Anorexia Kills Brazilian Model Ana Carolina, 21, 5.7 ft, 88 lbs

Brazilian Model Ana Carolina Reston

"Far or close to me, I am still in love with you, pretty little thing," wrote Bruno Setti on Orkut, Google’s social networking site, in a touching farewell to Ana Carolina, 21, the Brazilian fashion model who died this Tuesday, November 14, from anorexia. 

Hundreds of people on Orkut have been leaving messages for Bruno and commenting on the passing of the young beauty who wouldn’t eat.

The site has also messages exchanged between the two of them like this one in which Carolina asks the boyfriend not to worry: "I don’t want you to worry about anything because what I told you today was just a doubt in my head. I’m afraid of suffocating you." 

Ana Carolina Reston Macan had been taken to a hospital on October 25 with a kidney malfunction. Her medical profile, however, soon deteriorated to generalized infection and doctors weren’t able to save her.

The model, who was 5.7 feet (1.74 meters), weighed a mere 88 lbs (40 kg). She has been buried at the Pirapora do Bom Jesus cemetery in the Greater São Paulo.

The green-eyed Ana Carolina was discovered by a Ford agency modelling scout in a shopping mall in Jundiaí­, a small town in the interior of São Paulo. She was only 13.

After working for Ford she also was hired by Elite and L’Equipe. She used to say that her dream was to become a naval engineer and that she was modelling just to help her mother with the house’s expenses.

Mí­riam Reston, the mother. visibly shocked with the loss of the daughter, told reporters that she and her family had insisted with the daughter to eat and look for treatment for her disease: "She would tell me: ‘Mom, don’t get mad, I don’t want to eat, the food doesn’t go down.’ To avoid fights, I would just keep quiet." 

Miriam, a jewel artisan, is not keeping quiet now. She made an appeal to all parents to pay attention to the eating habits of their children: "Take care of your children, keep your eyes open so you will not lose them as I lost Ana. I hope her death will serve as example to many girls who do not ask for help and do not want to recognize that they are sick"

The mother says that the family tried to avoid what ended up in tragedy. She revealed that she would have loved to accompany her daughter in her overseas trips, but didn’t have the money for that.

Mirtes Reston, Ana Carolina’s aunt told that the model’s agents were also very worried about her. But she wouldn’t listen to anyone, responding to any admonition with a "Look, I still have a little belly."

The family, in the last few months, had asked her to accept the help of doctors and psychologists. But as her cousin Geise Reston Strauss stated she wouldn’t accept the fact that she had a problem or a disease.

And she added "Ana Carolina had a dream and she lived it, but because of this she wasn’t able to fulfill other dreams like to marry and have children, something she also dreamed of."

Ana Carolina’s and her parents’s lives haven’t been glamorous at all. Her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s recently and her mother became a street vendor after robbers stole 4 kg of gold from inside her house. And Ana Carolina herself had been working  at night promoting and distributing leaflets for a nightclub to make some extra cash.

According to friends, in a recent trip to Mexico, the model was abandoned by her agency and didn’t have money even to buy her plane ticket back home. Lately she was working for L’Equipe. After shooting a catalogue for Giorgio Armani she was sent back to Brazil with the warning: the girl is too skinny.


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  • johhny winter

    Grace Higgins…u go, girrrl! u tell ’em! society dictates how people should look / feel / act / etc. sad that we are morons who cannot think for ourselves, that we have to follow the majority.
    “oh, u can’t be hapy, because you’re too heavy / have brown hair, drink this, eat that.” if we would stop listening to commercialism, society, consumerism, then we would al have better lives! why listen to hollywood and madison avenue>???
    who cares who J Lo is dating, or what britney is wearing, or where Lohan is going for detox? who cares!?!?
    we read people mag, US mag, teen beat mag, etc…for what??!! why r we SO interested in what paris hilton is doing? do u think she cares about u, about what u r doing? NO! wake up, people, and start living…for yourselves!

