheating. This doesn’t mean that we all do it. We are fun-loving and we do crazy things… for fun. When it comes to being in a relationship, it depends on the person and not the ethnicity. There would be good and bad ones, both emotionally and in bed. You just have to get lucky.

  • Jenna

    Brazilian Men
    Brazilian men are yummy. I had a 6 month botti call with the sexiest Brazilian man ever. Bootie calls 5 nights a week at 2:30 am. He was incredible in bed, brought me to places “I had never been. Man, I miss him

  • Nichole

    Brazilian Men
    I have been dating a Brazilian man for the last year and a half. I have never met a man so caring and loving. He totally respect me and we work as a team. He takes very good care of me and I feel completely secure with him. I don’t know where they are getting their facts from because I know many of his friends that are also Brazilian and known of them act this way. I thought I would never find a man like this and I’m so lucky I did.

  • carly

    Im a British girl dating a Brazilian guy and we talk about anything, get along great and we have no problems at all….Iv never been the type of girl to get drunk in a bar and go sleep with the first guy that asked so please dont make assumption about british girls all being the same…. of course iv heard people say Brazilan met cant be trusted, dont have respect for women etc but until my guy treats me bad then im sticking with him. It may not work out but its a chance im taking because right now were happy and thats all the matters.

  • Diogo

    Brazilians are one of the happiest, fun, interesting people on Earth…. but no one’s perfect and before going out and critizizing other cultures and nationalities you should look at your own defects.

  • smarties

    a brazilian guy i use to date told me that he had a hard time sticking to ltr
    with this boyfriend i known for 4 years a brazilian , i had an painful yoyo relationship with him, so the rest u can guess, but lately he cleaims to go to get psychotherapy , hope he can stand out from his culture!!!!

  • Fiona

    Brazilian vs. British
    Brazilian men are rude, insulting and full of themselves! They are sooooo use to easy women, that they have no clue how to treat a lady. Don’t know about you, but persoanlly, I don’t want to be lied to, played with, emotionally manipulated, and led to believe that they feel something for you that they do not. An ounce of honesty goes a long way. One of my dearest friends in Brazilian. I am sad to say, I have no repect for how he conducts his personal life. He openly admits that he picks girls up, sleeps with them, calls them the next day, and that is that!!! He has no genuine respect for women. I have watched his conduct towards women for years, and it is now to the point that I cannot stomach it. His behavior will be the demise of our friendship, as it is getting harder and harder for me to continue to respect him, even though he is a highly educated man. I feel sorry for the women he picks up. I want to say to them, “Open your eyes, he has no respect for you, do yourself a favor, keep your draws on and keep your self-respect in tact”!!! And guess what, I’m British!!!! And no, I do not drop my draws after a couple of drinks. You should be so lucky as to have a Brit in your bed!!!

  • M

    Well, Brazilian men are actually crap in bed. They’re amazing when it comes to courting, but have no idea what they’re doing once under the sheets. Had 3 Brazilian boyfriends! I give up.
    British on the other hand have problems with sensual courting but then try to impress in the bedroom.

    I like the line about Italians stating their orgasm bringing rate: yeah, Iatalian women surely don’t fake it!

  • Ana

    I don’t find it difficult to believe that Brazilian men, for instance, are more unfaithful than British men. However, as a Brazilian woman living in Europe I’ve realized that like women from any other country what will influence a Brazilian woman to go to bed is her education or lack thereof and beliefs (ie religion). Perhaps our image is wrongly portraited by the woman who are shown on tv during Carnival. We may have sex more often than other women, but with our boyfrieds or husbands, not with strangers, let alone with drunk men like some British women do.

  • Matilde

    Brazilian men know what to say to get a women into bed… english men have a lot to learn… english people drink too much and end up under the sheets without recognition. hehehe…

  • Gus Neto

    Brazilian men world\’s top braggers
    Clearly not true.
    Latin men are known to be ones who always brag the most when it comes to their sexual performances.
    Getting a brazilian woman itno the sack is not as easy as one may be led to think.
    It’s true that they’ll have sex with you, but you’re gonna have to do some hard work and court them for a couple of months. Some lieing in also on the cards as they all fall for the I wanna marry you line.
    British women are the easiest. They’ll get drunk at a club or party and have sex with people who they’ve had barely any contact at all.
    I’ve lived in both brazil and the UK and I know for a fact you are at any given time a lot more likely to have sex with a girl you’ve barely met tonight in the UK than in Brazil.

  • Pink

    Bah…BS! Brit. Men’s Health mag knows zilch about men- what data? its right there.. they are all the same everywhere you go on this planet!!!!

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