Brazil: Boeing Tragedy’s Relatives Blame Legacy Pilots for the Gravest Mistake

Relatives of the victims of the Gol’s Boeing 737-800 accident in Brazil, which killed 154 people, believe that the American pilots of the Legacy executive jet made the "worst mistake" leading to the collision between the two planes.

According to their reasoning, the small jet’s pilots should have complied with the original flight plan regardless of any communication failure with the air traffic controllers.

It was Luciana Siqueira, public relations for the Flight 1907 Family and Friends Association, who revealed what’s in the mind of those related to the victims of Brazil’s worst air accident ever.

Luciana told reporters that the relatives already knew that there had been communication problems between the flight controllers and the Legacy pilots, Joe Lepore and Jan Paladino, as the Brazilian Air Force commander, brigadier Luiz Carlos Bueno admitted on Tuesday, November 21, during a congressional hearing.

"We already knew about a communication error at the start of the flight. But even with the improper instruction, the Legacy pilot could have corrected this during the flight, following the flight plan," said Siqueira.

She added that the families are going to wait for the investigation’s results on the controller’s mistake to decide if they’ll sue the Brazilian government, which is responsible for the air control in the country.

"If this can be established, we will file a lawsuit against the Union. I think that all of this has to be investigated, but this doesn’t absolve the Legacy’s pilots from all blame. An experienced pilot knows that he has to frequently communicate with the tower. But he remained almost an hour without communication. It is too much time," the family’s representative said.

During a Senate public hearing, brigadier Bueno informed that a wrong piece of information from a primary radar may have led Brasí­lia’s controllers to believe that the Legacy was flying at the right altitude, which should have been 36,000 feet when passing through the Brazilian capital.

While the radar showed that the jet’s altitude was 36,000 feet the plane was really at 37,000 feet, the same altitude the Boeing coming from the opposite direction was flying. The pilots of the Legacy lost all communication with the control tower a little before reaching Brasí­lia.



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  • BOB Beadle

    The Inevitable Conclusion
    Most of the press and public are incredibly naive to think any other result by the official inquiry than Legacy pilot guilt is possible.
    We all hope for a fair and impartial review, a careful analysis of the facts, and an impartial, wise judgement.

    Who are we KIDDING?

    Brazil is not Switzerland. But even in Switzerland, the handwriting would have been on the wall from the moment of the crash. Why? Because pilots are ALWAYS guilty, whether the turbulence problems certain Boeing aircraft caused, whateve reason.

    Pilots are expendable. Disposable, if you like. But not an entire country’s Flight Control System, the generals behind it, a major Brazilian airline with a perfect accident record, a major Brazilian aircraft manufacturing company. Can ‘t we see the obvious?

    As an American, I nonetheless hope the Legacy pilots are found guilty. As long as they really ARE guilty.. Afterall, this would be the least bad outcome of a terrible tragedy. Far worse to see Brazilian Air Control, Gol and/or Brazilian Legacy builder Bandeirantes found guilty. That would be devastating.

    Forget all the jingoist nonsense on either side. We don’t want to see the pilots exonerated if they are guilty. And we certainly dont want to see them pilloried if they are innocent.

    It’s just that whatever the evidence or lack of it, it was a foregone conclusion from the start they would be considered guilty in Brazil. The money and power involved is overwhelming- and the pilots definitely do NOT wield it. Nor the ownes of the recently purchased Legacy.

    It was inevitable from the start they would be found guilty. That does NOT mean they are NOT. Neither does it mean they ARE, despite the fact that the pressure to find them guilty in Brazil is OVERWHELMING.

    The families of the tragic victims? They want their pound of flesh, it’s clear. They’ll sue whoever is not considered innocent. The Union, the manufacturer, Gol or the pilots, the company they fly for.

    Now, ask yourself, which of these is the EASIER target to extract a few million dollars? In Brazil, certainly not the Federal Government.

    Let’s hope the pilots are guilty. In fact, not because of a deplorable but entirely understandable and predictable ‘witch hunt’.


  • Stephen

    more furthermore
    Everyone seems to forget that one of the Gol( boeing) pilots was American. So are the Brazilians angry because they are convinced the legacy aircraft was the cause…. piloted by Americans or because somehow because the pilots were American that they had to be the Cause?…

  • Norman Kemble

    To ch.c
    Dude…………..Here you are again, but still not nothing about whether you work at excel or not. If you don’t who of your family and friends do??? It’s obvious that you continue to try and protect excelaire from any responsibilty in this matter. Why?? Every posting you harp on just one side of the issue. As I have posted this accident was caused by many different incidents. Ignoring one side to constanlty rant against Brazil is xenophobic.

