Brazil Gets Same Military Planes Being Used in Iraq

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has just  received the first of 12 multi-role military airlifters ordered from US-based EADS North America. Brazil should get four C-295s before year-end.

"The C-295 has become the military transport aircraft of choice for an increasing number of armed forces around the world, and the C-295 will significantly increase Brazil’s medium transport capability," said Ralph D. Crosby, Chairman and CEO of EADS North America.

"As a combat-proven airlifter, the C-295 proves itself daily in operations with NATO allies and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan."

The Brazilian Air Force will utilize its C-295s for a variety of missions, including the support of Brazil’s Amazon Protection System (SIPAM) and for the Calha Norte Project, which provides airlift capacity into remote areas of the Amazon.

These aircraft are to replace aging C-115 Buffalo transports, and will complement the larger C-130 Hercules airlifters in the Brazilian Air Force fleet.

In operational service for seven years, the C-295 performs key missions that include combat airlift, humanitarian flights and logistics support for the armed services of Spain, Poland, Algeria and Jordan.

Ongoing production is providing new aircraft for Portugal and Finland, and the C-295 has won formal competitions in Australia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

The C-295 is being offered by the Team JCA partnership of Raytheon and EADS North America for the U.S. Army/Air Force Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) requirement. C-295s are being used today by NATO and coalition partners on JCA-type missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the airlifter is the only entry in the Joint Cargo Aircraft competition with FAA certification today.

The Team JCA C-295 has just concluded the Early User Survey (EUS) for the US Army and Air Force, which included validation testing, flight performance and handling qualities, short field performance, airdrops and austere field operations.

The C-295 and its shorter-fuselage CN-235 derivative have completed a total of 1 million flights in operations ranging from special mission service and troop rotations to international humanitarian and MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) flights, maritime patrol duties and peacekeeping operations.

More than 260 C-295s and the shorter-fuselage CN-235 version are deployed with over 24 military forces worldwide.

Customers for this airlifter family include the U.S. Coast Guard, which will operate the CN-235 as its new Deepwater maritime patrol platform and multi-mission airlifter.

Deliveries of the Coast Guard’s CN-235-300CGs will begin this year, with a total of 36 aircraft planned for acquisition in the framework of service’s Integrated Deepwater System modernization program.

EADS North America is the North American operations of EADS, the second largest aerospace and defense company in the world. As a leader in all sectors of defense and homeland security,

EADS North America and its parent company, EADS, contribute over $8.5 billion to the U.S. economy annually and support more than 174,000 American jobs through its network of suppliers and services. It has 11 operating companies located in 32 cities and 17 states.


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  • Londoner

    ch.c needs to get a life… a lot of what he’s/she’s vomitted over the past few months wlll surely end up going back up a straw… eventually!!
    living to (try to) score points within means and achieves nothing… it’s a shame it will take him/her perhaps some years to get this… meanwhile the world (including brazil) continues to move around…

    chanting down brazil every day will not deter or arrest the conviction of its more well-meaning, forward moving, proactive and intelligent citizens…

    the biggest threat to the citizens of countries such as the US and the UK (where i’m from) is relentless arrogance and complancy tempting false pride…

    THE WORLD HAS ALREADY BEGUN TO CHANGE – condescending defiance, propaganga, lies and/or other demotivating mechanisms CANNOT reverse the inevitable… OPPORTUNITY holidays all over the world today… and emigration is ALWAYS on the table…

    Citizens of well developed nations do not even understand their own countries, cultures, peoples and languages well – why then do they suggest foreign acquaintance of immense proportions… and why do foreigners continue to take the SAME STALE BAIT over and over again… US and (less so) UK populations are trained to TALK and to TALK and to TALK and to TALK and to TALK… and they’ll always TALK and TALK and TALK while their pockets are being emptied, while their livelyhoods are being threatened, while their futures are being rewritten…

    EADES X or EADES Y, I still don’t know why non-brazilians are here presiding over proceeding with bad intentions and/or misplaced passions…

    leave brazil and its people alone and do your own thing… by the time your about to die, the ‘writing on the wall’ would have already made sense!

  • jc

    hey rick!!!
    kiss my ass!!!

  • JR

    yawn . . .
    Sure did a fair share of talking yourself Londoner – didn’t say much though. At least the guy you criticized had something pertaining to the article. You just let out an Anglican spleen fart, pontificating like the English windbag you are. Atta boy.

  • Rick

    Atitude Check, jc…….calm down and be nice……slow down and spell the words right and people will take your comments more seriously……deep breath now…

    Airbus is in big trouble and it remains to see whether they can deliver the goods or not, or lose out to the the Boeing concept of what the market will be needing in a few years.

  • jc


  • ch.c.

    What a joke, what a joke !
    – EADS is the the European consortium building the Airbus and other civil and military planes.
    – EADS North America is Only a division of EADS
    – EADS N.A. doesnt contribute over $ 8,5 billion to the US economy annually and doesnt support 174’000 American direct and indirect jobs. It also has NOT 11 operating companies, since it is itself a division of EADS, and thus cannot be located in 32 cities and 17 US states.
    – the C 295 was developed by Spain….not the USA !

    The North American division of EADS is not that big, it was created in 2003 only !

    The $ 8,5 billion revenues for EADS N.A. is not annual it is : “Within the 2007 US defense budget the USAF has set aside $8.5 billion to buy aerial refueling tankers, starting with four per year from 2010- 2013 and rising to 15 a year starting in 2014. Boeing and EADS North America would compete for this program, replacing a single-source tanker program that was slated for Boeing”

    This means that this spending will start from 2010 and for well over a decade.
    And it also doesnt mean that EADS will receive the whole contract….since it will be shared with……BOEING !!!!!!!

    Their 2005 sales were $ 866 millions and their goal is $ 1 billion for 2006 !
    Here is part of their 2006 slide show, by the Chairman Ralphj Crosby :
    2006 Organization Priorities
    ˢۢ Win and Execute Major Programs
    ˢۢ Support Growth Toward 2006 Revenue
    Target of $1 Billion
    ˢۢ Refine Internal Structure, Processes and
    ˢۢ Develop EADS North America Brand
    Build on the foundation we have established to
    achieve critical success in 2006

    Simple demonstration that with $ 866 millions in revenues there cannot be 174’000 US jobs, and in 32 cities in 17 states !!!!!


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