More Civilians Murdered in Brazil in One Year than in Iraq After 3 Years of War

About 45,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since the invasion of their country by the United States in March 2003. In 2005 alone over 55,000 Brazilians were murdered in a non-declared civil war that has been ravaging Brazil for years.

According to just-released data by Brazil’s Justice Ministry more than 150 Brazilians suffered violent death each day last year. The government, however, called reporters to tell that crime has been dropping in Brazil in recent years mainly due to disarmament campaigns.

For Marcelo Durante, the Justice Ministry’s report coordinator, the biggest reduction in criminality occurred in states where more people participated in the government program to buy back firearms.

Durante also revealed that many violent crimes are underreported in Brazil. He mentioned for example that it’s believed that 75% of robberies and 85% of rapes are never reported to the police.

Many Brazilian seem to think that reporting those crimes would be just a waste of time since the authorities wouldn’t do anything anyway.

The government study listed crimes that occurred in cities with more than a 100,000 inhabitants in 2004 and 2005. The numbers come straight from the states Security Secretariats.  

The state of Rio de Janeiro despite a 4% decrease in the number of violent deaths kept its title as murder champion followed by Pernambuco state in the Brazilian northeast. 

Camaragibe, a city in Recife’s (capital of Pernambuco) metropolitan area, was the municipality with the highest number of violent deaths. There were 180.9 murders for each 100 thousand residents during the period studied.

Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro, came in second with 120.7 deaths per 100,000. And it was a big surprise to see Curitiba, capital of the southern state of Paraná, appearing in third, with a rate of 119.9 deaths.

For comparison’s sake, New Orleans, the US most violent city had a murder rate of 53.1 deaths per 100,000 before the Katrina hurricane. In Washington DC the rate is 45 per 100,000, in Detroit, 41.8 and in Iraq 27.5 violent deaths per 100,000 people.

All over Brazil, the number of deaths by violent crime grew 1% from 2004 to 2005, raising from 54,696 homicides to 55.312. This despite the reduction of murders in 11 states including Rio Grande do Sul, which saw an expressive decline of 35%.


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  • word to mother

    hold up….
    New Orleans per-capita murder rate is 53.1? well then, it’s not the most dangerous US city…Compton’s is at 67. and i wish people would quit thinking that NYC is so violent…their murder rate per-capita is only 6.6 for God sakes, it barely exists there. but about Brazil,what in the hell is up with them? the president should be ashamed…i’m going there in 08, i ain’t trying to get clapped, i just want to see some beatiful women and relax. But really, what a sh1t hole.

  • T. Oliveras

    …but Brazil is such a beautlful place!
    I’ve been considering moving to Brazil, from the North east USA, now the crime subject makes me wonder, do they kill foreigners too? I found a place in ItuberÀƒ¡, somehow close to BahÀƒ­a. How much should I expect to live there before getting killed?

  • Mark

    The UK has lower GUN death rate than Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, USA…
    In the UK the number of homicides committed with firearms has remained between a range of 46 and 97 for the past decade, standing at 50 in 2005/06. That gives an average rate of 0.1/100,000 population.

    UK 0.1
    Germany 1.2
    Sweden 1.6
    Australia 1.7
    New Zealand 2.3
    Austria 2.5
    Canada 2.5
    France 3.0
    Belgium 3.7
    Finland 4.6
    Switzerland 6.2
    USA 10.2
    Brazil 18
    South Africa 32

  • blah

    Brazil is no different to the USA or UK for crime in the cities..

    This has to be one of the most ignorant comments IÀ¢€™ve read in a while; based solely on personal experience and without a shred of objective rational. The fact is sunshine, that Brazil is a violent country and your chances of being violently assaulted are far greater than in New York or London as the stats repeatedly purport. You do not see New Yorkers or Londoners pass through red stop lights for fear of stopping and being assaulted.

    You do not see organized gangs shutting down American or British cities, like theyˢ۪ve done in Sao Paulo.

    There is a kidnapping in Sao Paulo almost every single day. Kidnapping no longer makes news in Brazil, however if this were to happen in the US the FBI would all over it, as would the media. Kidnapping in England is UNHEARD OF.

    Security spending is so high in Brazil that it equals one third of the countryˢ۪s GDP. So, how the hell can you say it is the same as in the US or UK? That is just such a blatantly fraudulent comment. Further more, it is a reckless comment.

  • Dave Stock

    Don’t worry
    T. Oliveras, I think the answer to your questions depends a lot on you, I have lived in Sao Paulo and I have never been robbed, mugged, raped or had anything stolen, but then I donˢ۪t look flash or carry an expensive mobile phone.