    Another question for you. Do you post under me when you want to rant further? Or does he work at excel too and you know each other?

  • ch.c.

    Furthermore….continued …….
    why dont you read the other article on this same site, same day about the ATC comments and contradictions :
    – “The ATC say they have no part in the accident despite what the media or authorities might have said in recent days. re not at fault for the air accident and they all agree that there is a blind spot, where communication is very hard, in the area the collision occurred.”
    – “After ruling out any chance that the controllers might have made a mistake, Augusto said he has two possible explanations for the tragedy: inducement to a mistake due to a failure in the communication system or an error made by the Legacy’s American pilots”

    Hopefully you can see their contradictions….blind spot or – failure of the commuciation system and/or error made by the US pilots, which are themselves contradicted by other Brazilian statements in other articles such as – there is no or known blind spot all over Brazil – as just 1 example within many and many !

    But still the US pilots are responsible…in the brazilian opinions…and yet without and well before the final report of the investigations !

    Much earlier even the President of the Asssociation of Brazilian pilots said : “it is normal to speculate that the US pilots are responsible”

    Could such accusations of guilt be made only from speculation by some people or only by facts ?

    Who is the non adult ? Those making free speculation as it pleases them or those saying
    that speculation cannot be made to accuse someone ?

  • ch.c.

    to the previous post…..
    You are dead right that finding what happened and fixing it is of the utmost importance !
    Then why are every Brazilian, Ministers included, since day one and still today, accusing only the US pilots, before even knowing, as you correctly said, what happened ?

    Why were the US pilots questionned immediately and the ATC several weeks later ?
    (7 weeks).
    Why ALL the ATC had the same illness, at the same time and until the same date ?
    Why were the ATC allowed not to testify…when originally asked ?

    Are people not free to disagree with such procedures ?

    Are Brazilians the only ones free to accuse and criticize the others…in this planet ?

    I just remind you that my arguments were every time when Brazilians launched
    open accusations against the US pilots, and I never iniated or wrote an article, just responded to the Unjust accusations !

    Finally who is the least adult : the ones who accuse without even waiting the results of the investigators, or the ones accusing those accusing before the
    result of the investigations ????? Pointing your fingers to me or the US pilots has no sense…when the accusations started from all over Brazil…including the readers from this site ! Go back to day 1 after the tragedy and re-read on this site what has been written in the articles…and in the forums ! Accusations have been one way only from the Brazilian side !
    Brazilians !

  • to Ch c

    What a baby you are Ch c, not realizing that finding what happened and fixing it will save Brasilian lifes in the future, you need to go back to playing with toys until you learn how to think like an adult, then come out in public and try to help Brasilians instead of trying to help kill more of them, I guess just because u have a computer doesn’t mean u have a brain of an adult to figure things out, go back to crayons and coloring books until you can positively contribute to society, amazing and i have to tell you most Brasians do care about their own people, strange that you do not, so come on back and tell us more what you want more innocent families to sufferwhen their planes fall out of the sky ..

  • Jony

    To Ch. c
    Your retarded human reject why you donˢ۪t be a little more sensitive to the families of the victims and respect their grieving process!!!
    Give me 5 minutes with you in the same room and god forgive me for what I would do to you.

    Make no mistake IÀ¢€™WLL PUBLISH YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER ON THIS SITE yet, because I have the brains for itÀ¢€¦and when I do it you pathetic little existence will never be the same.

  • ch.c.

    truly great……..
    …that International Aviation Rules and Regulations should be governed by the Brazilian families who had one of their member in the plane crash !!!!!

    Truly Amazing….thinking and reaction ! but normal….in view of the Brazilian education snd analysis !
    The same was for the tragedy of Jean Charles Menezes during the London bombings !
    Quite normal for Brazilians to have the London police responsible and be punished.
    And quite normal that the hundreds of innocents brazilians killed yearly by the Brazilian police should NOT BE punished !

    Ahhhhh la la, are Brazilians born only with a half brain ?

    And by the way these families should read more the latest news, because the news and reports accuse more and more the ATC and no longer the US pilots…wether it pleases them or not !
    Hopefully they expect the same treatment whoever is finally recognized guilty wether it be the ATC or the US pilots. Guilty by the International Aviation experts, because the
    Brazilian (IN)justice is known worldwide !

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