  • zigy wople

    ana….go to him….
    wasn’t that a Beales song?…ana…go to him. hmmm hmmm hhmmm

  • kamilla

    this disease is so serious ….. i am brazilian and i can tell u that as hard as it maybe for american or European girls to have to be thin its even harder for us because … Brazil is a country known for its beautiful women and their perfect bodys……….i battled anorexia since i was in 5th grade ……and im now in 9th im 5’7 and i wiegh 113 i was 5’6 last yr and weighe 94lbs….. i was in the hospital for the 3-4 weeks at a time … now i have to take thyroid medication…..and im battling bulimia i only vomit 2 a day … but im going to amount it to more … my goal is to look like Mischa barton ….
    i advice anyone who has the feelings of vomiting or not eating to stop and think that this is a like a drug u live it u breath it and u either eat it or u dont !
    the first thing i think in the morning is i wonder what im gonna eat this morning and when i should eat so that i can vomet it out…. with out being noticed for it !!!!
    its a sad life to live and horrible thing to deal wit h i have a pshyciatrist but what good is she i dont want to change and if they make me ill probably die ……
    so if Ana were alive and getting treatment she would probably rather be dead… cause without my disorder i dont really have a life…

  • No Name

    Responds to “it’s OK”
    I think your flipant response to the tragic death of Ana Carolina Reston warrants a closer evaluation from a professional or a smack across the face. Do you really believe that she died “gorgeous and sexy”? Have you ever seen anyone die of Kidney failure or an acute infection? It is anything but gorgeous or sexy. The girl was sick and if publishing her story could bring some awareness in regard to this particular illness then publish away. But, my true concern now is not for Ana, she is out of her pain, it is for you. I think you need some consueling or at the very least a lesson or two in manners.

  • lilia funez

    be careful
    I dont want to eat i do not want to ge to get fat.Now that i know that shr die i am going to start eating i do not whan to die.Poor Ana she never tought that she was going to die. 😥

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  • Researcher

    Has anyone noticed?
    Has anyone noticed that if you scroll down on this page there are Google adds about loosing weight? This is a serious problem that has effected many people yet there is so little done about it. There are always news reports about obesity. What about anorexia.

  • mishie

    fIRSTLY, Its nearly one year since this beautiful girl left the world. RIPAnna.
    Secondly- we cant blame her, we cant blame her family, friends, agency. we dont know, there are so many things that make someone vulnerable to an eating disorder, and once u have it, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to leave. i admire all those who have beaten their disease. i dont understand why being thin is the number one priority in my life, i dont understand why i am obsessed with calories, food and weight. i hate how i judge myself on what i weigh, and what clothes fit. i hate that the only thing that makes me happy is seeing the numbers on the scale go down. i hate that the only way i feel sucsessful is if im thinner then everyone. i hate this life. its torture. its pain. and im stuck. Anna was stuck too. trapped in a world with no escape. i dont want to be here. but i cant do it. i cant put on weight, there is nothing worse in this world then the guilt and hatred of myself i feel when i eat. i feel for anna and her family, and i would do anything to take away their pain, but at the same time, (as sick as this may sound to some) i wish i was her! i cant help feel that she is in a way lucky. she is in a much better place now. she is in no more pain. any place is better then the cruel lonely world of an eating disorder. she is at peace with herself now. she can relax. for the first time, she is ok.

  • ryan

    You dont need to be skinny to feel beautiful love your self the way you are 😛

  • jenni

    was that really her?
    I’m responding to Nicole’s comment. The webiste
    has a picture of her and then a second picture of her (?) looking like a skeleton. Was that really a picture of her????? You don’t even recognize her? WTF????

