For One Whole Month Brazil Becomes the World’s Movie Central

The 30th Mostra International Film Festival in São Paulo Brazil, opened last night, October 19, only for guests, with the exhibition of the documentary The U.S. vs. John Lennon by David Leaf and John Scheinfeld.

Starting today and through November 20, all the public is invited to join in the fun and take part in Latin America’s most traditional and most important movie show of its kind, with 407 films from 47 countries.

In 30 consecutive years the event has had reason to be proud of its contribution to circulating ideas and furthering cultural diversity in São Paulo and throughout Brazil.

Among the must-sees this year we have Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver, which is competing for an Oscar as Best Foreign Movie in the 2007 Academy Awards.

The festival will be also showing Cabiria by Giovanni Pastrone, a film from 1914, whick inspired Federico Fellini’s 1957 Le Notti di Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria).

An Incovenient Truth, a polemic movie showing former American vice president Al Gore in a one-man cruzade to fight global warming is another production expected to bring a good crowd.

The Festival was instituted in 1977 by film critic Leon Cakoff to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of Masp – the Assis Chateaubriand São Paulo Art Museum.

In the seven years Mostra was organized by the Masp Department of Cinema directed by Cakoff, many challenges in terms of censorship had to be overcome, for the country was under military dictatorship.

Only in 1984, and independent from Masp, could Mostra defy censorship and sue the Federal Government for the right to show selected films directly to the public, with no prior censorship, as was the case until then.

Although Mostra won the lawsuit against the Federal Government (1984 was the last year of dictatorship), Mostra programming was suspended one week after the 8th edition had begun. Mostra was suspended for four days, enough to allow the censors from the Ministry of Justice, under Ibrahim Abi-Ackel, to see all of the films programmed for the festival.

The dictator violence met with negative repercussions all over the world and a deadlock ensued for the next year, with Brazil in a process of re-democratization and an end to the cycle of military dictatorship.

By suggestion of Mostra itself, Minister of Justice Fernando Lyra, signed an administrative ruling to exempt all film festivals from prior censorship as from 1985. This measure was soon extended to all of Brazil to cover other film festivals that had passively incorporated advance government censorship to their norms. With this legal battle won, the 9th Mostra International Film Festival took place October 15 through 31, 1985 with no prior censorship.

The first edition of the Mostra International Film Festival presented 16 features and 7 short films from 17 countries with 40 sessions in the Masp Auditorium and was a start to the modality of public vote never again to be relinquished. The winner of the Prize from the Public was "Lúcio Flávio, passageiro da Agonia", by Hector Babenco.

Sad it is to recollect that Jornal do Brasil actually wrote that Mostra was the only place in Brazil where people could exercise their right to vote. The right to universal suffrage was withheld in Brazil from 1961 (with the election of Jânio da Silva Quadros) until 1990 (with the election of Fernando Collor de Melo).

The programming for the 30th Mostra BR de Cinema – Mostra International Film Festival in São Paulo will include a selection of 359 features and 62 short films, a total of 1,159 film sessions distributed over 20 movie theaters.

The Guests
Dozens of guests from different parts of the world will be in São Paulo to honor the Mostra’s 30th edition. Italian filmmaker Vittorio de Seta will be attending the event with the films Letters from Sahara (his latest work) and Bandits of Orgosolo (1961), which is part of the retrospective Italian Political Cinema –  60’s and 70’s; the researchers Angela Prudenzi and Elisa Resegotti are responsible for the content of the book Cinema Polí­tico Italiano, which has its release as part of the Mostra’s program; Alberto Piccinini and Giovanni Giommi, creators of the documentary Polí­tica Zero, about the recent political elections in Italy; and the musician Stefano Maccagno, who will perform the instrumental background to the classic Cabiria.

The United States will be represented by first-time directors Aaron J. Wiederspahn, The Sensation of Sight; Jay Jonron, David & Layla; Matt Ruskin, The Hip Hop Project and Charles Libin, American Combatant.

