Brazil Sends Team to Help Rebuild Lebanon After Israeli Attacks

A cooperation mission to Lebanon, promoted by the Brazilian government, is going to leave for Lebanon on Monday, October 16, according to the Brazilian Foreign Office (Itamaraty).

The delegation is going to stay in the Arab country until the 18th, and the objective is to identify areas in which Brazil may help rebuild the country after the Israeli attacks.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Brazilian assistance was requested by Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora, when the minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil, Celso Amorim, visited the Arab country in August.

According to the head of the Middle East Department at the Itamaraty, Sarkis Karmirian, the proposal of organizing the mission arose during the Lebanon Donors’ Conference, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, also in August.

The Ministry stated that the delegation should be led by the director of the Brazilian Agency for Cooperation, ambassador Luiz Henrique Pereira da Fonseca, and will include representatives from the commercial and cultural promotion departments at the Itamaraty, from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), the National Service of Industrial Education (Senai), the Federal Savings Bank (CEF) and the Ministries of Education, Health and Mines and Energy.

The delegation will also include representatives of companies and sector organizations that are connected to Lebanon, as is the case with the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, which will be represented by director Mustapha Abdouni.

The objectives, according to the Itamaraty, are to provide incentives to bilateral trade and identify the areas that are priorities for investment.

In the evaluation of the Brazilian ministry, Embrapa may contribute with its experience in the development of fruit planting and agriculture in semi-arid regions. The Senai, in turn, may offer courses for professional training in areas like carpentry, woodworking and hydraulics.

The Ministry of Education, according to the Itamaraty, may identify possibilities for cooperation in its area of competence, the Ministry of Health is going to offer support in epidemiological surveillance, and the Ministry of Mines and Energy may provide assistance in the installation and operation of mobile energy stations.

CEF bank, according to the Itamaraty, may offer training in the areas of urban development, management of solid residues, basic sanitation, habitation policies and banking technology turned to income transfer programs.

Homeland for Many Brazilians

A small country located in the Middle East and on the Mediterranean, Lebanon is the country of origin of most of the Arab immigrants who came to Brazil. Today the number of Brazilians of Lebanese origin – about 10 million – is much larger than the population of the Arab country itself, which is around 3.6 million people.

According to information disclosed by the Arab Brazilian Chamber, the Lebanese Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached US$ 20.9 billion last year. The countries main industries are in the food, chemical and textile sectors.

Brazilian exports to Lebanon totaled US$ 123 million between January and September this year, an increase of 34% when compared to the same period in 2005. The main items shipped were live cattle, cattle beef, coffee and cashew nuts.

Imports in turn dropped, from US$ 4.9 million in the first nine months of last year, to US$ 1.8 million in the same period in 2006. The main products imported by Brazil to date this year were aluminum residues, machinery for bread making and pickled vegetables.



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  • Londoner

    thetruth.. if a higher being could permit the real YOU to transcend the bounderies of your no doubt feeble body to take a look at your senseless and pathetic contribution from another one’s eyes, you’d skip the trip back (to your body) and head straight to hell. you know NOTHING about brazil. nothing worth sharing here at least.

    have a great weekend… and keep brazil FAR from your mouth (and mind)…


  • Jony

    continue to Mr.Thetruth
    1. Ended the GDP was revised but still debatable of the exact numbers were for that year, but still even at 2.3 or 3.1 Brazil was not as you claimed to be the lowest of all Latin American and Caribbean countries. By the way À¢€œTHETRUTHÀ¢€Â you already said many times that all Brazilians institutions are corrupted, then tell us why would you take the À¢€œBrazilian Official RateÀ¢€Â or the IBGE data as credible??? You demagogue À¢€¦ you canÀ¢€™t have both ways.

    2. This entry gives the gross domestic product (GDP) or value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year. GDP dollar estimates are derived from purchasing power parity (PPP) calculations. Source CIA World Factbook factor and Index Mundi.
    3. It does not matterÀ¢€¦ that is another shit whole too.
    4. All three silicone areas mentioned are doing accelerated research and development and are paying off good dividends as you said.

    5. You also forgot to say that Embraer just sold 170 jets to Northwest Airlines, 100 jets to Hainan Airlines and that broke a record 3.8 billion dollars in sales.