  • Grace Higgins

    I’m FAT, Happy and Gorgeous
    I don’t understand the insane hatred our society has for fat people. I’m 49 years old, 5′ -10″ tall and 270 pounds. According to the Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers hype I should be miserable, lonely and ashamed of myself…. but I have a great job, a nice house and a boyfriend who adores me. If you starve yourself you will end up sick, dead, or with a man who cheats on you and goes out to go-go bars because he has no respect for women. You are just a toy, an object for his amusement, not a person. Any person who tries to stop you from eating is evil. Sure I can stand to lose a few pounds and I do my best to stay healthy by hiking, ride my bike, walk every day, dance, rollerblade and do fun activities. I don’t eat junk food and I’m a vegetarain. I’m just naturally HUGE like my grandmother, my mother and all my sisters. People guess my age to be 27-35. When I was 25 years old and starving myself to be 150 pounds, strangers would scream “lose weight you big fat pig” at me while I was out walking!!! I used to run home crying. Now I just don’t care. If someone says something hateful to me I just tell myself they are miserable and I feel sorry for them because happy people don’t go around saying mean things. Society controls women by making them paranoid about their bodies. If you are consumed with dieting and worrying you can’t concentrate on more important things. If you hate yourself stop watching TV. Don’t look at those stupid magazines. They are full of lies and really bad advice anyway. Go to a nude beach and look at all the different body types. RIP Ana Carolina, I hope your horrible death was not in vain.

  • Lí.

    Isso Àƒ© um caso lastimÀƒ¡vel.
    Lamentamos a morte de mais uma pessoa que poderia representar nosso paÀƒ­s, com muito sucesso, no exterior.

  • Nicole

    who made the second picture?
    It is a very sad story. While looking into it, I found this article. Apparently, she was still working, although she was only a skeleton. I am really appalled by the second picture. Who would take such a picture? They recruite a model, who shows up, and noone notices that she is sick?! This is not even beautiful, why the make-up, why the picture?

  • Cristiano

    The Materialist World
    I was sad to hear about this poor young lady died because she was very worried about being fat.
    The responsibles are behind the fashion magazines, behind the TV commercials, behind their fancy offices worried only how they will make more money.
    The Made in US sex and violence industry.
    The Made in Holywood carbage movies and TV.
    TV worldwide is corrupted with american ideas and ideals of consumption.
    And it is all carbage, empty.
    The responsible is the North American media who sells every superflous thing as it they were important for our lives.
    We live in a world which the one who makes more money is more respectful.
    We live in a carbage world making tons of carbage everyday.
    Who needs a Prada f… bag? Only those who have s… inside their brains needed.
    Who needs Vogue magazine? Only those empty plastic ladies without heart needed.
    I am sorry but nowadays we all are empty, with empty needs, with empty hearts.
    We live in a plastic made in china world. We deep inside are empty zombies looking to buy more and more because we have nothing left inside.
    After we buy a new carbage, a new fancy high heel shoes, we need something else to buy, a new PS3, a new f… cellular, a new nike, a new this a new that.
    Poor girls they are faded to follow the new God the God of consumption.
    The God of Money.
    Poor girls they think Paris Hilton is the best…
    My woman is Madre Teresa, my woman is my mom, my woman are all the workers who every day sweat to give to theirs a decent meal without giving a sh.. about those idiotics brands and clothes.
    After all NO ONE will carry their fortune to heaven.
    All we need is more LOVE more PEACE more RELIGION more VOLUNTEER quality times more HUMBLE SPIRITS more NATURE more UNITED FAMILIES more FAMILY TALK more ESPIRITUAL LIFE and so on.
    Girls follow your dreams go for it a Naval Enginner course, go for a nurse course, go for a culinary course, go for a MBA course, go for a carpentry course, go for become a nun if you like it, but please do not praise this artificial empty fashion and money world, it leads only to emptiness.
    Respect your dad and mom, love your estudies, love your ice cream, love a juicy cheeseburger, love salads and fruits, rice and beans, fish and steaks…
    Eat anytime you want and be happy!
    I will pray tonight to you Ana, I will pray for you dad and mom, I will pray asking to God to change this world before He comes back again into a world less materalistic. God Bless Us All. Que Deus Nos Abencoe.

  • maria Carvalho

    model talk
    I just wanted to say that i feel realy sorry about carolina. I am also a model and i also feel every day pression for be skinny and dont get fat. I know how is it, and its terrible!!! My mum also tell me to eat and iam am skinny, but if i do that, i will stop having work… how many girls need to die for fashion designers stop doing so mush pression on us???