The following guests have also confirmed their presence: Eric Tretbar, director of The Horrible Flowers; Glenn Gebhard and Mladen Milisovic, director and composer of Cuba –  A Lifetime of Passion; Kurt Voelker and Dana Jackson, director and producer of Park; and Devin Smith, producer of the documentary Wal-Mart –  The High Cost of Low Price. Filmmaker Kirill Mikhanovsky, a Russian-born American, will attend the Mostra to show the Russian-Brazilian co-production Sonhos de Peixe.

Representatives from Latin America include: José Glusman, Solo and Damián Cukierkorn, Argentinean director and screenwriter of The Other Cup; Arcadi Palerm and Alexis Rodil, Mexican director and photographer of the short film Background Siren; actor Angel Tavira, starring in the Mexican film The Violin; and Gianfranco Quattrini, Peruvian director of Chicha Tu Madre; and Tania Hermida, Ecuadorian director of How Much Further.

The following guests will be representing Brazil: filmmaker Gustavo Pizzi, Pretérito Perfeito; Lí­rio Ferreira, co-director of The Samba Legend; Otávio Bezerra, Nzinga; Silvio Coutinho, director of Remission; Paola Leblanc, director of the short film Maré Capoeira; actor José Maria Alvez, starring in Sonhos de Peixe; and Ailton Franco Jr., producer of the short films Maré Capoeira and The Monster, among others.

The 30th Mostra will also count on the presence of Mira Perlov (Diary), the widow of David Perlov and producer of his films; Australian director Alex Frayne, Modern Love; Spanish director of short film I Want to Be a Pilot, Diego Quemada-Diez; Donatello Dubini and Fosco Dubini, Swiss directors of Hedy Lamarr: Secrets of a Hollywood Star; Canadian filmmaker Douglas Crawford, The Punks are Alright; Syrian director Hala Al Abdalla, I Am The One Who Brings Flowers To Her Grave; the author of La Part du Chat, Jeremy Hamers; and the Iranian director of Tehran Has no More Pomegrenates.

Other names that have confirmed presence at the 30th Mostra.

-Guillaume Martinez (director of the short film Gratte-Papier)

-Ian Ogden (director of the short film Copperhead Road)

-Stephen Keep Mills (director of the short film A Cigar at the Beach)

-Julia Bacha (screenwriter and co-director of Encounter Point)

-Laia Pujals (representative of the Spanish short film The Fence)

-Laura Rossi and Michael Outram (musicians who will accompany Silent Shakespeare)

-Martine Doven (director of Komma)

-Roman Borisevich (producer of Free Floating)

-Sean Garrity (director of Lucid)

And More

The Mostra’s lounge, which this year will be held on the sixth floor of Frei Caneca Shopping, attracts famous names from the world of movies, music and literature to discuss themes related to the productions selected for the 30th Mostra. The lounge is open to the public, with no need for applications. See the program and schedule the events you deem interesting:

Saturday the 21st:

4:00 p.m. –  Music Portrayed by the Cinema: panel discussion featuring directors Douglas Crawford of The Punks are Alright; Eric Tretbar of The Horrible Flowers; and Rose La Creta of Nzinga; and the film critic Christian Petermann.
7:00 p.m. –  Meeting with Brazilian Movies/Documentaries.

Sunday the 22nd:

4:00 p.m. –  Meeting with Brazilian Movies /Fiction.
6:00 p.m. –  Keeping Hedy Lamarr Myth Alive –  Research Movie: brothers Fosco and Donatello Dubini, who participate in the 30th Mostra with the film Hedy Lamarr –  Secrets of a Hollywood Star, tell the story of the actress who made the first nude scene in cinema, and also one of the first to personify the true Hollywood star.

Monday the 23rd:

8:00 p.m. –  David Perlov –  Cinema as History’s Partner: with the participation of Mira Perlov, the filmmaker’s widow and producer of his films; of the director of Mostra, Leon Cakoff; and of the journalist, friend and admirer of the filmmaker, Alberto Dines. Perlov’s Diary participates in the 30th Mostra and, divided into six episodes, it takes its time to recompose the passing life, suggesting an exercise to decipher the best of humanity.