    I also spent 2 years living in BahÀƒ­a state and again I never had any problems with crime.

    If you use the same approach to living in London, New York, L.A. or Amsterdam youˢ۪ll be fine Iˢ۪m sure, if you are flash and look like you have something worth stealing in any of the cities I mention above youˢ۪ll find trouble, Brazil is no different to the USA or UK for crime in the cities and many of the people killed in Rio and Sao Paulo are the same as those killed in the USA ad UK gang members or criminals killing eachother.

  • Jaded ex pat

    Brazil is a lovely country (Iˢ۪m referencing the natural landscapes and weather of course) but it ends there. Your chance of being assaulted as a gringo is equal to everyone else in the country. Brazilˢ۪s troglodyte-like thugs are equal opportunity murderous maniacs. You can reduce your chances, of course, depending on with whom you associate, and where you frequent. But even then, with whomever you place your trust; you must always be on your toes that that individual, colleague, worker, or FAMILY MEMBER will not sell you down the road for the sake of a fistful of banana republic notes. There is no trust in this nation; it has been eclipsed by greed and fear.

    That said, even while minding your own business the violence in this country has a way of smacking you up side the head in the most unsuspecting places and without notice.

    Yes, gringos are killed in Brazil, they are also kidnapped, raped and assaulted, however, and like all other killings in the land of Samba they usually go unreported. The Brazilian media are either too overwhelmed with the daily body count to keep track and report, or, like the rest of the population are blinded with apathy and indifference.

    BrazilÀ¢€™s violence is getting worse, as the stats prove À¢€“ and there is NO indication that the trend will reverse in anytime in the future. Violence is barely even an election issue, so given this political and societal listlessness why would we expect things to change?

    À¢€œHow much should I expect to live there before getting killed?À¢€Â

    Who knows, perhaps indefinitely À¢€“ however violence aside, IÀ¢€™d bet the farm that you would be taken advantage of in your first few weeks. À¢€œImposto do GringoÀ¢€Â

    Choose your future wisely. Brazilˢ۪s a 500 year old backed-up toilet and no one here has the intelligence to flush.

  • no news here

    This is obvious to all who live in Brazil, except of course for that tightly nit pack of left of left sociologists and social anthropologists whom hearts bleed for thugs while they feign sympathy for the general public.

    The truth is that violent crime has been steadily rising for years all throughout Brazil, if not decades À¢€“ and one wonders how high the murder rate would actually be in Rio and Sao Paulo, if the emergency staff at hospitals had not advanced (through necessity) so much in their treatments of gunshot and knife wounds?

  • ch.c.

    I just remind you that in Brazil 50 % of youths deaths aged 15-24 are by violent deaths !!!!!!



    Just one more world record…but you have many !

  • ch.c.

    Yeahhhhh……full of contradictions !
    – If deaths by violent crime grew 1 % from 2004 to 2005, and if homicides rates also grew, how can the actual government call the reporters, telling them that the crime rates have been reduced ??????? Typically the calculations of this government, they dont know what they are talking or they lie.
    – Strange that the number of deaths are around 55’000 because 2 years ago, at the time of your referendum for arms control, in this same site there were articles giving a number of 35’000 NOT 55’000 !!!!! Was this again manipulation in accounting…..from this corrupted government…..that change their mind on numbers and stats as it pleases them ? Most probably !
    – As to the readers of my comments, please dont come and say that there are crimes in every country. Because the answer by definition is yessssss, but by how much.
    – Recently on this same site there was another article on this subject. Well not so pleasant for your country : if we assume a number of 1 for UK, the USA would get 6 and Brazil 28. Meaning that the USA have 6 times more crime deaths than UK per 100’000 and Brazil has 28 times the crime rate of the UK. Yes 28 times more crimes deaths than the UK per 100’000 inhabitants !
    – It shall also be noted that the UK has by far not the lowest crime rate……meaning that if the same comparison is done with Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark your multiple is even far higher.

    Is that not Greaaaaat ?

    Brazil is truly a shitty Tropical mess !

    The same could be said for the death tragedy of your Jean Charles during the London bombing and for which you were and are still so offensed !
    How many innocents have been killed, NOT by accident but by repraisal by your police, during the SP chaos ?????? A minimum of 100 !
    But obviously when the Brazilian police kills thousands of innocents per year this is far less important than when a Brazilian dies abroad !!!!

    Funny toooooo……Isnt it ???????

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