  • corey watson

    she was a beutiful girl 🙁

  • Bree

    Support Website, or…. wonderful website for support for people stuggling, or those who love them struggling.. many forums… awesome site

  • Bree

    People also forget about the little things like the multiple Enema’s you are subjected to in the hospital to clean out weeks and weeks of stool caught in there that is making you physically ill… or the “heroine” arms from the three times a day you have your blood withdrawn from you for testing… or the itchy skin from the IV being in there too long, or the IV you’ve been taking everywhere with you for the past three weeks, or the Patches of hair that come off your hear everyday, and the dark circles under your eyes…. this is what people who glamorize it don’t see……

    And the anorexia…. it doesn’t see it either after awhile….

  • Rachel

    Anorexia is ugly
    Tiene you’re absolutely right to bring up all the ugliness caused by anorexia. Even a few years after my recovery i still am suffering from bone weakness, teeth problems, a miscarriage, breast lumps, and some other things that i know are caused by purpose starvation. Its sad for me to know that all my health problems are caused by my own vanity. I’m sure if i would have stopped the insanity instead of starving for 8 years my life would have been a lot easier. Now i look at pictures of my anorexic days and just when u see my face u can see it right away, the aged look that something wasn’t right. How sad that was when i was in my teens and i look older and more sickly than ever. All i ever wanted was to be a model…how ironic i was turning from a pretty girl into a scary looking one. I made myself look WORSE when all i wanted was to look good. There is so much more to life than thinking and living for food and thinness. If someone out there is struggling please reach out to a recovery center. You can overcome this and heal your body and mind. If you get help soon the damage can be reversed. Just thinking about Ana Carolina bring tears to me because i know she suffered much more than even i did. I truly hope her death can save somebody who thinks this disease is worth it. Because the truth is it sucks, it just is NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

  • Tiene

    i am so sorry that this terrible illness has robbed you of so much, it is so hard for families and, as a sufferer, i know that the families do everything they can possibly do. i hope your advise will be heeded and save lives.

  • carl

    reasoning doesn’t work.
    I lost my wife to annorexia. I still remember the osteoporisis, the body hair, the rotting teetn, the choking the cold the wasted muscle, the bones showing, the sores, the weakness, the exaustion, the loss of mental process, and I went through this with her not once but three times, because twice, on her death bed, she decided she wanted to live.

    I learned two things. First, This disease borders on insanity. it is unreasonable and if you have family who are trapped by this disease, you will never reason with them with success, you can’t reason with this insidious insanity. Second, this is one of the most hideous deaths you can imagine. Tiene’s description was exact and thorough. If you have someone you care for who is trapped in this hell, quit trying to be nice and drag them to someone who knows how to deal with eating disorders. Most medical people have no clue. so find someone who knows.

    It may not work, it didn’t for me because I waited too long, but at least I buried her knowing that I tried.

    I watched a beatiful woman turn into a cold lifeless corpse who couldn’t remember her name or where she lived and then her organs quit functioning and she died.

    I learned that trying to convince someone they are “too thin” worked exactly the opposite that rational thinking would believe, because in her mind, that was a reward not a criticism.

    If you have children or mates who are struggling with this, don’t screw around till it’s too late. Get them help NOW, even if they don’t want it. They may rebel and reject it and die, but at least you will have tried.


  • Tiene

    when people think about the glamour of anorexia and thinness they forget about all those things. they forget about the osteoporosis, the hunch, the all over body hair, the rotting teeth, the swollen glands, the choking, the burning acid, the protruding veins, the bloating, the palpitations, the cold, the muscle wasting, the weakness, the exaustion, the isolation, the haunting – anorexia is pure horror

  • Rachel

    Anorexia is the opposite…you think u will be more beautiful (for a time u might be) but in the end you will have a yellow gray cast to your skin, hollowed eyes like a lady of 80 years old wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, a gaunt aged looking face, hair that will turn for shining glory to dull scragly thinning hair. STOP LISTENING to the lies. The truth is anorexia turns ugly. I wish someone told me this when i was trying so hard to be more beautiful. My hair is just now becoming how it used to be before anorexia. The longer you starve the harder it is for your body to regain health and BEAUTY.

