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Would-be Rapist in Brazil Takes Check Instead and Lets Woman Go

The Brazilian police have arrested a man who attacked a woman in her own house, and then tried to dominate and rape her, but ended up letting her go after accepting a 300 reais (US$ 139) check.

Authorities caught him a few hours, still holding the check, the main proof that will be used against him in court.

Egivaldo Freire da Silva, 24, who works as a mason’s assistant, had done work in a house in Vila Nipônica, a neighborhood, in the town of Bauru, in the interior or São Paulo state. On Thursday, November 16, he went back to the house to pick up some tools he had left behind.

According to the police, da Silva was already leaving when he grabbed the owner of the house, a 37-year-old, whose name was not released, took her to a bedroom, closed the door and sexually attacked her.

While resisting the assault screaming and trying to hit her aggressor the housewife talked him into accepting a check to let her go. In view of the resistance the hodman wound up taking the money. He locked her in the bedroom before leaving, however.

The attack occurred around 4 pm. Neighbors heard the woman’s scream for help, forced the door open and called the police. They also took her to the emergency room where she was treated for bruises and scratches in her face and arms due to the fight with the rapist.

It was already night when the military police caught on with da Silva wandering close to his house in the Vila Dutra neighborhood, just a few miles from the victim’s house.

He has been charged with rape attempt, a crime that carries a sentence of 6 to 10 years in jail, and also with extortion, which would add from 4 to 10 years to the jail time.


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