Jewish Leader in Brazil Accuses Israel of Doing Dirty Work in Lebanon

The president of the Israelite Confederation in Brazil, rabbi Henry Sobel, informed that the Lebanese and Israeli communities in Brazil are holding a campaign to collect clothes, medications and money for the victims of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, in Lebanon.

"We are raising funds to send to the governments of Lebanon and Israel", Sobel said. The help is organized and sent by the São Paulo Israelite Congregation.

The rabbi regretted the innocent victims from both sides of the conflict. "Unfortunately, Israel is doing the dirty work and the victims are the innocent Lebanese", he stated.

The Lebanese community’s humanitarian help in Brazil is organized by the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil. The entity is promoting now the Campaign SOS Save Lebanon.

According to Mohamed Zogbi, the federation’s executive director, the Lebanese embassy in Brazil opened a bank account at Banco do Brasil to raise funds. The account is managed by the Lebanese government. 

"We get information on everything they need through Osahl (Higher Organization for Humanitarian Help in Lebanon). What we need are medications and food, a few basic things; as for clothing, only  blankets and sheets."

Those willing to contribute to the São Paulo Israelite Congregation may call  (11) 6808-6299 in Brazil. Contributions to the SOS Save Lebanon should be deposited into Banco do Brasil, branch 1606-3, account number 200004-0. The telephone for information is (11) 3289-8941, in São Paulo, Brazil.



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  • Connie

    God gave Israelites the land
    I am not Jewish. I am a Christian who believes that the word of God is true. God told the Israelites that all of the land where they put their feet would be theirs. God told them that as long as they obeyed His commands, served no other gods, etc. that all these lands were theirs. As a United States Citizen, I believe that many of our God fearing former presidents believed this, and knew that if we were against Israel that God would be against us. If anyone reading this does not believe in Jesus then you won’t see the truth, because the scriptures are revealed to people who put their faith only in God and His Son Jesus who was crudified. I don’t know if the fact that the Jews rejected His Son Jesus as Messiah is why God hasn’t already wiped out everyone who currently opposes the Israelites. If you look at the scriptures it is clear that when they were disobedient to God they were punished, and when they obeyed God He gave them the promised land. However, I do know that every place they were originally given will be theirs again, as God promised. The Jews are God’s chosen people. That fact will never change. It does not mean God doesn’t love the whole world, but He did set them apart, and they are special to Him. God will protect them as they turn to Him with their whole heart, just like He did when they left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea, and then also crossed the Jordan as God held back those waters too.

  • david darman

    can you please repeat that?
    God is great but your english isn’t. Last poster overlooks that this thread was about a news line that was deceptively altered …including the inclusion of the misleading word “accuses” which also points out how Sun newsroom staff wanted to slant the coverage of the Rabbi’s remarks.
    But getting to the thrust of the last poster’s argument….sorry , but I cant follow your train of thought.I thought Israel had left Lebanon a couple of years ago.Are you saying they still had a presence there and this presence justified the raid into Israel by Hezbolah to capture soldiers and then kill more who tried to recapture them? What territory of Lebanon did Israel occupy ? See you in heaven with the 72 virgins my neanderthal muslim martyr.

  • it means one things

    it mean exactly what it says
    It mean one and only one thing, that isreal is doin dirty work point blank period. simply because isreal provoked this war by kidnapping 1000 of lebanese soldier/ civilians, through the past two decades, wich resulted in the formation of Hezbollah, they have not fully withdrew from the lebanese territories… and used these 2 kidnappings as a cover as to what is going on in iraq with the permission and instructions of the USA…. ISREAL HAS NO RIGHT TO TELL PEOPLE TO LEAVE THE HOMES THERE LIVES AND RUN WITH THE SOLL PURPOSE OF BOMBING THE AREA simply beacause isreal is so called NOT fighting lebanon but Hezbollah wich as we know they are an evil terorist “Gorila” style malitia.The lebonese government does not have the army or power to disarm Hezbollah even if they wanted too,. so if u say lebanon deversed it your obviously being bias and hardheaded which results in you ignorants and prejudice selfdoms.Isreal like usa is just being the bully of the block.WHAT I HAVE TO TO ISREAL IS GET OUT OF LEBANON AND YOU WONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HEZBOLLAH. one more thing if Hezbollah wasnt in lebanon with the way theres nobody with the balls in the world to check the USA and isreal, they would have done what they did in Palistine by invading it and building there racist “JEWISH ONLY” so called neighborhoods. im out respect those who speak the truth for ignorant is not not knowing , not knowing and knowing u know. salaam aalykum brothers and sisters.