    I know what its like you might be reading this going thats fine for her, but i want to be skinnier. I used to think who cares if i loose all my hair i’ll have the best body…does that show you what a LIE anorexia is! The people who died in concentration camps sure didn’t care if they gained weight and felt ugly….they wanted to survive. to have a life…

  • Rachel

    Ana Carolina thinks…
    If she was alive today, I know she would say….Girls stop this insanity stop listening to the lying voice. I was so beautiful and I never saw it until i made myself the opposite. I could have had children and a loving husband who loves me inside and out. I could have had the joy of watching my kids grow up and tell me they love me. I could have spent many fun Christmases thinking about my family and enjoying life but all life was to me was thoughts of “don’t eat that” “don’t listen to them” “they want you to be fat and ugly and their just jealous” My life in the end was a sad and lonely one.

    I wonder if she discovered the truth for a few seconds before passing if all the torture and starvation and lies were not worth it at all. Please everyone pray for her family they are hurting more than we can imagine. I hope that her death may save lives. Lets try to let her have a legacy that in some way helped save the world so she is like a marter, dying for a cause.
    Lets stop killing ourselves. If someone held a gun to our head i think we would pray to be saved, so pray to be saved because anorexia is death.

  • Tiene

    this is deadly and addictive – it releases chemicals which make you feel releived and euphoric but IT KILLS. it creates potassium deficiencies and lowers your heart rate and even though you might feel fine you could die instantly, or even in your sleep from heart failure – DONT RISK IT!

    it is possible to stop – i have not vomited in over 3 months. i have acheived this by seeing a dietitican who has managed my meals so that i never need to feel that full, slowly we are increasing the amount to a normal level now that i am able to cope with eating and not purging. I HAVE NOT GAINED WEIGHT, PURGING IS NOT EFFECTIVE FOR WEIGHT LOSS, IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE.

  • Vera

    First of all, you have to realize that it’s a disease, that you are a seriously ill person. If you continue to think that you can control it, all treatment will be in vain.
    As for me, I always wanted to have children and it was obvious that I won’t be able to have any if I don’t start to eat immediately… Think about your future! If you continue not to eat for a long time, your organizm will be irreversibly destroyed.

  • Tiene

    well done Rachel! this is the truth Kamilla, you have not always been bound to this disease and before then think of who you used to be. that is the real you withh all its beauty, quirks and flaws – you dont need to be perfect – the people around you will love you for who you are, not the false image anorexia and bulima allow to show. if you choose to fight this illness, this real you will blossom and regain control of your life and from there so many wonderful things are possible.

    it is possible to overcome the need to vomit. i purged for 5 years up to 6 times a day and i am warning you

  • Rachel

    There is people in Africa who pray every night they’ll get something to eat so they or their kids won’t die…try to remember this when you are wasting food and killing yourself. Anorexia is an “evil voice” that keeps telling u what to do and that u need to loose more weight or that you’ll end up fat if you eat a hamburger. The fact is your food is digested and what your body needs to live goes to your blood and muscles and skin what it doesn’t will come out in your poop. Anyone who’s anorexic knows that you don’t care about family, friends, jobs, nothing but making sure you’re a stick, not even yourself. Start talking back to that “voice” and realize u deserve a good life without every thought being about what lie i have to use how i can hide or how to pretend you’re not sick. You deserve to eat at someone’s house and not be sooo worried if they don’t have salad or if they’ll notice u barely eat. Kamilla, you are beautiful inside and outside just realize u DO WANT TO LIVE!!! I am living proof that u can overcome this and still be model skinny. It used to RULE my life and now i barely think about food except when i’m eating it. Anyone who has overcome this should reach out to others in need. I wish i knew how to help, but i think treatment is the fist step. Also remember when you’re anorexic your whole identity is being skinny and anorexic…its everything to you…let your identity be in who you ARE, your soul your personality. I used to hate myself so that was all i had to hold on to. Now i love myself and who i am INSIDE.

  • Tiene

    a crucial element of recovery is to surround yourself with a dedicated support team of carers, councillor, dietitian and GP. Cognitive Behavioural therapy is very effective as it allows you to separate anorexia’s ‘negative voice’ from your own ‘positive voice’. your support team serve to bolster your voice which wants health, love, life and happiness and help you fight anorexia’s voice which only wants your misery, unattainable perfection, guilt and death. eventually this therapy allows you to identify anorexia’s commands as conflicting with your values and wants and as your strength increases you can choose to disagree and disobey these commands and in doing so – reclaim your life from anorexias talons.

    this is a long process and allow the way you must find more healthy means of dealing with your emotions and accepting yourself but IT WORKS! i am 6 months into treatment from 8 years of anorexia and i am just beginning to really make choices which disobey my illness and not feeling guilty for it. i am regaining my health and i am surrounded by people who love and care for me and who i trust. it is a long road and i have far to go but the freedom i am gaining now fills me with so much hope that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE! you can eat and feel alive and connected to the world again – it is such a basic right – so keep fighting!

  • Rachel

    Marie, I wish i knew the exact answer of what helped me, but I think you have to realize that u need to throw away the scale and if you gain a few pounds, just think to yourself look at my face i look more beautiful and healther….youth is a fuller face, and my hair is starting to be healthier now too. People used to think i was older a few years ago and just from being a more normal weight i look a little younger. Anorexics never think their good enough…please realize u are good enough to treat your body with love. It takes a while but say a prayer and try to think healthy not i need to see my bones. U can email me if i can help I used to be so afraid to gain the amount the doctor told me would be healthy, but now i feel skinny and i weigh even a couple more. Think of some beautiful women who have healthy thin bodies Catherine Zeta Jones, Melania Trump, Monica Bellucci, Kate Beckinsale….Try to think when u eat…this is good for me for my blood, skin, hair, future baby, and most important for MY LIFE…

  • Marie

    What will be most constructive is if all those who suffered from anorexia and overcame it (or have it under control) write here how they did it and what helped them.

  • Rachel

    I don’t quite know how, but I overcame a battle with an obsession with being skinny that turned into anorexia for almost 8 years…that is from 15yrs old to 23 years old…pretty much the body’s critical developing years. I thought I looked amazing the more people told me i looked too skinny….if they said i look good “you’re not a waif” i was insulted and wanted to starve more. I would lie about what i ate and it broke my family’s heart, because they couldn’t force it down my throat. I remember i stopped getting together with friends because they will catch on that i never eat…after a while it got old saying I ALREADY ATE!!! My life was very cold and lonely, all for the lie of “beauty” which is actually UGLY!!! It happened slowly but surely i’d introduce a new “forbidden food” like bread or chicken or even something fattening…and i noticed hey i’m still thin…I guess i can eat normal like i once did as a kid. I remember saying a prayer please God let me see myself in the reality (still thin) when i start to gain a few pounds. I can’t believe i overcame this but i hope this can help someone out there. Now everyday people ask me “you’re so skinny do you eat” and i can say “actually i do” . Your body will never be fat if you eat a normal amount!!!! If you ever want children think of their life and the complications your starvation can have on their future.
    Ana Carolina…may you be in peace. Let’s all see her as an example so her dying so young was not in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bree

    Can we stop blaming the family? My family caught on to my anorexia seven years ago, and even with the help of doctors, therapists, inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and psychiatrist, I have still managed to be hospitalized many times. This is not something I want – to be ill, but it is a disease and sometimes even the best “help” can do you more harm than good. (ie: inpatient programs, surrounded by more Eating Disordered people.. not good) . A year and a half ago, I was hospitalized weighing less than Ana did and standing an inch taller… my bowels shut down for weeks and my family was told to be prepared for me to not make it through the night….. I’m still here, struggling everyday with support… and it still doens’t make you win the battle….

  • drsan

    I am a doctor, I am young, thin, and an intelligent person……but I have bulimia and had anorexia at a certain point……… this can happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a model or not……but God! I couldn’t imagine WORKING in an industry that puts so much pressure on your weight! this has to stop! I have been battling eating disorders for over 10 years, I am super aware of the complications and I have a specialist helping me out, but still is hard……..please don’t judge the family, it is just not fair, on top of the pain they must be going through. I know in my heart the Ana Carolina is in heaven now, still taking care of her family…………

  • Guest

    Shame on the Industry!!!!!
    I am sad about Ana, i saw her pics before she lost weight and she was beautiful!! What makes me more sad, is the fact the fashuon industry doesnt mourn her death and turns a blind eye. I mean isnt a beautiful woman’s life enough to try and encourage a healthy image in modelling. And what even makes it worse, is that some designers would hire a girl who has starved herself for months just to get publicity for their stupid shows. I criticise the industry and their god damn selfishness! They musnt tell us anorexia is just a “social problem” that they cant HANDLE.