Tuesday the 24th:

4:00 p.m. –  Why make Short Films Nowadays?: with directors Stephen Keep Mills (A Cigar at the Beach) and Guillaume Martinez (Penpusher).
6:00 p.m. –  What does Being Independent mean in American Movies?: with the participation of Charles Libin (American Combatant), Matt Ruskin (The Hip Hop Project), Ian Somerhalder and Aaron J. Wiederspahn (actor and director of The Sensation of Sight).

Wednesday the 25th:

Aplauso Collection, edited by Imprensa Oficial, invades the lounge.
4:00 p.m. –  Meeting with Honored Actors: with the participation of Betty Faria, Ary Fontoura, Emiliano Queiroz, Vera Holtz and Pedro Paulo Rangel.
6:00 p.m. –  Meeting with Honored Directors: including Maurice Capovilla and Alfredo Sternheim, among others.
7:00 p.m. –  Release of new titles of the Aplauso Collection.

Thursday the 26th:

6:00 p.m. –  Latin America –  Politics and Cinema: theme for discussion among Tania Hermida (director of Qué Tan Lejos), Glenn Gebhard and Mladen Milisovic (director and composer of Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion) and José Glusman (director of Solos).
9:30 p.m. –  Performance by musician André Abujamra.

Friday the 27th:

5:00 p.m. –  Foreign Look at Brazil: with Kirill Mikhanovsky and José Maria Alves (director and actor of Sonhos de Peixe) and Carlos Bolado (director of Only God Knows).
7:00 p.m. –  Ruptures Under Analysis: the panel discussion features Sean Garrity (director of Lucid) and Roman Borisevich (producer of Free Floating).

Saturday the 28th:

7:00 p.m. –  Italian Political Cinema: the panel shall include master Vittorio De Seta (Banditi a Orgosolo; Letters from Sahara), researchers Angela Prudenzi and Elisa Resegotti, journalist ílvaro Machado and the actress and filmmaker Florinda Bolkan, member of the jury.
8:00 p.m. –  Release of the book "Cinema Polí­tico Italiano –  Anos 60 e 70", with interviews by Angela Prudenzi and Elisa Resegotti and organization of ílvaro Machado and Leon Cakoff, published by Cosac & Naify in partnership with Mostra.

Sunday the 29th:

4:00 p.m. –  Brazilian Cinema Abroad –  Meeting with Sellers and Producers
7:00 p.m. –  Cultural Coexistence: with the participation of Julia Bacha (co-director and screenwriter of Encounter Point) and Jay Jonroy (director and screenwriter of David & Layla).

Monday the 30th:

3:00 p.m. –  Support Program for Audiovisual Production Chain / BNDES: presentation of BNDES’ new fostering policy for the audiovisual industry, with Luciane Gorgulho (Head of BNDES’ Culture Economics Department) and Sérgio Sá Leitão (Adviser of BNDES’ Presidency).
7:00 p.m. –  Rendezvous with writer Ruy Castro about his new book, "Um Filme í‰ para Sempre", published by Companhia das Letras.

Tuesday the 31st:

5:30 p.m. –  Violence Exposure in the Movies: with directors and screenwriters Julia Loktev (Day Night, Day Night) and Laurence Lamers (Paid).
8:00 p.m. –  The Art of Restoration and the Memory of the Movies: presence of João Sócrates (restoration of Cabiria), Maria de Andrade (Digital Restoration of Macunaí­ma) and José Maria Prado (San Sebastián International Film Festival and Spain’s Film Library).

Wednesday the 1st:

4:00 p.m. –  The Urgency of Social Films: with directors Diego Quemada-Diez (I Want to be a Pilot), Jeremy Hamers (La Part du Chat), Kiko Goifman (Acts of Men) and Fernando Meirelles.
7:00 p.m. –  Endless Cinema: the lounge receives the director of Mostra, Leon Cakoff, the producer and programming coordinator of Mostra, Renata Almeida, and Hubert Alquéres, of the Imprensa Oficial.
8:00 p.m. –  Release of the book "Cinema Sem Fim –  A História da Mostra 30 Anos", written by Leon Cakoff and published by the Imprensa Oficial.

All the Films

A Cigar at the Beach, Stephen Keep Mills
A Good Year, Ridley Scott
A Linguagem da Persuasão, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
A Neutral Corner, Emily Greenwood
A Prairie Home Companion, Robert Altman
A Scanner Darkly, Richard Linklater
A Soap, Pernille Fischer Christensen
A Special Day, Ettore Scola
A Stone’s Throw, Camelia Frieberg
A Summer Day, Franck Guérin
A Talking Picture, Manoel de Oliveira
A Wonderful World, Luis Estrada
Accident, Cao Guimarães, Pablo Lobato
Acts of Men, Kiko Goifman
Adolfo Celi, a Man for Two Worlds, Leonardo Celi
After the Wedding, Susanne Bier
Aleijadinho, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Along the Ridge, Kim Rossi Stuart
American Combatant, Charles Libin
American Masters John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker And The Legend, Sam Pollard
Amsterdam, Fabio Mendonça
Amu, Shonali Bose
An Average Little Man, Mario Monicelli
An Inconvenient Truth, Davis Guggenheim
And Now a Word From Our Sponsors, Wojciech Lorenc
Antes, Um Dia e Depois, Caio Cavechini
Antonia, Tata Amaral
Apocalí­psur, Javier Mejí­a
Aquanitis, Peter Mahlknecht
Arid Hearts, Cristiano Burlan
Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That, Nathanael Hornblower
Babel, Alejandro González Iñárritu
Background Siren, Arcadi Palerm
Bandits of Orgosolo, Vittorio De Seta
Barbed Wire, Bappaditya Bandopadhyay
Be With Me, Eric Khoo
Before the Revolution, Bernardo Bertolucci
Belle de Jour, Luis Buñuel
Belle Toujours, Manoel de Oliveira
Berlinball, Anna Azevedo
Berlitad, Pablo íngeles
Bhaï – Bhaï, Olivier Klein
Big River, Atsushi Funahashi
Black Gold, Marc Francis, Nick Francis
Black Rain, George Barbakadze
Blossom, Stain Stories 2, Marie-Laure Cazin
Brasí­lia – Contradições de uma Cidade Nova, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Bread And Tulips, Silvio Soldini
Broken Sky, Julián Hernández
Bunker Paradise, Stefan Liberski
Bye Bye Berlusconi!, Jan Henrik Stahlberg
C.R.A.Z.Y., Jean-Marc Vallée
Cabiria, Giovanni Pastrone
Caiçara, Adolfo Celi
Candy, Neil Armfield
Capitaines D´Avril, Maria de Medeiros
Carlos Oswald – The Light Poet, Regis Faria
Change of Address, Emmanuel Mouret
Chicha tu Madre, Gianfranco Quattrini
China Is Near, Marco Bellocchio
Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures, Marcelo Gomes
Clerks II, Kevin Smith
Climates, Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Cobrador: In God We Trust, Paul Leduc
Coca Lives, Roberto Lanza
Colossal Youth, Pedro Costa
Come Early Morning, Joey Lauren Adams
Composure, Luc Anthony
Conjugal Warfare, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Conversations with Other Women, Hans Canosa
Conversazione a Porto. Manoel de Oliveira e Agustina Bessa-Luí­s. Dicembre 2005, Daniele Segre
Copperhead Road, Ian Ogden
Couro de Gato, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Cuba-Libre, Raimundo Garcí­a
Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion, Glenn Gebhard
Cumbal, Caminos de Hielo y Azufre, Handrey Correa
Curtas de Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Joaquim Pedro Andrade
Dancefloor Caballeros, Dirk Böll
DarkBlueAlmostBlack, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo
David & Layla, Jay Jonroy
Day Break, Hamid Rahmanian
Day Night Day Night, Julia Loktev
Days of Glory, Rachid Bouchareb
Dear Miss Mistress, Claire Walka
Degraus, Núbia Santana
Diamond, Conceição Senna
Diary I and II, David Perlov
Diary III and IV, David Perlov
Diary V and VI, David Perlov
Digital Restoration of Macunaí­ma, Maria de Andrade
Dong, Jia Zhang-Ke
Drained, Heitor Dhalia
Drifting, Bill Barluet
Drifting on the Wind, Maythem Ridha
Edmond, Stuart Gordon
Efectos Secundarios, Issa López
El Laberinto del Fauno, Guillermo del Toro
Electroma, Guy Manuel de Homem Christo, Thomas Bangalter
Emma’s Bliss, Sven Taddicken
Encounter Point, Ronit Avni, Julia Bacha
Everything’s Alright, Arnaldo Jabor
Expedito –  A Country Poet, Aida Marques, Beto Novaes
Fabricating Tom Zé, Decio Matos Jr.
Family Law, Daniel Burman
Father and Master, Paolo e Vittorio Taviani
Fernando Lemos –  Through the Image, Guilherme Coelho
Filter, Jason Mitchell
First Time, Fabrí­cio Bittar
Fists in the Pocket, Marco Bellocchio
Flandres, Bruno Dumont
Forbidden to Forbid, Jorge Durán
Forest of the Gods, Algimantas Puipa
Four Windows, Christian Moris Müller
Free Floating, Boris Khlebnikov
Free Range, Adam Etheridge
Friends with Money, Nicole Holofcener
Frozen Days, Danny Lerner
Fuck, Steve Anderson
Future by Design, William Gazecki
Garrincha – A Alegria do Povo, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Ge & Zeta, Gustavo Riet
Go Etxebeste!, Asier Altuna, Telmo Esnal
God and Devil on Top of the Wall, Tocha Alves, Daniel Lieff
Golden Door, Emanuele Crialese
Goodbye Mr. Snuggles, Jonathan Hopkins
Gradually…, Maziar Miri
Gratte-Papier, Guillaume Martinez
Green Line, Laurent Mareschal
Grupo Corpo 30 Anos –  Uma Famí­lia Brasileira, Lucy Barreto, Fabio Barreto, Marcelo Santiago
Half Moon, Bahman Ghobadi
Half Nelson, Ryan Fleck
Handmade, Denis Kamioka
Hands Over the City, Francesco Rosi
Happiness, Sophie Barthes
Heart of Gold, Erik Knudsen
Heartlift, Eliseo Subiela
Heaven’s Doors, Imad Noury, Swel Noury
Hedy Lamarr: Secrets of a Hollywood Star, Donatello Dubini, Fosco Dubini, Barbara Obermaier
Heimat – Fragments: The Women, Edgar Reitz
His Big White Self, Nick Broomfield
Holly, Guy Moshe
Hollywoodland, Allen Coulter
Honor of the Knights, Albert Serra
Hopscotch, Ana Viana
How Much Further, Tania Hermida
How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, Georgina Garcia Riedel
Hyena, Grzegorz Lewandowski
I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave, Hala Alabdalla, Ammar Al Beik
I Didn’t Know Tururu, Florinda Bolkan
I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone, Tsai Ming-Liang
I Nostri 30 Anni –  Generazioni a Confronto, Giovanna Taviani
I Want to Be a Pilot, Diego Quemada-Diez
IF, Chris Brower
Il Giocattolo, Giuliano Montaldo
Illusion, Bertrand Normand
Improvisiert und Zielbewusst, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
In the Name of the Italian People, Dino Risi
Interdom, Nasir Al-Jezairi
Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, Elio Petri
Iron Island, Mohammad Rasoulof
It’s in the Air, Yohann Gloaguen
It’s Winter, Rafi Pitts
Jana Sanskriti, a Theater on the Field, Jeanne Dosse
Kadogo, Daniël Lamberts
Khadak/The Colour of Water, Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
Komma, Martine Doyen
La Guerra Filmada – 1 and 2, Trinidad Aguirre
La Guerra Filmada – 3 and 4, Trinidad Aguirre
La Guerra Filmada – 5 and 6, Trinidad Aguirre
La Guerra Filmada – 7 and 8, Trinidad Aguirre
La Part du Chat, Jeremy Hamers
Last to Know, Marc Bauder, Dörte Franke
Le Bal, Ettore Scola
Left, Alexandre O. Philippe
Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man, Lian Lunson
Lettera Aperta a un Giornale della Sera, Francesco Maselli
Letters from Sahara, Vittorio De Seta
Lights in the Dusk, Aki Kaurismäki
Like a Blade of Grass in the Meadow, Attilio Azzola
Little Red Flowers, Zhang Yuan
Live Free or Die, Gregg Kavet, Andy Robin
Look Both Ways, Sarah Watt
Love Sick, Tudor Giurgiu
Loving Maradona, Javier Vazquez
Lucky Man, Tamas Kemenyffy
Lulebore, Robert Budina
Lúcido, Sean Garrity
L’Instrutoria È Chiusa: Dimentichi, Damiano Damiani
Machuca, Andrés Wood
Macunaí­ma, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Maquilapolis (City Of Factories), Vicky Funari, Sergio de la Torre
Marepe, Marco Del Fiol
Maré Capoeira, Paola Barreto Leblanc
Marta, Marta Novakova
Mary, Abel Ferrara
Master of the Sea, Odorico Mendes
McLaren’s Negatives, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre
Melissa P. –  The Diary of Melissa P., Luca Guadagnino
Men on the Edge, Avner Fainguelernt, Macabit Abramzon
Mezcal, Ignácio Ortiz
Ming of Gold, Jennifer Devoldere
Modern Love, Alex Frayne
Mono, Richard Smith
Mother of Mine, Klaus Härö
Mrs. Ana, David Sanches, Marlon Vasquez
Mutual Appreciation, Andrew Bujalski
My Chinese Friends, Sergio Sbragia
My Last Role, Olivier Ayache-Vidal
Nanoillusion, Francisco Garcia, José Wagner Garcia
NavegarAmazônia, Jorge Bodanzky, Evaldo Mocarzel
Never More, Toke Constantin Hebbeln
News from Home / News from House, Amos Gitai
Noel, Ricardo van Steen
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, Attila Szasz
Nzinga, Octávio Bezerra
O Homem do Pau-Brasil, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
O Poeta do Castelo, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
October 17th, 1961, Alain Tasma
Offscreen, Christoffer Boe
Offside, Jafar Panahi
Only God Knows, Carlos Bolado
Open Sea, Simone A. Rapisarda
Oscar Niemeyer – A Vida í‰ um Sopro, Fabiano Maciel
Paid, Laurence Lamers
Palestra Com Arnaldo Jabor, Arnaldo Jabor
Paper Dolls, Tomer Heymann
Paradise Valley, Eduardo Martin Julve
Paraguayan Hammock, Paz Encina
Paris, Je T’Aime, Olivier Assayas, Frédéric Auburtin, Gérard Depardieu, Gurinder Chadha, Sylvain Chomet, Joel, Ethan Coen, Isabel Coixet, Wes Craven, Alfonso Cuaron, Christopher Doyle, Richard LaGravenese, Vincenzo Natali, Alexander Payne, Walter Salles
Park, Kurt Voelker
Peaceful Warrior, Victor Salva
Pesya’s Necklace, Jorge Gurvich
Picture to Speech, Michel Favre
Pixote in Memoriam, Felipe Briso, Gilberto Topczewski, Edu Abad
Play, Alicia Scherson
Plenty of Evos. The Coca Growers of Chapare, Hector Ulloque Franco, Manuel Ruiz Montealegre
Politica Zero, Alberto Piccinini, Giovanni Giommi, Massimo Coppola
Porviroscope, Carlos Adriano
Postcard, Maggie Fooke
Pretérito Perfeito, Gustavo Pizzi
Princesas, Fernando León de Aranoa
Private Life, Abbe Robinson
Private Property, Joachim Lafosse
Programa de curtas – 1, Vários
Programa de curtas – 10, Vários
Programa de curtas – 11, Vários
Programa de curtas – 2, Vários
Programa de curtas – 3, Vários
Programa de curtas – 4, Vários
Programa de curtas – 5, Vários
Programa de curtas – 6, Vários
Programa de curtas – 7, Vários
Programa de curtas – 8, Vários
Programa de curtas – 9, Vários
Public Spaces, Martijn Veldhoen
Pura Sangre, Leo Ricciardi
Quando o Tempo Cair, Selton Mello
Quinceañera, Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland
Quio: So Dazed, Christine Lang
Real Life Is Elsewhere, Frédéric Choffat
Red Like the Sky, Cristiano Bortone
Red Road, Andrea Arnold
Remissão, Silvio Coutinho
Requiem pour Billy the Kid, Anne Feinsilber
Revolt of the City, Giuliano Montaldo
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Zhang Yimou
Roque’s Family, Ricardo Piterbarg
Rough Winds, Gerardo Herrero
Running from the Shadow, Henrique Saladini
Saba, Gregorio Graziosi, Thereza Menezes
Sacco and Vanzetti, Giuliano Montaldo
Saira, Dr. Biju
Salt Kiss, Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa
Scary Stories, Richard Oswald
ScenarII, Florent Trochel
Scream of the Ants, Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Shadows of Time, Florian Gallenberger
Shaking Life, Peter Vadocz
Shanghai Dreams, Wang Xiaoshuai
Shortbus, John Cameron Mitchell
Sightless Memory, Marco Vale
Silent Shakespeare, Percy Stow, Charles Kent, Gerolamo lo Savio, William Kennedy, Laurie Dickson, Gerolamo lo Savio, F. R. Benson, J. Stuart Blackton, Charles Kent
Siqueiros Model, Mariana Rodrí­guez
Sketches of Frank Gehry, Sydney Pollack
Slightly Smaller than Indiana, Daniel Blaufuks
Slumming, Michael Glawogger
Snow Cake, Marc Evans
Solos, José Glusman
Something Like That, Esmir Filho
Sonhos de Peixe, Kirill Mikhanovsky
Squatting on the Fringes of São Paulo, Evaldo Mocarzel
Still Life, Jia Zhang-Ke
Suburban Mayhem, Paul Goldman
Suely in the Sky, Karim Aïnouz
Summer Love, Piotr Uklanski
Summer Palace, Lou Ye
Summer ’04, Stefan Krohmer
Syndromes and a Century, Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Taxidermia, György Pálfi
Tehran Has no More Pomegrenates, Massoud Bakhshi
Ten Canoes, Rolf de Heer
Tenebrae, Reza Benhadj
The 10º Man, Sam Leifer
The 12 Labours, Ricardo Elias
The Bet Collector, Jeffrey Jeturian
The Birthday, Diane Kurys
The Bishop’s Bedroom, Dino Risi
The Bridge, George Barbakadze
The Bridge, Eric Steel
The Caiman, Nanni Moretti
The Citrillo’s Turns, Felipe Cazals
The Comedy of Power, Claude Chabrol
The Conspirators, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
The Departed, Martin Scorsese
The Dinner, Cecile Vernant
The Doll from Minhocão, Marcelo Presotto de Castro, Ana Paula Nero
The Dragon House, Jon Garaño
The Family Friend, Paolo Sorrentino
The Fence, Ricardo Iscar, Nacho Martí­n
The Filth and The Fury, Julien Temple
The Forgotten, Jaime Aguirre Peña
The Fountain, Darren Aronofsk
The Free Will, Matthias Glasner
The Great Match, Gerardo Olivares
The Haunted Sarcophagus, Ivan Cardoso
The Hills of Disorder, Andrea Tonacci
The Hip Hop Project, Matt Ruskin, Scott K. Rosenberg
The Horrible Flowers, Eric Tretbar
The Hundred Steps, Marco Tullio Giordana
The Illusionist, Neil Burger
The Incurable Ones, Gustavo Acioli
The Karnak’s Multicolored Book, Marcel Izidoro
The Last Atomic Bomb, Robert Richter
The Last Bandoneón, Alejandro Saderman
The Last Exit, Nicolas Poteet
The Luminary, Nicholas Kallincos
The Magic One, Camilo Martí­n
The Master, Piotr Trzaskalski
The Master of Apipucos, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
The Mattei Affair, Francesco Rosi
The Meadow, Paolo e Vittorio Taviani
The Measure of Things, Sven Bohse
The Minder, Rodrigo Moreno
The Monster, Eduardo Valente
The Night Listener, Patrick Stettner
The Other Cup, Damián Cukierkorn
The Other Room, Acán Coen
The Outcome, Juan Pinzás
The Passenger – Adult Secrets, Flávio Tambellini
The Prestige, Christopher Nolan
The Priest and the Girl, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
The Promisse, Chen Kaige
The Punks Are Alright, Douglas Crawford
The Raging Grannies Anti, Iwajla Klinke
The Road, Jiarui Zhang
The Road Ahead, Fiona Maree O’Connell
The Road to Guantanamo, Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross
The Samba Legend, Lí­rio Ferreira, Hilton Lacerda
The Secret Book, Vlado Cvetanovski
The Secret Life of Words, Isabel Coixet
The Sensation of Sight, Aaron J. Wiederspahn
The Session Is Open, Vincenzo Marra
The Snail, Alejandro Lugo
The Subversives, Paolo e Vittorio Taviani
The Sun, Aleksandr Sokúrov
The Temptations of Brother Sebastian, José Araújo
The Tiger and the Snow, Roberto Benigni
The U.S. vs. John Lennon, David Leaf, John Scheinfeld
The Unwanted, Sarah Moll
The Violent Four, Carlo Lizzani
The Violin, Francisco Vargas
The Way I Spent the End of the World, Catalin Mitulescu
The Whispering of the Gods, Tatsushi Ômori
The White Planet, Thierry Piantanida, Thierry Ragobert, Jean Lemire
The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Ken Loach
The Working Class Go to Heaven, Elio Petri
The World Is Waiting Us, Robert Krzempek
The Yacoubian Building, Marwan Hamed
The Year My Parentes Went on Vacation, Cao Hamburger
Things Behind the Sun, Yuval Shafferman
Three Blood Brothers, Ângela Patrí­cia Reiniger
Three Mothers, Dina Zvi-Riklis
Three Towers, Yoni Bentovim, Emily Harris
Thug, Gavin Hood
Tico-Tico no Fubá, Adolfo Celi
Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project, Jack Youngelson, Peter Sutherland
Time, Kim Ki- Duk
To Play and to Fight, Alberto Arvelo
Tomorrow Morning, Oleg Novkovic
Tow in Surfing, ílvaro Otero, Jorge Guimarães, Rosaldo Cavalcanti
Train of Life, Radu Mihaileanu
Transe, Teresa Villaverde
Trevico-Torino: Viaggio nel Fiat-Nam, Ettore Scola
Trust Me, Andrew Kazamia
Ugly, Dirty and Bad, Ettore Scola
Un Saluto a São Paulo, Elisa Resegotti
Una Pelí­cula de Huevos, Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste, Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste
Under the Rubble, Carlos Dávila Yeo
Under the Sign of Scorpio, Paolo e Vittorio Taviani
Under the Spell of Light, Dirceu Lustosa
Under the Sun, Baran bo Odar
Vera Lúcia, Diego de Godoy
Vereda Tropical, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Vitus, Fredi M. Murer
Volver, Pedro Almodóvar
Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Price, Robert Greenwald
Walking on the Wild Side, Han Jie
We All Loved Each Other So Much, Ettore Scola
We Go Way Back, Lynn Shelton
Whale Rider, Niki Caro
Who Are We?, Béatrice Pollet
Who Killed the White Llama?, Rodrigo Bellott
Women in Islamic Countries – Algeria, Enes Hakan Tokyay
Women in Islamic Countries – Iran, Enes Hakan Tokyay
Women in Islamic Countries – Jordan, Enes Hakan Tokyay
Women in Islamic Countries – Pakistan, Enes Hakan Tokyay
Women in Islamic Countries – Palestine, Enes Hakan Tokyay
You Told Me, You Love Me, Rudolf Thome
Zero Helena, Joel Pizzini, Sinai Sganzerla (assistant)


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