  • david darman

    Part 4
    It is the terrorists who violate the rules of war by not wearing uniforms and by their totally indiscriminant rocket launching. Remember the suicide bomers in Israeli cafes and buses? Hisbollah and Hamas.The recent British airplane terrorists – thought to be Al Qaida, cohorts of the same fanatical, muslim jihadists.
    The bottom line, Sun editorial staff, is that Israel is leading the war on terrorism, not just doing the biding of the western world, but doing THE dirty work for that part of the western world that wants to escape radical jihadist muslims, but cannot bring themselves to or are unable to take more effective measures.This while the so-called moderate muslims cower in fear of speaking out against the nuts in their midst.

  • david darman

    Part 3
    The UN has declared them to be terrorist organizations.They are bed fellows of Al Qaida, the same muslim jihadists who want to knock airplanes out of the British skies. These groups and their subjects/followers demand that Israel be eliminated. They also want Christians and Jews, europeans and Americans to be eliminated for their support of Israel and if they don’t get out of their holy places , eg Mecca, Medina, Saudi Arabia – despite current government permission to be there.
    What would the USA do if Mexico started lobbing katusha rockets into Texas? The president of Iran has within the past few days stated publicly that the state of Israel should be EXTERMINATED ( and how the muslims took advantage of ignorant Bush’s use of the term “crusade” to scream bloody murder! ). Yes, arguably but only arguably, Israel is using disproportionate force, but a case can be made for it. What is “disproportionate” when defending your citizens from bombs? Why do so many object so fiercely and shout “foul” because the Israelis bombs are killing civilians when the Hamas and Hisbollah fighters are doing worse by intentionally and indiscriminantly sending rockets into civilian areas. The numbers indicate they just seem to be less effective in their effort to kill than Israel, but their methods are more barbaric, not less. At least the Israelis are trying to minimize civilian casualities by dropping leaflets and giving warnings to evacuate and then by trying to pinpoint Hisbollah targets…targets intentionally placed in or nearby schools, hospitals,residential areas and UN outposts so that when Israel responds and innocents are killed these terrorists can claim foul – violation of rules of war.

  • david darman

    More on the omission of \”the\” Part 2
    In 1967 the surrounding Arab countries led by Egypt and Syria mounted their armies on Israel’s borders and initiated a war in an effort to comply with Nassar’s command to drive Israel and the jews into the sea.The Arab nation states lost that war and lost territory in the process. At this point in time the Arabs displaced by the war in 1948 and 1967 began to refer to themselves for the first time as Palestinians. Arafat came on the scene.The Arabs initiated another war in 1973 in another failed effort to regain lost land. Since that time the Palestinians and their Arab brethren have been asserting a claim to the original land that would have been alloted to them under the 1948 division, forgetting that the Arabs started a war in 1967 and LOST it. Is the United States going to return Texas to Mexico? When a country starts a war and loses, is there no prejudice that it should rightly suffer? The state of Israel refuses to return all the land it won in the 1967 war, especially the Golan heights, because it maintains that to do so would be a threat to its security. Israel made peace with Egypt by returning much of the Sinai desert it had won in war ( a move that Sadat was assinated for). Israel has been trying to negotiate a land for peace deal with the Palestinians for a long time.There are lots of subissues such as the right of return, i.e, the arabs displaced by the 1948 hostilities demand the right to get back their homes that they voluntarily left ( there are still many Arab descendants who did not flee in 1948 living in Israel). Since the number of refugees has grown from about 300,000 to close to 5 million, Israel rejects this demand.It would alter the demographics so as to make jews a minority. Arabs want the return of all of Jerusalem, a city holy to both sides. These issues could be resolved, but now radical jihadist groups like Hamas and Hisbollah have become prominant.

  • david darman

    “Israel is doing THE dirty work is different in meaning than “Israel is doing diry work”. As noted above by Gerrye the meaning is totally changed when the word “the” is omitted.The former phrase means that Israel is taking the laboring oar on behalf of others who are not participating in the tough work that needs to be done. The latter means that Israel is doing bad things. Only a fool or a bigot of an editor would omit the word “the” and therby change the meaning of the speaker.Well, at least we know where this rag stands on the issue of mideast war. And it will apparently lie and deceive to make its point.
    But for those of you who trying to decide what is right and to make sense out of what is going on, consider this. While it may be true that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it, it is also true that life is too short to pursue every human act to its most remote consequences. For “want of a nail, a kingdom was lost” is a commentary on fate, not the statement of a major legal cause of action against the blacksmith. In the mid east one can trace back the bellicose history of both Jew/Israeli and Arab/Palestininian for many centuries to support the current arguments of each (including the Arab crusades against Spain and much of europe in the 7-11th centuries). But that would be irrelevant and politically unsound in helping to shape a solution to today’s problems. Lets not to go back to the beginning of time to analyze events.
    Shortly prior to 1948 the UN approved the Balfour plan to create a Jewish state out of territory that was formerly part of the Ottoman empire and that was captured during WWII as spoils of war. Great Britain controlled the area. National boundaries were not well established. Much of the land was called Jordan and then TransJordan, a kingdom that encompassed much of what is now both the state of Israel and the Palestinian territory. Pursuant to the UN mandate Arabs and Jews were directed to vote on the separation of that land into two new nation states. The Jews voted in favor of the plan and the land division as proposed by the UN. The Arab inhabitants of the area rejected it. On the day the British left the area a war broke out. Israel survived

