Jewish Leader in Brazil Accuses Israel of Doing Dirty Work in Lebanon

The president of the Israelite Confederation in Brazil, rabbi Henry Sobel, informed that the Lebanese and Israeli communities in Brazil are holding a campaign to collect clothes, medications and money for the victims of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, in Lebanon.

"We are raising funds to send to the governments of Lebanon and Israel", Sobel said. The help is organized and sent by the São Paulo Israelite Congregation.

The rabbi regretted the innocent victims from both sides of the conflict. "Unfortunately, Israel is doing the dirty work and the victims are the innocent Lebanese", he stated.

The Lebanese community’s humanitarian help in Brazil is organized by the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil. The entity is promoting now the Campaign SOS Save Lebanon.

According to Mohamed Zogbi, the federation’s executive director, the Lebanese embassy in Brazil opened a bank account at Banco do Brasil to raise funds. The account is managed by the Lebanese government. 

"We get information on everything they need through Osahl (Higher Organization for Humanitarian Help in Lebanon). What we need are medications and food, a few basic things; as for clothing, only  blankets and sheets."

Those willing to contribute to the São Paulo Israelite Congregation may call  (11) 6808-6299 in Brazil. Contributions to the SOS Save Lebanon should be deposited into Banco do Brasil, branch 1606-3, account number 200004-0. The telephone for information is (11) 3289-8941, in São Paulo, Brazil.




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