70,000 Brazilians Are Prostitutes Overseas. Police Busts a Little Gang in Spain

There are 70,000 Brazilian women working as prostitutes in Japan, Europe and South America. Most of them were tricked and ended up doing a job they didn’t wish to do and paying dearly for it. Often they arrive at their new working place burdened with debts that may take them years to pay off.

Human traffic is a serious problem all around the world. According to a new report by the UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, 2.4 million people, 80% of them women, are victims of human traffic. From those, between 600,000 and 800,000 are trafficked outside their homeland.

The UN  report says that human traffic turns over every year between US$ 17 billion and US$ 18 billion. Among illicit activities, only drug trafficking and weapons trade are more profitable.

Tânia Cooper Patriot, the UNFPA representative in Brazil, praised the Brazilian government for creating the National Policy of Combating Peoples Traffic.

"The advantage of such a policy is that it will bring more attention to traffic prevention and to sanctions against those people involved. It has several dimensions, and one of them is also a greater visibility for these problems and the communities’ sensitization regarding the subject,"

Patriota notes that many women victimized by traffickers are stripped from their documents making the task of fleeing or appealing to authorities much harder. As for domestic helpers, she no observes, they are not protected by labor laws. The UN report says that only 19 countries have laws in the books protecting maids and other domestic workers.

The Madrid Connection

In a  joint operation called Castela and Madrid with the Spanish police, the Federal Police of Goiás, in the Brazilian midwest, arrested 16 prostitutes and 19 other people belonging to a gang specialized in sex exploitation.

According to the authorities, the Spaniard Aquilino Gonzáles was the chief of the gang in Spain. In Brazil, Maria Corina Fernandes led the operation. The investigation started in January 2005.

Police chief Luciano Ferreira Dornelas, who coordinated the investigative work, told reporters the authorities version of the story:

"The gang enticed 50 women in Goiânia and the cities of Jussara and Minaçu, in the countryside. The sex exploiters got  800 (about 400 dollars)  for each woman they were able to send to Spain. The women were taken to Spain with the promise of getting up to  350 reais (about US$ 150) a day turning tricks in one of the two clubs controlled by Iglesias: the M2, in Leon, or the Clube Las Ninfas, in Ourence."

The girls couldn’t leave Europe before they paid the big debt they didn’t even know they had before arriving in Spain. "They arrived in Spain owing the gang’s boss four thousand euros (US$ 5,000) each. The sex exploiter paid for everything including the passport and the plane ticket. And then they were subject to sexual exploitation."

Iglesias was arrested in the Cumbica international airport, in São Paulo, while trying to evade arrest by the Spanish police. Maria Corina Fernandes, better known as Karen was arrested in Goiânia. Her daughter, Mônica Fernandes Chaves is a fugitive, being sought for the same crime.


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  • lui Farias

    Is it possible to interview these women you mentioned on your message? If so, get in touch. I would like to do it.

  • Steve

    More NGO and UN spinning
    Here once again come the NGO parasites, the UN, the pervasive politicallhy correct view that sex is worse then muredr ancd most importantly EVERY woman and teenager has been abused. The above mentioned letter is correct. The ones that fall into the victim category are so small it is a blip on the screen. Perhaps it is time to stop demeaning these woman who know what they are doing along with all the adolescents who can conveinently VOTE at16, while the NGO interlopers and parasites along with the pervasive UN which has it’s own house to clean up justify themselves and the millions they make by creating global problems supported by the moralists in power at this time. If one wishes to be politically correct, kick these parasites OUT so that countries such as Brasil can make their own decisions!

  • ch.c.

    And how many Brazilians are prostitutes…..in Brazil ?
    1 million, 2 millions, 3 millions ?

    Many are treated even worse in your own thousands and thousands of brothels than what you describe in your article.

    But of course……not a word. You just want to make your society elsewhere than where the real problem is.

    I can tell you that in my city, in a wealthy European country, you have hundreds of Brazilians girls that have choosen by themselves to become prositutes here…..because they do far more money than in Brazil and they are far better treated by their customers than Brazilians !!!!!.

    And all a free to stay or quit prostitution. They are free to come or free to go. They are free to marry or not a European or whoever of their own choice.
    The end result is that they usually tend to continue freely their prostitution until they find Love.
    Then they quit their “job”, get married, and create a happy family. Something they were unable to accomplish in Brazil.

    Saying the forced prostitution does not exist is not true either. But it represents only a small minority of the hundreds of girls who entered in prostitution.
    There are quite a lot of articles describing also the forced prositution of girls coming from Eastern Countries.
    The facts are that 4 of my friends married these girls and have a happy live and family.
    2 other friends married Brazilians….who were prostitutes here.
    It happens that NONE of these girls were forced into prostitution.

    Of course not a word on the MAJORITY of these girls.

    You just prefer to paint the reality darker than it really is, thus you feel at how bad we are.

    Finally 100 % of these girls I mentionned are preferring to reside in my city, rather than returning home.
    Guess why ? Why dont you talk to them ? If you are fair………do it ! Simple.
    But if you interview 10 girls, please be fair enough to not just take 2 only of your choice.

    Exactly the same could be said and done for the Brazilioan emigrants. Why if they can, do they generally prefer to stay abroad instead of returning home.

    The sad reality is NOT on your side !

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