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US Transportation Safety Board Releases Report on Brazilian Air Tragedy

Washington-based National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), in response to a Brazilian government request, has released information it has collected so far on the collision between a Boeing 737 and a Legacy executive jet over Brazil’s Amazon.

What follows is the NTSB document in its entirety:

The government of Brazil has asked the National Transportation Safety Board to disseminate the following factual information on the progress of its investigation into a midair collision over the Brazilian Amazon jungle on September 29, 2006, between a Boeing 737-800 (PR-GTD) operated by Gol Airlines of Brazil, and an Embraer Legacy 600 business jet (N600XL) owned and operated by Excelaire of Long Island, New York.

The accident investigation is being conducted under the authority of the Brazilian Aeronautical Accident Prevention and Investigation Center (DIPAA). Under the provisions of ICAO Annex 13, the United States, as state of registry and operator of the Excelaire Legacy, and state of manufacture of the Boeing 737 and Honeywell avionics equipment in both airplanes, has provided an accredited representative and technical advisors for the investigation.

The U.S. team includes the accredited representative from the major aviation accident investigations division of the NTSB, as well as technical advisors in operations, systems, air traffic control, flight recorders, and aircraft performance. Additional technical advisors from Boeing, Excelaire, Honeywell, and FAA have also been included.

The accident occurred about 4:57 pm Brasilia standard time. The Boeing 737 was destroyed by in-flight breakup and impact forces; all 154 occupants were fatally injured. The wreckage of the 737 was located in remote jungle terrain with very difficult access. Brazilian military search and rescue personnel have located the flight recorders and all significant portions of the wreckage except the outer portion of the left wing.

The Legacy N600XL experienced damage to its left wing and left horizontal stabilizer and performed an emergency landing at the Cachimbo Air Base, approximately 60 miles northwest of the collision site. There was no further damage to the airplane, and the 2 crew members and 5 passengers were not injured. The airplane remained at the base and significant components have been tested and recovered from the aircraft.

Visual meteorological conditions prevailed in the area of the accident. Both aircraft were operating on instrument flight rules, on instrument flight plans and clearances. The Boeing 737 was a scheduled domestic air carrier flight enroute from the Eduardo Gomes International Airport, Manaus, Brazil; to the Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Airport, Brasilia.

The Legacy N600XL was enroute from the Prof. Urbano Ernesto Stumpf airport, San Jose dos Campos, Brazil (SBSJ), to a stopover in Manaus, and eventually enroute back to the U.S. This was Excelaire’s initial flight with this aircraft, taking delivery from the Embraer factory and a planned flight to Excelaire’s home base in New York.

History of flights:

The Legacy N600XL departed SBSJ at about 2:51 pm. The filed flight plan included a routing via the OREN departure procedure to Pocos beacon, then airway UW2 to Brasilia VOR (BRS), airway UZ6 to Manaus. The cruise altitude was filed as FL370, with a planned change to FL360 at BRS, and to FL380 at the TERES navigational fix, approximately 282 miles north of BRS.

After takeoff, N600XL was issued a number of interim altitudes during climb, all of which were read back. The flight was cleared to proceed direct to Araxa VOR (on airway UW2), and at 3:11 pm was cleared to climb to FL370. At 3:33 pm, the airplane leveled at FL370.

At 3:35 pm, the Boeing 737 departed Eduardo Gomes airport, requesting FL370 as a cruise altitude, and a routing via UZ6 to BRS. The airplane reached FL370 at 3:58 pm. There were no anomalies in communications with or radar surveillance of the Boeing 737 throughout the flight.

At 3:51 pm, an air traffic controller in the Brasilia ACC (CINDACTA 1) instructed N600XL to change frequencies to the next controller’s sector. The crew of N600XL reported in on the assigned frequency that the flight was level at FL370. ATC acknowledged and instructed the crew to "ident" (flash their transponder). Radar indicates that the ident was observed. This was the last two-way communication between N600XL and ATC. At this time the airplane was approximately 40 nautical miles south of BRS.

At 3:56pm the Legacy N600XL passed BRS level at FL370. There is no record of a request from N600XL to the control agencies to conduct a change of altitude, after reaching flight level 370. The airplane made calls, but there is no communication in which it requested a change of flight level. There is also no record of any instruction from air traffic controllers at Brasilia Center to the aircraft, directing a change of altitude.

When the airplane was about 30 miles north-northwest of BRS, at 4:02 pm, the transponder of N600XL was no longer being received by ATC radar. A transponder reports a unique code, aiding radar identification, and provides an accurate indication of the airplane’s altitude. Additionally, the transponder is a required component for the operation of Traffic Collision Avoidance System equipment, commonly called the TCAS system.

Between 3:51 pm and 4:26 pm, there were no attempts to establish radio communications from either the crew of N600XL or ATC. At 4:26 pm the CINDACTA 1 controller made a "blind call" to N600XL. Subsequently until 4:53 pm, the controller made an additional 6 radio calls attempting to establish contact. The 4:53 call instructed the crew to change to frequencies 123.32 or 126.45. No replies were received.

There is no indication that the crew of N600XL performed any abnormal maneuvers during the flight. Flight Data Recorder information indicates that the airplane was level at FL370, on course along UZ6, and at a steady speed, until the collision. Primary (non-transponder) radar returns were received corresponding to the estimated position of N600XL until about 4:30 pm. For 2 minutes, no returns were received, then returns reappeared until 4:38 pm. After that time, radar returns were sporadic.

Beginning at 4:48 pm, the crew of N600XL made a series of 12 radio calls to ATC attempting to make contact. At 4:53, the crew heard the call instructing them to change frequencies, but the pilot did not understand all of the digits, and requested a repeat. No reply from ATC was received. The pilot made 7 more attempts to establish contact.At 4:56:54 pm the collision occurred at FL370, at a point about 460 nautical miles north-northwest of BRS, on airway UZ6.

There was no indication of any TCAS alert on board either airplane, no evidence of pre-collision visual acquisition by any flight crew member on either aircraft, and no evidence of evasive action by either crew.

Wreckage and damage examination indicates that it is likely the left winglet of the Legacy (which includes a metal spar) contacted the left wing leading edge of the Boeing 737. The impact resulted in damage to a major portion of the left wing structure and lower skin, ultimately rendering the 737 uncontrollable. Flight recorder information ceased at an approximate altitude of 7,887 feet.

After the collision, the crew of N600XL made numerous further calls to ATC declaring an emergency and their intent to make a landing at the Cachimbo air base. At 5:02 pm, the transponder returns from N600XL were received by ATC.

At 5:13 pm, an uninvolved flight crew assisted in relaying communications between N600XL and ATC until the airplane established communication with Cachimbo tower.

Investigative activities completed to date:

Flight recorders from both airplanes were recovered and downloaded at the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) laboratories. Transcriptions of the cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) were prepared (the transcript of the Legacy’s CVR was produced at the NTSB’s laboratory in Washington, D.C.) and data from flight data recorders obtained.

Initial interviews and medical examinations were conducted with the crew of the Legacy. Air Traffic Control data was gathered. Preliminary tests of the avionics equipment on the Legacy were performed. Wreckage of the 737 was examined.

Future investigative activity:

Additional investigative work will include laboratory tests of the avionics components removed from the Legacy, an examination of the operating procedures of the avionics, interviews with ATC personnel, examination of ATC practices and comparison between Brazilian and FAA procedures, a technical examination of ATC communication and surveillance systems, and further examination of the training provided to the operators.

The Investigator in Charge estimates a 10-month timeline for the investigation. The first phase, data gathering is estimated to take approximately 45 days, although some further data gathering remains to be completed. Analysis of the data is estimated to take 90 days followed by a preliminary report with conclusions 120 days afterward. Preparation of the final report and review by involved parties and States is estimated at a further 30 days each.


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  • A brazilian

    I agree Spacey C. it is a good think to calm down and I myself have not a thing to gain by personally be anyone’s sniper fire, that ain’t nice, thanks for the suggestion. As for courageous realgivp, I think he has a genuine complaint, there were threats against his person. All he does is offer his personal understanding and knowledge on the matter here, I am sure everbody gains with more input and personal efforts. I see no reason why someone would personally threat him and also make infamous allegations, attack him morally under what he has written so far.Thats how I see it through my emotional and rational understanding. Thanks for the reply.

    Realgivp, you did not correct you kow what that was fun; if I can help you about the being called me you can count me in but I am sure he cannot make anything against you, you sure must be admired in your professional field and are to be here too over your responsible attitude on this matter that no other individual had. If I do know him on a personal basis I can tell you that it’s all empty words.I too think it is the more important thing to happen to hold accountable all responsible involved, being them who they are and I am sure Brazilians also have the same interest in it, the most clear the better. So leave a contact or write me, Im just glad by hearing from you.Congrats, good weekend.


  • Norman Kemble

    To Simpleton, et al
    You are right that the personal sniping must stop. My real concern is for the families, friends, etc. of the 154 people on the GOL flight. My driving motivation is that the truth of what happened comes out. That this does not happen again and that the appropriate people are held accountable. What I am about to say is not an excuse, justification or apology. I was asked to look at this site by a friend who posted a few times with some things that were known and to offer some insight. That friend was viciously attacked for what was posted. It was simply much of the same that I have posted; accountability for all those involved including excel, the pilots and the passengers, including Joe Sharkey. As I have posted numerous times, Joe Sharkey has changed his story at least 4 to 5 times now with contradictions in every new report, including the live interviews that I have seen. His first report had him in the cockpit À¢€œseconds before the crashÀ¢€Â. That was posted online the morning immediately after Sharkey arrived back in the USA after the crash. The original article was pulled later that day and I have not been able to find it since. Interestingly, it was replaced by a watered-down version that changed some of the facts that were originally published. Anyone with better computer skills than I is more than welcome to find the original article and post it here. That initial article was the one that talked of À¢€œThe Amazon 7À¢€Â; his next article claimed that he had just left the cockpit and a later interview or article said it was a few minutes. If anyone can find these articles and post them, they will see that they are inconsistent and change from day to day. His latest version published in the November, 2006 Aviation International News (ainonline.com) is totally different. Following is a direct quote from the article:

    À¢€œI returned to my seat at the window over the left wing, pulled down the shade and started to do some work. I canÀ¢€™t say for sure now how much later it was, À¢€œminutes later,À¢€Â I had written in the New York Times-but it was long enough for me to have taken out a laptop, booted it up and begun transcribing notes.À¢€Â

    Obviously they underwent an extremely traumatic experience with lots of stress, anxiety, etc. that I am in no way minimizing. I have had several incidents (thankfully, no midair collisions); one incident at altitude in particular comes to mind that was life threatening to myself and my crew. I remember every detail of what happened, what I did and what I directed other people to do and what they did in response. Maybe I am the exception, but talking with other people, not just pilots, who underwent traumatic experiences in a similar vein everyone remembers exactly what they did and what happened. Or close enough too exactly. Going from À¢€˜I was in the cockpit secondsÀ¢€™, to À¢€˜minutesÀ¢€™, to À¢€˜I was in the back working on my laptopÀ¢€™ strains any degree of credibility that Joe Sharkey may have had initially. There is more to what happened on the Legacy regarding passengers and what was going on in the cockpit. The NTSB report does not address that and wonÀ¢€™t until the transcripts are published. Typically that takes 8 months to a year after the start of the investigation. That this report was issued is basically unprecedented and hopefully will put to rest the wild accusations and ridiculous speculation that has been occurring.

    Yes, I should be more of an adult and ignore insults and personal attacks, but I have never been able to do that. I stand up for myself and for others that are unable to stand up for themselves in the face of threats and/or attacks by bullies. I certainly will not stand by meekly and let some one threaten me. On a more humorous note, “me’s” attacks almost make me want to tell him to call my mommy to tell her that I’m not playing nicely 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Simpleton

    I B, thanks for the additional ques. Jostled my memory a bit and now I recall the issues that came up re: RCZ 833 and Legacys equipped with same back then. Little relevance in this case I think.

    A brazilian, continue for you strive as you must. Big challenges faced by choice or desire are more readily conquered. Wisdom helps but it’s more often heart that wins over the nuisances and impediments created by politics. I am thankful some of my ancestors believed firmly not to give up in the face of any adversity. Then again, half of the group that believed that with them died the first winter.

    To Real G-IV Pilot or whatever realgivp stands for, you, Chucky Cheese, me, et. al. including (anti) aliases need to stop the personal sniper fire, calm down or stay the H out. Sometimes I find it entertaining reading from the bashers of each others or their own countries ills, media or political lunacy (Oopa Lulacy – sorry, couldn’t pass that up – no offense please). Anyhow, please stop stuffing in cr*p that just plain stinks. 😥

  • Norman Kemble

    I never subscribed to the À¢€œtheoryÀ¢€Â that the pilots were out doing aerobatics, wild maneuvers, etc. I had many questions of what actually happened and pored over everything written to figure out how something like this could happen in this day and age. I had read and heard about the problems Honeywell had with that transponder. The people I talked to said that the particular transponder was no longer on current production Legacy aircraft. I have not researched that, nor have I contacted anyone who could give a definitive answer. I only À¢€œofferÀ¢€Â this as something I heard in talking with other pilots.

    It has been at least 8 years since I flew in Brazilian airspace. At that time there were several À¢€œblank spotsÀ¢€Â and that was something that was briefed, you knew and took added precautions. I cannot comment either first hand nor from someone else how significantly these areas are/were fixed. It was obvious to me that there are still significant problems with communication and this has been born out by things published and by the controllers coming out.

    However, reading the NTSB report the glaring thing that comes to my attention is the length of time before any communication was attempted by the Legacy crew. There was 35 minutes with no contact before CINDACTA 1 tried to repeatedly contact the Legacy. Depending on the amount of area of control by CINDACTA 1 (or any center in any country) the amount of traffic, or even at times the winds at altitude, there will be no communication unless there is a frequency change, a change of altitude or request. That time frame does not bother me too much as it is fairly easily explained. BUT, any knowledgeable professional pilot would not let that much time go by without hearing anything from center and/or calling to make sure they did not miss a frequency change, to determine that the radios either on the plane or those of the ground controller were still working, etc. The Legacy crew did not attempt to contact the center for OVER AN HOUR (3:51pm to 4:48, a direct quote from the NTSB report.) This is a lack of training, no training or just lack of knowledge. It is also a huge loss of situational awareness. None is acceptable for a professional pilot. This falls at the feet of excel and therefore they should be held accountable for it.

    Anyone who has read my posts (and only under this name since this is the ONLY one I have posted under) will know that this has been a constant refrain from me: holding excel responsible for their part in this accident. There is no personal grudge, no issue to settle as some have implied. I just want everyone to be held accountable, after all 154 people are dead. And those responsible need to be held accountable.

    Oh yes, as a passing comment to me/ch.cÀ¢€¦À¢€¦.. BRING IT ON. BRING IT ON. I believe I now have a lawsuit against you for your false accusations for slander. I have counsel on retainer as a measure of personal security, not to mention the documentation that I have stored in a safe location since my voluntary resignation from excel. You want to contact my employer? BRING IT ON. BRING IT ON. I would relish the opportunity to bring my documentation to light. It is easy to threaten people from the cloak of anonymity.

  • Norman Kemble

    To those of you who have already read this please bear with me. This is for the clown who goes under the name of me… or is it ch.c…. or is it michael davis… I copied this post here from another thread that obviously he did not read. More likely he can only read at an elementry level.

    “Seems like this is a reoccurring theme so here it goes again. Sorry asshole but you are wrong. If you know who I am then you know that I was not fired by excel. If you know excel (by the way do you work there too with ch.c??) then you would know that I am acting with the same frustration that you accord to ch.c posts. I will point out my own frustration since your post is to discredit me and take away attention from excel. My frustration is with Joe SharkeyÀ¢€™s constantly changing story about what happened, where he was when it happened, where the other passengers were when it happened and his personal relationship with excel and David Rimmer (is this you Dave?). Do you know that he took other trips on excel airplanes in return for doing stories on excel?

    If revenge is seeking that the truth to come out, no matter what, and with no regard to any individual and any company then yes, it is revenge that I seek. If I have information that can be used in this case and I stand by in complicity and do not act on it, then I am no better than the people who are using this to further themselves. Also, the only people that hate me are the ones that I stand up to and refuse to do illegal things for. Of those there are many. My integrity and personal accountability will not let me do what is not right; whether that would be refusing À¢€˜questionableÀ¢€Â trips, working outside federal guidelines, not receiving adequate (or any) training or condoning procedures by my lack of action. What I am asking is that excel be held to the same accountability standards that you, ch.c and others are demanding of the BrazilianÀ¢€™s and the investigation. By not asking the same thing of , you and others are either condoning their involvement or trying to deflect attention away from them. With the former you are being disingenuous at the least and with the latter you are being, in my opinion, criminally negligent.

    So me, I have to ask what your agenda is. Obviously by attacking me it is not seeking the full truth. I donˢ۪t care who knows who I am. I am here, will be here and am neither leaving nor changing my name. I have not changed my name and this is the only name that I have posted under.

    Since you know who I am, call. Send an email. If you know me, than I probably know you. We can meet and discuss the issues. But, that wonÀ¢€™t happen if you are who I think you areÀ¢€¦. will it? By The Way, who is À¢€œweÀ¢€Â?? (Is that you George? Or maybe Pat?)”

    I’m still waiting for your call…..or email…
    If anyone knows who this person is I need to know for my lawyer in the slander suit against him.

  • Iosif Bernski

    To Simpleton
    Investigation in Europe into the transponder affair started in 2004 when RCZ 833 transponder aleatoric disruptions became evident. After directives by SkyGuide and EASA prohibiting the flight of RCZ 833 transponder-fitted aircraft in European airspace were made public (mid-2005), grounding all aircraft with this transponder – including the Embraer ones, that were named very clearly in said publications, it was to be expected that manufacturers of aircraft should refrain from fitting said avionics in their products. Or, at least, their aircraft should be advertised as being prohibited from flying in Europe(*). For adequate information I suggest you better check into the SkyGuide and EASA sites.
    (*) Perhaps that is why President Lula direct flight (!) from SÀƒ£o Paulo to Moscow (!!) in order to sign with President Putin a treaty to install in Alcantara Space Base the powerful russo-ukrainian Cyclone rockets (!!!) was made in a brand-new Legacy fitted by Embraer with extra fuel tanks, in a flight course over North Africa, not Europe].

  • A brazilian

    written by me, 2006-11-24 14:09:01


    Dear friend, if I know you, stop screwing up more than you did lately, ok? This is not helping and worse youre doing a bad thing threatening someone youre jealous of and dont know who is it! Other than that its a poor rethoric saying youre biased despite your honest attempts to know what happened in this case. Can anyone be honestwhile cousciously biased? Thats something I personally would like to hear from you. The political and powerful tool of distrust you are using here, its not that exclusive of politics to have great skill of covering their assess!

    Simpleton was to Rob. Simpletons in my opinion are all those who voted for Lula and PT. Tell me about it leading a happier life in Brazil but this is where I was born so I have to strive to see things with a different light.The challenge is big, wisen up is the only solution I suppose. Not all in life is politics, stopping yourself because of it, is allowing politics have more power in your life than it should have.

  • Simpleton

    To I B

    Thanks for the data feed, I previously came up with nunca in regards to equipage model info searches. Is the RCZ 833 still designed into / contracted for in the outfitting of in-process Legacy production? Haven’t looked at the notices you referenced yet but please tell us more of what your thoughts are on impacts a September / October 2005 notification should have on a September 2006 airframe delivery. Doubtful that remedial actions were not taken and or the end users adequately informed as to operation and limitations. (If either were the case, the folks at Embraer who buy aviation industry market protection from the Brazillian legistature aren’t going to have enough money to buy their way out of this.)

    Dealing with the purported regional comm issues and “blind spots” (now even being alluded to by the controllers themselves) is next on the investigation agenda. This is no simple problem. There will be no smoking gun proofs nor simple solutions.

    BTW A brazilian, I admit my short term memory is fading. I think it might have been ch. c. that gave me my proper name in one of his lambasting strike at anyone tirades. You can call me Spacey C. instead if you’d like but simple I am not. If I had the money I’d gladly pay off the corrupt officials and come set up a small business to provide a decent living to six or eight families and do a bit of gratis education work in math, science, engineering principles on the side. My dream of leading a happier and fullfilling life but ain’t gonna happen with the rules and restrictions currently in place there.

  • me

    The politics is settling down hopefully and eventually the investigation will proceed unhindered by the emotional charge created by the detention of the pilots and the wild accusations. Pires had been pushing his “reckless pilots” theory right up until last week in a desperate last ditch effort to push away unwanted attention. Politicians have great skill in covering their own asses but eventually the public wises up. This theory had already been disproven from the beginning by those who understand aviation because if the pilots had been flying in a deliberate manner contrary to the route the accident would never have happenned since they wouldn’t have been on the airway in the first place.

    To my knowledge there is no campaign by employees of any company to use these blogs to discredit anyone. My attempt to discredit Pires is personal and I have no apathy for the Brazilian people or it’s government in general. Just because I may have personal motivations doesn’t mean my arguments are fabricated. It’s true that I’m biased but I’m making an honest attempt to find the truth and am very sorry about the loss of innocent lives.

    There is one person in here who is masquerading under several different names in a weak attempt to pursue a personal vendetta for having been fired from the employment of ExcelAire recently. It was easy to discover his true identity and although he claims to have not been fired, he was. Often employees are allowed the dignity of resignation although I personally consider this a mistake. I may just decide contact his new boss and let him know what’s happenning here.

    My concern is for the safety of aviation and the danger presented by the attempt to lay criminal blame on the foreigners in an attempt to divert media attention away from the truth. Pires must know that the truth is inevitable but by planting doupt in the public mind using the powerful political tools of hatred and mistrust he can defer his own culpability as long as possible. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to advise the Brazilian people on how to deal with their own government but I do think it’s appropriate to ask them to stop blaming and search for the truth.

    Again, my sincere sympathy and condolences to those who lost their lives and to their families. I don’t ever want this to happen again.

  • Iosif Bernski

    The Honeywell Transponde Mess
    Anyone sincerely interested in apolitical, non emotional, technical-minded approach to the Legacy vs Boeing accident in Brazil should look for SkyGuide and EASA directives concerning Honeywell model RCZ 833 Mode S transponder prohibition in Europe. This transponder model is fitted to several Embraer
    aircraft, including the Legacy. For starters, enter “honeywell transponder” at Skyguide’s site Search box, then choose “Search Entire English Site (default)”. Two SkyGuide Safety Bulletins, #11 and #12 (September and October 2005) will appear to be downloaded.

    Two questions arise from this:

    1) why did Embraer build and sell 1n 2006 an aircraft fitted with such a condemned transponder ?

    2) why did ExcelAire accept such an aircraft ?

    Hope this helps. