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Armed Men Kidnap Globo TV Journalists in Brazil

Two armed men kidnapped two journalists from Globo TV network, Brazil’s leading television network, this morning.

Guilherme Portanova, reporter from the show SP-TV and cameraman Alexandre Calado were eating in a bakery in the south zone of São Paulo city, close to the company building, when the kidnapping occurred.

The Globo organization fearing for the life of its employees is being very discreet on the reporting of the incident. In a note announcing the abduction Globo said the kidnapping was feared.
According to another version, the two were taken away when they left the company’s car upon arriving at the TV station’s building.

CBN radio, which is part of the Globo empire, said that the criminals used  a black GM Vectra for the abduction.  The car was later found burned not far from where the kidnapping occurred.

The São Paulo police has already been informed about the abduction, but all they could comment is that "we do not make comments when we have a  kidnapping under way." 

The Official Note:

"Globo TV informs that reporter Guilherme Portanova and technical aide Alexandre Calado were seen at about 8 am in a bakery in the south zone of São Paulo, close to Globo TV’s headquarters. Witnesses said that they were taken by two armed men. The company’s car and equipment were not stolen. The police are looking at the possibility of  a kidnapping.

"The Globo Communication Central will keep the press  informed as soon as it gets more information."


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  • Nathy

    It is funny that when it comes to journalists from Globo TV they fear for their lives and are discreet on the reporting of the kidnapping. When it’s someone else, they even interview the kidnapper, making him feel like a star and ruining the police’s tactics. We’ve seen a lot on how the media made it hard for negotiators to do their jobs!

  • ch.c.

    Everyone forgets………..
    – that SP is one of the most violent city….on this planet !
    – Kidnapping is not unusual
    – SP has the world record of kidnappings, 600 per year ! Yesssss,,,,and the country has also the world recorld.
    – Quite common that footballers or members of their family, wealthy people are kidnapped.
    – You even had not so long ago (may be still have) a daily TV LIVE show on kidnappings, tentative of kidnappings, or releasing the hostages !

    Thus the 2 kidnappings mentionned in the article is just the daily life….in SP and Brazil !
    Why is anyone surprised ?

    Brazil has many world records, usually not those that one should be proud of !
    For example, 50 % of youths deaths (15-24 age) comes from VIOLENT deaths.

  • bat

    It is very rare midia profesionals at work being kidnapped taht way. Expect to hear strange things happening in Brazil for the next 3 or 4 months, depending if second political round happen, to occur. Unfortunately our politics are delinquent and murders and criminals. Globo and SÀƒ£o Paulo? Is news for sure.

  • George

    What makes the US inviting to people of other countries is the relative confidence we have in our police and armed forces. If Brazil could follow the US in organizing it’s police force so that people of all economic backgrounds had the same rights and protection under the law ( not just in writing), then Brazil would be a wonderful place to live. Security equals happiness.

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