Xica, the Brazilian Slave Who Became Empress, Is Back on US TV

Taí­s Araújo is Xica da Silva in Brazilian soap operaTen years after becoming a hit in Brazilian TV, the novela (soap opera) Xica da Silva, renamed to simply Xica, is going to be released through US TV network Azteca America to the Spanish-speaking public in the United States.

The novela is based on a true Brazilian story, which narrates the 18th century rise of a beautiful and ambitious slave, Xica, who uses her wit and power of seduction to climb out of poverty and eventually be crowned Empress.

Xica is the illegitimate daughter of the town Comendador (commander), the ranking authority appointed by the crown of Portugal in the Brazilian diamond mining town of Tijuco.

Unwilling to recognize Xica as his daughter, the Comendador sells her into slavery, first to the local brothel and then to an elderly Sergeant Major.

However, Xica’s true love is the young, new Comendador, João Fernandes, who buys Xica from her former owner and frees her, taking her in as his lover.

Xica, written by Walcyr Carrasco and directed by Walter Avancini was first shown in Brazil from September 1996 to August 1997 and helped breath some life in a moribund Manchete TV network, which has since folded.

Taí­s Araújo became a worldwide household name in the role of the pretty and sensual black slave. Besides Araújo also starring in the novela are Victor Wagner, Drica Moraes and Carlos Alberto.

Xica debuts November 13, a Monday, at 10:30 pm EST and PST / 9:30 pm CST.

According to their press release, Azteca America is the fastest-growing Hispanic network in the United States. The network is a wholly owned subsidiary of TV Azteca S.A. de C.V., one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television content in the world.

Azteca America currently has presence in 52 Hispanic markets, including: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago and Dallas.


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