  • donna sebastian

    my sister passed on 11-07-06 on her 40th birthday from complications of aneroxia
    my sister passed away on november 7th her 40th birthday from complications of aneroxia she suffered for 24 years leaving behind 2 children. she was my best friend and I miss her so. If there is someone you love please try and get them help. this is a horrible diease.

  • courtney

    no one can judge
    people can judge the sufferer and their families all they want but until they have experienced the pain of an eatting disorder they COULD NOT even begin to understand. all you can do is pray and support. no one is qualified to judge but god. when you sufferer from an eatting disorder you dont see the whole picture clear, you dont realize that you have a problem. it becomes your world and you are trapped, with no escape. no one has an idea until you have been there, trapped, and feeling like you are completely alone, though in reality you may be surrounded by people that love & care for you. i will keep ana’s family, as well as all the other families that they have to deal with the pain of eatting disorders, in my thoughts and prays, as we all should.

  • Lauren

    I think it’s better to mourn over anyone that suffers from an eating disorder. It’s sad they can’t see their beauty if they’re not thin. It is honestly stupidity to be anorexic. Most of the worlds’ physical beauty comes from more fit and “slender” to that state between thin and buff. You know? So to think sheer beauty comes from being a twig is ludicrous. This models family should have had the power to get her help. They really just didn’t know her anymore, because of her job. So they couldn’t apporach her. Her agent as well, had the power to take control of this matter. It boils down to just thinking a mentally unstable person could deal with it..on her own; as vulnerable as she was. It was not smart. They really…as much as I think they cared for her, they did not make the best decission. I know what it’s like to be too thin. I had tapeworms and shrivelled down to 60 pounds at 5’3”. I went on weight gain programs to get back to a normal weight. But..I’m only 85 pounds at 5’4 1/2” now. Its not the greatest…but it’s as natural as I seem to be getting.
    You’re body NEEDS food. Why else would food exist. So eat it!

  • mng

    its ok
    ana carolina reston must be proud and happy wherever she is right now because she died being gorgeous and sexy..
    R.I.P. to you sexiness

  • news

    overcome a poor economic situation is important but get desperate doesn’t seem to lead anyone anywhere.

  • news

    I think the people around a person has huge influency and unfortunately the family of the model did not deal with her the best manner possible. I did not read at the model’s profile she wanted to do naval engineer but oceonagraphy. Anyway, If she was my daughter I would tell her whether she eats or she did not need to talk to me anymore. Unfortunately the girl’s economic situation was weak and she seemed desperate with the family situation, ishe wanted to do run calmwalks and for that she had to lose weight. Lack of money sometimes makes a person unreasonable, that should not be the only priority on a persons life, how can many people from favelas do not get desperate as middle, low middle class or upper classes get?

  • Tiene

    More Awareness is DEsperatly Needed!
    i absolutly agree with Breeze that no family member of an Anorexic can be blamed for doing too little. This illness (which i have suffered with for 8 years, although i wont specify my measurements as this will feed the illness of other sufferers who might read this page) is insidious and so complicated that it is never easy for family members to know what to do, mainly because so little is done to raise awareness. The sufferer very likely is unable to recognise that they are unwell or, as in my case, feel that their illness serves a purpose they cant possibly live without, for example, managing guilt, anxiety, control isssues and lack of self worth. So many victims of anorexia are not fixated on attaining beauty, they are fixated on their own destruction, a slow suicide they feel they deserve even though they are guilty of nothing other than over sensitivity and a sense of responsibilty for things they cannot possibly control.

    i urge everyone not to underestimate the power of this disease, it will gladly lead its sufferers to death claiming all the way that there is nothing wrong with them, so family – just keep showing your concern and offering help, because sufferers are in hell and a part of them desperatly wants to be saved.

    i hope Ana is now at peace.