    6.Let me guess, you are an expert on this too?? No you idiot itˢ۪s not the same.
    a. Corn ethanol is much less efficient in comparison with sugar cane ethanol.
    b. Why in the world a team of Brazilian CEOÀ¢€™S and Technicians and the minister of minas and energia would be invited to and Washington DC and California to talk about the Brazilian Program???
    c. US ethanol industry will never take off simply because of (a) The price per gallon would be 2 to 3 times more than gasoline and (b) US farmers are quite content making money À¢€œnot to plantÀ¢€Â, why would they go to work when they donÀ¢€™t have to? Thanks to US subsidies!
    Can you guess which country they would be buying from? Nevertheless, US realizes
    the enormous transitional difficulties of starting such industry and its adverse impact on the automobile, the marine industry and as well as on fiberglass related industry.
    That shows your luck of knowledge on the subject. You think you can google your way into any thingÀ¢€¦canÀ¢€™t you? What university did you go to again? Laugh !!!

    As I mentioned before Brazilˢ۪s work in Urbanism is well know and respected in the world More recently Brazilˢ۪s FAVELA BAIRRO and INTERVENTION ON FAVELAS projects has gained world attention thanks to the incredible work of people such as:

    Jorge Mario Jaruequi
    Paulo Bastos (Estudos Avancados)
    Marcelo Ferraz (Winner of BerlinÀ¢€™s International Competition for the À¢€œCasa AmarelaÀ¢€Â)
    Linda Bo Bardi (Her Work exposed in 46 Cities in 17 Countries)
    Joao Filgueira Limas
    Raguel Rolnik
    Janice Perlhan and Inacio Cano (The Myth of Marginality Revisited)
    Hector Viglenca
    Valdemar Bon Junior
    Bernardo Furtado
    Joel Outtes
    Lucio Costa
    Oscar Niemeyer
    Roberto Burle Max

    Their work as valid and important as they are still a microcosmic example of the potentiality of the next generation of Brazilian Architects and Urbanists.

    I suggest to the idiot friend to explore also the arcoweb site so he can laugh is little brains off À¢€¦

    So Mr. Thethuth my discussions with you are over! I have my conclusions tooÀ¢€¦
    Go homeÀ¢€¦get yourself a nice glass of wineÀ¢€¦ and do what you do bestÀ¢€¦ INCEST.

  • Jony

    To Thetruth bullshit
    To Thetruth

    I have no political affiliation with any Brazilian party never had, never will nor am I a puppet of any political or religious system. I donˢ۪t pretend that I have a political solution for the Brazilian cause. However, the big difference is that if I would spend the amount of hours that you idiot spend bashing anything and everything that relates to Brazil, I WOULD a) SUGGEST CLEAR SOLUTIONS, (b) I WOULD BE THERE TO FIGHT FOR THE CAUSE.
    I would NOT be across an ocean sipping fucking tea, hiding behind a bloody computer monitor, laughing and bashing a whole race and country because it didnˢ۪t perform to your FUCKING taste.
    What is most intriguing to me is your lack of basic knowledge of Brazilian history, all your examples at best, refers to recent news paper articles, events and videos of some sort, showing absolutely no evidence of knowledge the of the status quo anti.
    Amazes me the level of hypocrisy by which you operate and speak, by constantly referring to past articles (by Brazzil Magazine) when it comes to support your own bias bullshit stories and at the sometime discrediting the very same entity, on every single article.!!!
    How hypocritical can one be, is beyond me, and for others to decide. One would say that this kind of hypocrisy could only be found in a few countries in the world.
    You cross the line between any faint remains of construction criticism to outrageous racist remarks about the Brazilian people as shown below.

    a)À¢€œSorry if that rankles you and the rest of the soccer ball kicking cachaÀƒ§a swilling mongoloids that drag their knuckles through the streets (if you can call them streets) of Brazil.À¢€Â

    b)À¢€Â having a rational conversation with a Brazilian is more difficult that changing water in wine, is proof enough that the country is backed up toilet with a group bumbling retards fumbling around looking for the À¢€œthingyÀ¢€Â to flush.À¢€Â

    c)À¢€œYou are the quintessential – as Mario Llosa quite rightly labeled – LATIN AMERICAN IDIOT. Thetruth, or Mr. Ch. or whatever he likes to call himself is usually about 95% correct when he posts. When he says Brazil is a shithole, he is 100% correct.À¢€Â

    d)À¢€œBut now if you tell me that all the stats done either by International and Brazilian Agencies, articles on this site and others, videos from the various Brazilian TVs mentionned above are incorrect……À¢€Â I actually looked for but could not find anythingÀ¢€¦

