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Leaked Pictures of Piles of Money Might Hurt Brazil Lula’s Reelection Effort

Pile of money: picture was leaked from Brazil's federal police

Pile of money: picture was leaked from Brazil's federal policeWhat a series of scandals and a final presidential debate without the presence of Lula didn’t do against the president’s reelection effort, that is to force him into a runoff, some pictures might do.

Shots of the money used to buy a dossier that would allegedly implicate Lula’s opponents and that was being kept far away from the public eye by the Brazilian federal police was leaked to the press, just 48 hours before election day.

The photos show a pile of cash in real and dollars that the Federal Police seized from people connected to Lula and the PT party. The almost US$ 800,000 were found in a São Paulo hotel and were neatly packed, ready for delivery.

Authorities have already announced that they will open an investigation to find out the author of the leak. By now, the damage has already been done, however. The Federal Police has confirmed that the shots are the real thing.

Daily O Estado de S. Paulo, the first to publish the pictures on its Internet site, would only say that the images were received from a source in the Federal Police.

It was on September 15 that Gedimar Passos and Valdebran Padilha, two PT members,  were arrested in São Paulo together with 1.7 million reais (US$ 783,000).

Passos, Padilha and several other involved in the scandal had their preventive arrest authorized the Justice, but they continue free since according to the electoral law nobody can be arrested until 48 hours after the election unless he is caught in flagrante delicto.

The police haven’t yet discovered the origin of the money even though they have traced it to a few banks and have revealed that the dollars came from a Miami bank.

The juridical office of the coalition PT-PCdoB-PRB, the parties behind Lula’s candidacy have already announced they will file a motion this Saturday before the TSE (National Election Board) challenging Geraldo Alckmin candidacy.

Alckmin is Lula’s main  opponent and the PT camp is accusing him and the parties behind him (PSDB and PFL) of improperly using the media to jeopardize president Lula’s candidacy.

"The trigger for Alckmin candidacy’s challenge suit was the leak with the pictures showing the money seized by Federal Police, a case that is under Justice secrecy", said a spokesman for the Lula campaign.

The PSDB president, senator Tasso Jereissati, was celebrating the publication of the pictures by the media. He said that he was  confident that the photos coupled with Lula’s absence at the last presidential debate will force a second round in the presidential contest.

"I will be very surprised if there is no runoff now," said Jereissati. He believes Lula will lose at least two or three percentage points among the voters. The PSDB chief chastised Justice Minister, Márcio Thomaz Bastos, for delaying the release of the pictures. 

For Jereissati Lula didn’t go the TV debate precisely because "he didn’t have honest responses to give about the origin of that money."

On the other hand, the TSE minister José Delgado denied the request by PT’s president Ricardo Berzoini, to prevent the media including Internet sites from showing the money pictures.


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  • amber

    amber semien julies tyalor lee i love you julies

  • Guest

    message from Augusto from Odeio o Lula e o PT community at orkut

  • Guest

    Baseado no nome da comunidade, eu nÀƒ£o voto em ninguÀƒ©m para presidente, governador,senador e deputado federal e estadual…
    Mas eu quero aqui representar a opiniÀƒ£o de milhÀƒµes de brasileiros que desejam que o PT e sua corja de bandidos (delubio, palocci, dirceu, berzoini, genoino e o caralho a quatro) sejam extinguidos da polÀƒ­tica do Brasil.
    Espero nÀƒ£o ter ofendido nenhuma outra pessoa que jÀƒ¡ escolheu seu candidato a presidente (com execeÀƒ§Àƒ£o daqueles que vÀƒ£o votar na besta barbuda!), mas minha imensa vontade Àƒ© de ver esses malditos ladrÀƒµes da quadrilha do PT no seu verdadeiro lugar : Na cadeia!

    Bernardes (presÀƒ­dio de seguranÀƒ§a mÀƒ¡xima)

    FORA PT!
    Morram, petistas bandidos…!

    AbraÀƒ§o a todos e se Deus quiser, 2o Turno JÀƒ¡!

  • Guest

    Lula compares himself to Christ and Tiradentes
    Without responding differently since the first scandal knocked the presidential office door, Lula defends himself alleging he was betrayed by his allies, his presidential campaign coordinator, his personal assistant and body guard, and assessors. All that at different occasions and events (mensalÀƒ£o, sanguessugas, bingo houses, breaking bank account, dossiergate). Speaking at the last partisan reunion before the election day to hundreds of supporters, he compared himself to Christ and Tiradentes (Historical Brazilian Hero), he says any mortal is under betrayal and he is not different.

    PT tries to forbid pictures and asks to Tribunal S. Eleitoral the prohibition of the candidate opponent Geraldo Alkmim. In an attempt to keep secret of the pictures of the money used to buy the dossier.

    President of Tribunal Superior Eleitoral says I a press conference today he received a death threat on email message. He decided to strengthen his personal security.

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