  • me..

    hi,well i, myself have battled with eating. i wouldnt say i have a disorder, but i would say i have the potential to devwlop one. i have purged before. i cant handle not being comfortable with how i look. if i dont work out i dont want to go through the day. if i feel fat i do not want to go through the day. if i eat i dont want to go out and do anything.Anas death has taught me that theres more to life than looks. I mean obviously that is true, but some people can not help but let it consume them. You just can’t do that though. It’s not worth your life.=/

  • Vera

    Poor girl!
    As for me, I really believe that her friends and family could and must have done something to help her. When I was 15, I had anorexia too (5.8 ft, 90 lbs). But it lasted only 6 monthes, because when first problems with health appeared, my mother made me overcome my disease. She was very strict! She made me understand that I won’t be able to have children if I continue to eat so little. And fortunately I started to eat normally and did not spoil my health. I think the problem was that her family did not understand how serious her disease was.
    But I do not think it’s a good idea to ban clothing producing for people of less than a specific size! Small size does not necessarily means anorexia. Now, when I eat a lot, I am still very thin: my weight is 110 lbs, my size is only 34-36 (european).

  • Come On
    Do you guys HONESTLY think that this is the first time this has happened? Girls are disposable to agencies–they can always go pick up another 13 year old in the mall. I model…I’m 5’9″ 107, and I STILL get told to drop an inch or so here or there. Agencies don’t tell their girls that they’re too thin…it just doesn’t happen. And how, pray tell, do you suggest enforcing a minimum BMI? Sorry, don’t think Bush will go for that one. Even still, girls can boycott, but there is always going to be another girl that has a false perception of the industry (i.e. they think it’s glamorous) and would take Girl A’s position in a heart beat. A drastic change in this industry won’t happen. Sorry guys.

  • observer

    Poor girl
    What Ana needed was her agency to do an intervention: She needed to be admitted and infused with nutrition until her psychology caught up with reality. Lecturing until one is blue in the face won’t do–It’s impossible to reason with an anorexic. I wonder if Ford (and other modelling agencies) will commit some resources into managing the health of the young girls they photograph to death…They need to staff an assertive team of doctors. Perhaps the agencies get together and share a team and clinic. This needs to be done faster than you can say TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition). Perhaps agencies and fashion designers should ban fashion clothing made for persons less than a specific BMI/size.

  • Jen Anne

    Ana is up in Heaven Now
    Ana is up in Heaven now It is so Sad She was Beautiful!
    One of the Actors in Hollywood will be next to go if someone doesn’t do something

  • Megs

    Wake-Up Call
    This is such a sad story. I have anorexia (5’6″ & often down to 90 lbs). It never seems that serious to those of us who have it. Even if we know we can die, it somehow doesn’t seem realistic. I hope more people hear about what happened with Ana and get help. I wish I saw it as a serious problem earlier on. I am glad her mom is warning other parents.

  • Breeze

    An awful disease
    [quote]Francisco: ” it seems as if those who cared about her were more interested in praying than dragging her ass off to a psychiatrist…. “[/quote]

    Francisco, when a young woman suffers from anorexia nervosa, she will never admit she is ill. Just because she doesn’t see herself as thin…She looks at the mirror and sees a fat person even if she is skin over bones. It is an awful disease. Please, don’t be so hard on her family. One cannot force someone to do something…I don’t know if you have kids but try to force a child, a teenager or even a young person to eat…I bet you will fail…
    The problem is that beautiful Ana Carolina Reston won’t be the only one to die in this profession. Modeling world is a world of pigs! They treat these young women as if they were nothing. Of course, they want very, very thin women…so the clothes will look great as if they were on a hanger. But [b]THE[/b] challenge the fashion world is not able to take is to make clothes look great on all kinds of people: short, tall, fat ones…people you meet everyday on the street. Since they are not capable of it, they force their models to be ” skin over bones ” as living hangers…And the line to anorexia is a very thin one, too.

  • armando eeros rivaldo marrugo

    A beautiful star
    A beautiful star has vanished, but it will always shine to those who loved her and admired her the most.

  • Francisco

    Obviously she had a mental problem but it seems as if those who cared about her were more interested in praying than dragging her ass off to a psychiatrist….

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