    And finally, in an attempt to hide his raging racism, He makes his condescending conclusion for the À¢€œStupid Mongoloid BraziliansÀ¢€Â that even though we are not capable of realizing it, He said:

    À¢€ÂConclusion : I cannot repeat enough that the Brazilian population deserve a much brighter future. Unfortunately you elect time after time those who pillage your country and steal everything for them…..leaving very little for the majorityÀ¢€Â
    How outrageous you are!!!

  • Jony

    to the Londoner and Amanda
    To the Londoner:
    Brilliantly spoken LondonerÀ¢€¦brilliant!!! Like to hear more of your words.

    To Amanda:
    You didnÀ¢€™t need to use so many words as some of us didÀ¢€¦ but the power of synthesis in your words echoed across the ocean. Thank you.

  • thetruth !



  • thetruth !

    continued lesson for… jony the Brazilian teacher !
    – Your 5,2 GDP growth rate was not for 2005 but 2004 ! Sorry for your total mix up !
    Now your GDP 1.492 billion Reais (for 2004, not 2005 as you wrote, and in Reais, not in US$ as you wrote) at an average exchange rate of 3 Reais (it was even higher) or so during 2004 makes a GDP of below 500 billions US$….while UK was 1,78 trillion US$…… or less than 1/3 as I effectively said ! Sorry for your lack of simple maths knowledge !
    Your probable Brazilian University Degree doesnt compliment the Brazilian education in view of your total mix up and errors !

    Finally if you disagree with your bad rankings and ratings from the various International Agencies AND INCLUDING the various Brazilian Agencies such as the IBGE on :
    – GDP growth rate and comparisons
    – wealth inequality
    – doing business
    – poverty
    – education and quality of education
    – infrastructure
    – crime rate
    – sanitation
    – corruption
    – impunity
    – overall tax rate
    – red tape
    – inneficient but very high bureaucracy
    – overall GDP and GDP per capita
    – trash collection
    – trash and water treatment
    – productivity ranking by the World Economic Forum
    – children labor
    – overall tax rate
    – drugs trading
    – pirating and smuggling of goods
    – police and deaths squads killings
    – comparisons of interests rate after inflation
    – comparisons of your banks lending rates after inflation to…. your corporations or individuals !
    just to name a few ……I suggest that you and/ or your Government…..send their complaints directly to the Agency who ranked or rated your Country….but certainly not to me ! Afterall these Agencies, International or Brazilians, are part of my sources I refer to in my comments and arguments !

  • thetruth !

    You are so greatttttt !
    A) to J.Correa
    1) Brazil GDP growth rate was 2,3 % in 2005 and NOT 5,2 % ! Sorry for you who dont know what you are talking about. 2,3 % being the official rate provided by the Brazilian government himself. Please review your sources or provide them !
    2) Brazil 2005 GDP is not 1,492 trillion US$ but Reais ! That is not the same….in my humble view, but may be in yours. Please review your sources or provide them !
    3) UK GDP of US$ 1.78 trillion was for 2004 not 2005
    4) Just read the news on this site, not too long ago, when your government announced the FIRST chip manufacturing plant…….foreign corporation…..obviously….not Brazilian.
    5) Embraer produced 155 planes in 2004, 145 in 2005 and announced just this week that they reduced their estimates from 145 to 135 for 2006 ! Just read the Brazilian medias or click to are not my numbers but Embraer numbers !!!!! Sorry….for you !
    6) Ethanol technology is not the same when it is produced from sugarcane or corn.
    Brazil produces ethanol from sugarcane and the USA from corn ! sorry for you !
    Therefore the USA has nothing to learn from Brazil to produce ethanol from corn…since you produce little corn anyway and dont use it for ethanol production.
    7) the USA produced slighlty more ethanol than Brazil in 2005 and not way off the opposite as you may suggest.

    Conclusion : while I use the official Brazilian sources…..your own sources are more than doubtful ! Probably that demonstrate your own education and knowledge about your own country.

