International Executives Debate Brazil’s Bottlenecks and Crumbling Roads

Executives from several multinationals in Brazil will meet to discuss the shortcomings of Brazil’s infrastructure at the upcoming Brazil Investment Forum on Monday, August 28, in São Paulo.

Among the executive participating in the debate are Francisco Itzaina, President of Rolls-Royce International and Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, Bernardo Hees, CEO of ALL-Logistica, Flávio Decat de Moura, CFO of CEMIG, Gabriel Goldschmidt, Principal Investment Officer at IFC, Marcos Barbosa Pinto, Chief of Staff of the President of BNDES, and Salim Mattar, CEO of Localiza,

According to experts, the prospects for strong, sustainable economic growth in Brazil are threatened by inadequate infrastructure. Bottlenecks at ports, crumbling roads and power shortages are only a few of the problems that plague production in Brazil.

Many transportation and energy projects are in the pipeline, but many are still far from coming to fruition. Among several topics, the group will discuss what has been done to address these problems at the Federal level and by states.

They will also discuss the effectiveness of the public-private partnership model; what the corporates have done to overcome the hurdles caused by a lack of infrastructure; what areas need the most work and what are the most critical projects needed to streamline production; whether the continued reliance on hydroelectricity is a bad idea; and what needs to be done to make these projects attractive to the private sector.

The 4th Brazil Investment Forum, organized by LatinFinance, is designed to advance discussion on the opportunities and challenges in Brazil. The forum will be held at the Grand Hyatt in São Paulo on August 28-29 and will bring together local and international senior-level financial, business and political figures.

"Brazil: Back on Track" aims to examine and explain Brazil’s ongoing success and to place it in a wider context of medium-term challenges. Among the topics to be explored in the forum are: the upcoming elections and the implications for pending reforms, the evolution of capital markets, the Return of an equity culture and implications for corporate governance, the risks of external shock and Brazil’s resilience, the leading role of the private sector in Brazil, and the long-standing challenge of infrastructure development.

Among confirmed speakers in this international investment forum are Carlos Kawall, National Treasury Secretary of Brazil; José Carlos Grubisich, CEO of Braskem; Paulo Valle, Deputy Treasury Secretary at the Brazilian National Treasury; Sergio Rosa, President of PREVI; Almir Barbassa, CFO of Petrobras; Constantino de Oliveira Jr., CEO of Gol Linhas Aéreas; Wilson Ferreira, Jr., CEO, CPFL Energia; Otávio Lazcano, CFO, CSN; Amaury de Souza, Senior Partner, MCM Consultores; and José Márcio Camargo, Partner, Tendências Consultoria Integrada.

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