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Opposition Takes Sí£o Paulo and Minas, Almost Half of Brazil’s GDP

The Brazilian Social Democrat opposition, party to which former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso belongs, consolidated in Sunday’s general election its grip on the country’s two main states, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.

José Serra, the former Public Health minister and presidential hopeful in 2002 has been elected governor of the state of São Paulo with 58% of the vote, defeating the ruling Workers Party or President Lula da Silva, candidate Aloizio Mercadante who managed 30%.

Even more impressive was the victory in the state of Minas Gerais of Aécio Neves also from the Brazilian Social Democrats, who won the governorship with a landslide vote of 75%. The Workers Party candidate Nilmário Miranda garnered 22%.

São Paulo and Minas Gerais make up almost half of Brazil’s GDP and are politically most influential, almost crucial for the seeding of prospective presidential candidates.

Mr. Serra ran unsuccessfully against President Lula da Silva in 2002, but Aécio Neves, grandson of another Brazilian president who was instrumental in helping Brazil recover democracy in 1985, is also seen as a very serious candidate for the Planalto Palace in 2010.


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  • Guest

    Size the porquice
    alÀƒ©m de babaca… nojeeeento!!


  • Bribetaker

    You can actually fit two states of SÀƒ£o Paulo, Rio, and Espirito Santo inside Minas, and thereÀ‚´ll still be room for farting outloud, hehe!

  • Guest

    MG is the third state that most produces wealth in BR after SP and RJ.

  • Guest

    Not only one party can make the best for Brasil if you don’t understand it.

  • Guest

    I suppose brazil walks along a chronologic historical path. Compare FHCÀ¢€™s government with a possibly future PSDBÀ¢€™s mandate is to expose a charlatanic prediction, showing a total regardless of historical circumstances, and a pessimistic conscience. :-

  • Afrânio Maluf

    Brasil needs someone from a well-run state, like Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina or ParanÀƒ¡ to govern from the Planalto.

    Enough of these clowns from SÀƒ£o Paulo or Minas Gerais, or buffoons from northeastern plantation states, like Sarney or the arch-crook Fernando Collor de Mello. They care about the poor even less.

    Serra and Neves are going to push the usual neoliberal crap and the poor will suffer as they did under Cardoso and all his predecessors (except Vargas, and who wants a fascist like that to take office again)? Lula’s policy’s are great, he just can’t extricate himself from the hive of corruption surrounding him. Anyone really think Alckmin is going to be any better?

  • aaa

    not so sure that…..
    Rio state produces more goods than Minas Gerais !

    Could someone double check and confirm ?

  • Laura

    oops, SÀƒ£o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the two main Brazilian states. And in Rio Lula was favourite. Not that I’m one of them, though. 🙂

  • Dave Stock

    Now maybe weÀ¢€™ll see À¢€¦À¢€¦À¢€¦
    Maybe now we will see what the Social democrats do in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais for the poor and to spread the wealth.

    They want to run the country so lets see how they run the main power house, Sao Paulo and then we can compare the Workers Party and the Social Democrats and see who really does the best for all in Brazil.

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