    B) to jonny
    – your statement “Brazilian construction companies are one of the best equipped in the world for the pre-cast and cast-in-place high and mid-high riser dwellings ” makes me laugh and laugh !
    Is this how your 600 favelas in RIO ALONE are built ?
    And also how your slums are built all over the country where the majority….YESS the majority of the Brazilian population… ??????
    – Just re-read my initial comments, I never ever criticzed Lebanon or Lebaneses in anyway. To the contrary, I said Lebanon is quite superior to Brazil and that your Mission going there should better learn than teach. That is also why I said that Lebanon was considered the Switzerland of the Middle East. Unfortunately they had their internal war for years during the 70/80’s that destroyed the country and obviously by reconstructing their country they are by now over indebted. But I have no doubt they will do fine again. I have also no doubt that very few Lebaneses residing in Brazil live in the favelas and that they are mostly in the middle to high income categories…..contrary to the majority of the Brazilian population.

    Conclusion : I cannot repeat enough that the Brazilian population deserve a much brighter future. Unfortunately you elect time after time those who pillage your country and steal everything for them…..leaving very little for the majority !
    I can only repeat that Lula is even betraying everyone of the poors Brazilians when his budget dedicates only less than 2 % for the 45 millions, 23 % of your population (the poorest) while he provides 23 % of the budget for the 2 millions (1,2 % of the population) for .federal civil servants salaries and perks !
    Your 2006 federal budget is 455,6 billions Reais, 8 billions go to the Bolsa Familia
    and 104 billions goes for federal payrolls and pensions benefits !
    Just make your own maths !

  • The Truth RULES

    The truth HURTS, doesnÀ‚´t he….

    You are the quintessential – as Mario Llosa quite rightly labeled – LATIN AMERICAN IDIOT. Thetruth, or Mr. Ch. or whatever he likes to call himself is usually about 95% correct when he posts. When he says Brazil is a shithole, he is 100% correct.

    Sorry if that rankles you and the rest of the soccer ball kicking cachaÀƒ§a swilling mongoloids that drag their knuckles through the streets (if you can call them streets) of Brazil.

    And sorry, but Ch has never written anything remotely racist from what IÀ¢€™ve read, although I know you lefty loonies south of the intelligence latitude enjoy tossing that word around like it was beach volley ball.

    Actually, I know that I donˢ۪t need to defend Ch.c, because heˢ۪ll be back soon enough and decimate your little monosynaptic rant lickety-split.

    And in terms of economic arguments, I couldnÀ¢€™t give a rats ass if the Brazilian GDP (PIB) was 3%, 10% or 30%. The fact that the streets still smell of shit, and that 55,000 Brazilians are murdered each year, and that another 50,000 are killed in motor vehicle accidents, and that a group of thugs from the PCC can single handedly shut down the worldÀ¢€™s second largest city, and that 30% of the population canÀ¢€™t read, and that having a rational conversation with a Brazilian is more difficult that changing water in wine, is proof enough that the country is backed up toilet with a group bumbling retards fumbling around looking for the À¢€œthingyÀ¢€Â to flush.

    Quoted –By the way Brazil Model of Urbanism is well respected in the world, and I can give you a list of a few books to read on that too.

    IÀ¢€™m still chucking. LetÀ¢€™s see that list honey, and there had better be an author from OUTSIDE of Brazil in there. And one more thing, I hope for your sake that your À¢€œBRAZIL MODELÀ¢€Â means more than just Curitiba, mmmmkay!

  • jony

    written by Guest, 2006-04-03 18:27:47

    Let’s go directly to your lesson of the day IDIOT!!
    Lie # or lesson 1:
    Your IDIOT if the Brazilian currency was allowed to depreciate against the dollar than “by definition” It’s GPD would had increased due to more exports…so your bull shit it’s just that “bull shit”.
    Lie #2:
    “It remains that Brazil had the lowest 2005 growth of ALL Latin and carabbean countries, after Haiti.” THAT IS WHAT YOU SAID!!! RIGHT???
    JAMAICA—— 1.9%
    GUYANA——- 1.9%

    Lie #3:
    Brazil, À¢€œof around 185 millions has a total GDP less than half of the GDP of the UK despite UK is not even a third of Brazil population” THAT IS WHAT YOU SAID!!! RIGHT???
    2005 GDP FOR:
    UK GDP———1.78 Trillion.
    BRAZIL GDP— 1.492 Trillion.
    MR. IDIOT, I know you are not good in math either…but that puts UK GDP at about 16% higher than Brazil’s GDP and furthermore, your reference to population of both countries makes no sense since you were talking about gross GDP and not per capita…YOUR IDIOT!!!

