Brazilian Plane with 155 People Fell Inside Indian Territory in the Amazon

Brazil’s Funai (National Foundation of the Indian) confirmed that the Boeing 737-800 of the  Brazilian airline Gol, fell yesterday, September 29, (29) inside indigenous land belonging to the Capoto Jarina Indians, above the Xingu Park and below the Kayapó territory.

The area is located north of Mato Grosso state, between the Xingu Jarina rivers, about 200 kilometers west of the Peixoto de Azevedo municipality and highway BR-163.

According to officials at Gol airline, the exact location of the accident is 10 degrees and 29 minutes South and 53 degrees and 15 minutes West.

Flight 1907, which was going from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro, fell in an area of difficult access, in the middle of dense forest. Two Air Force parachutists jumped from an airplane to analyze the area and prepare a runway.

According to officials from the 9th Policing Command of the Peixoto de Azevedo area, in Mato Grosso state, the distance from Peixoto de Azevedo as well as from Matupá, a nearby city, to the accident area is about 200 km (124 miles).

That would mean about five hours of driving by land on a dirt road.  At least 30 Mato Grosso policemen are overseeing the rescue operation.

The Air Force Command informed that two military men specialized in search and rescue went down, in the early afternoon, in an area close to the wreckage of the Gol airplane.  The access is difficult and the military are trying to open a clearing in the dense forest to allow the landing of helicopters.

According to the Air Force, five helicopters, four planes and an aircraft with an aerial ICU (Intensive Care Unit) are participating in the operation.

A commission that is going to investigate the causes of the accident is already in the area. The Air Force also stated that they have no  information on possible survivors. There were 155 people aboard.



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