Brazil Still Friends With Chavez After ‘Bush Is the Devil’ Remarks

Celso Amorim, Brazil’s Foreign Relations Minister,  did not want to comment on the speech delivered by Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez, yesterday, September 20, at the United Nations General Assembly, in which he called the president of the United States, George W. Bush, the "devil".

Amorim said that Brazil maintains good relations with both countries.

"Brazil is a country friend of Venezuela and of the United States. I know that from both sides exist strong scars, but our stand is to try to contribute to a dialog. It is not easy, but we have to make an effort to find the better road," said the Brazilian chancellor.

Amorim reiterated Brazil’s support to a seat for Venezuela at UN’s Security Council, but he added: "The support given a country doesn’t mean that we agree with all viewpoints that that nation might have, much less with adjectives used in speeches and interviews".

As for negotiations with Bolivia concerning oil company Petrobras’s interests, the Brazilian minister said that he is looking for balance:

"We are not asking them to go back on their nationalization, our wish is that Petrobras become strong. But the solution has to be just and viable from the economic point of view. If it is viable only economically and is not just it will not sustain itself politically. If it is only just, but without economic viability, it won’t be possible either."


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  • racureiu

    Everybody loves the Bush baby….hehehe!

  • heyhey

    your the only one allowed to post here

  • ch.c.

    …is a guarantee of a better democracy !

    In every country, rich or poor, there is always 2 sides : the actual government and the opposition.
    In a democracy you have medias representing the 2 sides. But the 2 sides are not represented in a NON democracy country. Media is then only controlled by the government, elected or not !
    The medias of the opposition will always criticize the political party in power.

    It is the only way to reveal the disfunctions of the governing members. $simply because it is not the governing members who will reveal what they do WRONG or where they lie in their economic/social achievements.

    In the case that a media is publishing a wrong accusation….it should be held responsible and punished. The reaality being that most medias in developed countries have a large budget….in case theyhave to make payment for diffamations !

    But not allowing the opposition medias to reveal…..hidden/dirty/stinky tricks used by the government is wrong !

    In the case mentionned in the article….without the opposition medias…..The Post Office and Mensalao Bribes would not have been disclosed.

    What is quite sad, is that with your President : his excellence Lula, all the corruptions revealed have been done by his lieutenants.
    Usually a lieutenant works for his general. And 100 % of the time, either the general has given the instructions to his lieutenants or the lieutenants informed the general beforehand what they intend to do and got the general approval and blessing.

    Therefore believing that Lula did not know anything on ALL the corruptions scandals that took place during the last 12 months……..cannot be the truth……by defintion !

    Quite sad that the PT party and Lula lieutenants are paying huge amounts of money to buy files against their opponents !
    If they know there are proofs against whoever, they should reveal it to the justice, and provide the details of where the proofs are to the investigators.

    Why pay for a file ?

    Unfortunately, Lula is the most tricky/dirty/stinky President you country ever had.
    He will do whatever is in his power legally or not, pay whatever it costs (its not his money anyway…..but Yours) to keep the power.
    He became addicted to power ! No one and nothing will stop him to get his daily dose of addiction !
    Like Chavez, LULA will ALSO try to change the Constitution that doesnt allow 3 consecutive Presidential mandates… that he could be re-elected in 2010 and 2014 ! And to do that, Lula will continue his dirty tricks !

    Afterall was he not one of the politicians NOT in favor for even a second mandate ?
    Therefore why is he betraying, once more and as usual, his ideologies ?

    Lula was a good union leader, but became the King of the crooks since he is President !
    He lies as much daily as he drinks alcohol : far far too much !

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