  • Gus Neto

    11th commandment
    Muslim radicals have taken upon their own hands the task to free the world of the jewish evil without realizing that their own people are the ones who suffer the consequences of their terrorist actions the most.
    Arabs and jews alike have the right to exist and neither of them is each other’s evil.
    All religions say we must accept and love everybody regardless of their own faith and yet islamic radicals highjack the minds and hearts of their people saying jihad is what allah wants from them and that there’s no better way to die than as a martyr.
    I seems clear to me that some of the muslim world is going through a period of organizing their own crusades to defeat the infidels. Something christians themselves did some centuries back.
    It’s only natural that muslism are doing that given the fact they’re still in the year 1447 of their own calendar.
    Of course it would not be acceptable that any country openly set out to kill those who refuse to follow their religion of choice, so such task is left on the hands of organized cells of religious terror organizations which are all the while sponsored by the likes of Iran and Syria while Israel is sponsored by the Likes of the USA.
    Israel too is to blame. How can a people who suffered persecution for thousands of years and had to wonder the old world from place to place in search for their holy land simply kill thousands of innocent civilians in their pursuit of their right to live in peace?
    Didn’t’t Moses teach them anything about accepting their neighbours’ way of live.
    rhaps that was actually on the tablets handed to Moses by God and it was the 11th commandment of all religions known on earth.
    Thou shall not kill or oppress other humans for their religious preferences!
    But some smart fellow who was in the business of selling stones and slings thought it would be quite bad for trade and decided on his own to strike that off the tablets.
    It made no commercial sense to have that in. The States will second that as they are of course the biggest suppliers of arms to both sides.
    The question of how to solve it all still hangs in the air, but I seem to have found the perfect answer.
    Bring back the 11th commandment!

  • darman

    Intentional deception or just a stupid mistake
    Was the omission of the word “the ” intentional or just a stupid mistake? If intentional it shows a bigotry against Israel and disrespect for the readership. If unintentional, well….that is just plain dumb.

  • ch.c.

    NO ! sorry !
    It could also mean that Israel is doing the job that the Lebanese government and military HAS NOT DONE !

    As you said those following the midle east drama know that it is the Hezbollah who entered Israel to kidnap 2 Israeli soldiers and also killed 8 other Israeli soldiers in Isreali territory !
    And those following the middle east drama also know that the Hezbollah are not in Power in Lebanon and that they dont represent the Lebanese military forces.
    Anyway you look at it……the Hezbollah just hide themselves behind innocents Lebanese.
    Quite courage ous these terrorists.
    And if you take their defense that is fine for me, but then you cannot be against the PCC creating the chaos in SP !
    In SP the government HAS NOT DONE their job either ! Allowing criminals to kill is then what happens ! By the way very few words from brazilians concerning the many innocents killed during the SP chaos…..but what a noise you did and still do….after
    the 2005 London bombings….where ONLY 1 innocent was killed. Obviously for Brazilians 1 brazilian killed outside Brazil is more important than the hundreds of innocents killed yearly by the Brazilian police !

    A little too easy !!!!!!!!

    By the way……is Brazil at war…..with itself ? Stupid question….but you have far more gun deaths in your own country than in the Iraq war that you also criticize !

    Funny isnt it ?

  • joseph

    Clear and Precise
    It is clear to those following the middle east drama that the words of the Rabbi are both clear and concise and pregnant with meaning. This is a proxy war between the west and the intolerant radicalized Islamic hordes. There are victims on both sides but Lebanon is paying a high price….

  • Gerrye

    Unfortunately, Israel is doing the dirty work
    Clearly, when quoted completely, the meaning is not vague or general. It is clear that the Rabbi was saying that Israel is doing the free world’s dirty work. and the victims are on both sides of the border, in Israel and Lebanon.

  • ch.c.

    unfortunate statement…….
    What does the Rabi means by ….Israel is doing the dirty work ????????
    Such a general and vague statement could be interpreted at least in 2 different and opposite ways !

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