    “Embraer had a total 2005 revenues of around $ 4 billion, quite small for the aerospace industry” THAT IS WHAT YOU SAID !!! RIGHT???

    LIE or Lesson #5:
    The ethanol program has been around in Brazil for along time MR. IDIOT… The USA has just decided to learn the technology that Brazil have for quite few years now…

    Lie or Lesson #6:
    There are 3 Silicone valley areas in Brazil MR.IDIOT, one in Minas Gerais, one in Pernambuco and one in Sao Paulo… why don’t you do some reading about that first so

    So the bottom line is that Mr.Thetruth has no credentials, no credibility, no purpose and suggests nor direction or solutions to the Brazilian cause.


    J. Correa

  • jony

    To Mr. Thetruth, former,c
    The truth of the matter is that your are a pathetic racist “human reject” with absolutely no factual knowledge. Your stupidity and bitterness are transparent and predictable… The truth is that you misunderstand 95 % of what you read and that is evident in your lack of direction, maturity and solutions to what you claim to be wrong. Let me explain to you what I just said…YOU ARE STUPID! In the world of macroeconomics, there is no comparison with the two economies The Lebanese economy flourished in the 60’s primarily through À¢€œBankingÀ¢€Â and massive European investments from France, Italy, and Germany etc. Lebanon has no industry to speak off other than tourism gems and cement. The Lebanese people are hard working, honest entrepreneurial and friendly people with long ties to Brazil with hundred of Townsend of Lebanese immigrants sharing their culture and enriching the Brazilian pluralistic society.
    Lebanon today has a national debt of 170% of its GDP of 20.42 billion with its DDP Real Growth of 0.5% and with an 18% unemployment rate and 28% of the population below the poverty level. It exports 1.782 Billion but imports 8.85 Billion in goods. That is hardly a sound economy regardless of its geopolitical problems. To put it in a better perspective, the state of Minas Gerais along has a GDP twice of that of Lebanon. The point of the article is that Brazil has all the intentions to help rebuild Lebanon, however in the international arena it doesnˢ۪t mean that you going to give money to them. When the US invaded Iraqi, the original plan was to reconstruct the country using their own oil revenues. Brazilian construction companies are one of the best equipped in the world for the pre-cast and cast-in-place high and mid-high riser dwellings very similar to the construction used in Lebanon.
    So Mr. Thetruth I strongly suggest for you to stop using this same site (Brazzil Magazine) as the ultimate source of information and start to read from more comprehensive sources such as The Politics of Policies by the IDB, Sources of Growth in Latin America by InterAmerican Development Bank,Boom Crisis and Adjustments by Ian Little, Desenvolvimento Politico e Economico By Wilber Albert Chafer and many others.
    By the way Brazil Model of Urbanism is well respected in the world, and I can give you a list of a few books to read on that too.
    To those of you that want to know more about this idiot (Mr.Thetruth) he change his name to Mr Thetruth for lack of personality, but he use to be Mr. Ch.c not too long ago.

    Mr. ch.c” comments without exception are all consistently defamatory comments of extreme generalized nature, bashing all Brazilians across the board as a nation, as a people without a chance of ever being challenged
    As an example of some of my exchanges with this delusional imbecile, here is some of his free education.

  • amanda

    To thetruth: talk to me
    It seems that you are the only one who knows all that you wrote, nobody else knows that, you’ve discovered the road!

    You’ve moved from Brazil? How about your daughter is she going there when shes 18? Anyways you seem not to have learned much in Brazil, some folks’ head are hard like a rock.

    I hope you have fun there like you had in Brazil. “Laugh laugh laugh!”

  • thetruth

    to the LONDONER !
    An agreement or disagreement is what opinions are made for.
    But a disagreement without specific arguments is baseless and worthless…by definition.
    This just demonstrate how you are knowledgable about your own country and your lack of education !
    But since you disagree with me, I must assume that Brazil is an exemplary country for :
    – urbanization
    – education
    – residues, garbage, trash collection and treatments
    – sanitation, water treatment, basic healthcare
    – banking (despite having the world highest spreads on interests)

    Correct ?
    Then why dont you apply your knowledge and technology in your own country ?


    Curiously no one, even Brazilians agencies and medias, agree that you are an exemplary country in the subjects mentionned above, except that your banks are allowed to charge citizens well over 50 % annually above the inflation rate.

    Ohhh, why dont you stop watching your TV soap operas and rather read your own newspapers and watch your TV News ?
    Because disagreeing with me is fine but then you should also agree that Lebanon may
    teach Brazil how to dance the Samba !l Laugh !

    May we eventually agree you and me that Brazil excels in corruptions, impunity, crimes, violence, injustice and on the wealth inequality ?

    And by the way, I have no reason to jump over the ocean. Contrary to you….I am safe here and millions of Brazilians agree with me….because they jumped to my side ! Millions and millions more are dreaming to leave your Tropical Hell ! Guess why ! Even your wealth and illegal profits ares jumping over the oceans….through money laundering !
    Guess why too !!!!

    Very very sad, because the Brazilian population deserve a much better future !
    You most probably dont agree with this !

  • amanda

    to theblatantenvy
    you figure!

  • Guest

    what a joke is YOU to: theblatantenvy
    You are a truely embarass to your ex-pats and any foreigner. You live in this country, enjoy the blesses and is a totally grouchy and wicked creature, full of anger and hostility. If YOU don’t have any friends and don’t see what she does for you…, don’t blame Brazil, youre the only guilty! If YOU are unable to make constructive criticism, jump in the sea, the other side of the ocean please.

  • thetruth

    to the Londoner !
    Eventually you should read more the news on this site, which are Brazilian News, on the different subjects I referred to.

    You may just as well look at the hundreds short videos , free or charge, at the O’Globo TV site, RJTV, DFTV…..showing how Brazil “manages” the residues, landfill, waste water, garbage, “clean” water, education, poverty, violence, crimes, slums, low cost housing, corruption, impunity, injustice, ……. just to name a few.

    But now if you tell me that all the stats done either by International and Brazilian Agencies, articles on this site and others, videos from the various Brazilian TVs mentionned above are incorrect……
    No doubt that it is the Londoner who is stupid and ass……as you said !

    With my sources you can read it, hear it and see it….but of course you cant smell
    the odors !

    Just scroll down the news on this site, or watch the short videos at :

    Of course, no one of my sources mentionned know and saw something about Brazil, despite being Brazilians.
    Is the Londoner the only base reference for Brazil News and Facts ?
    In such a case, dont say simply no, but give your stats, rankings, references, videos, or whatever, except when it comes directly from this corrupted and criminal government…..of course !

    Yesssss you are right than when I see such a voluntary disaster in Brazil……I cry and decry !!!!

    And you also demonstrate that you know nothing about Brazil and even less about Lebanon !
    Thus please either send your complaints to the Brazilians medias themselves…..or shut off ! But saying that what they filmed is not the truth…….is embarassing for your cleverness !

  • thetruth

    What a joke……..
    …trying to do business is fine, but writing it as it would be almost a humanitarian gesture….is hiding the truth !

    Furthermore, no doubt that Lebanon population is far more educated than Brazilians.
    As to trees planting and agriculture in semi arid regions they dont really need Brazil know how, since Lebanon has the know how of Israel, who are the world best for such agriculture.

    Finally, the world laughs, when with the CEF bank, Brazil could help anyone in the areas of urban development, management of solid residues, basic sanitation, habitation policies and banking technology turned to income transfer programs.

    DO YOU MANAGE YOUR OWN SOLID RESIDUES….OR THROW THEM AWAY IN LANDFILLS, RIVERS AND THE OCEAN ! In many areas you dont even throw them away, you just keep them dispersed in the cities ! Laugh

    And concerning the banking sector , no Brazilian seems to know that Lebanon, has for many decades a nickname : SWITZERLAND OF THE MIDDLE EAST !!!!! Laugh !

    No doubt that your Mission going there, should more learn than teach.
    They reconstructed a country RAVAGED BY WAR in less than 15 years, while Brazil has not been able to do the same in 100 years….WITHOUT WAR !

    Everyone know that Lebanon is far more developed than Brazil and the Lebaneses far more educated and smarter than Brazilians.
    Just provide them with reconstruction loans, that is all they need !
    Ohhhhh that is not what you have in mind ? Laugh laugh laugh !

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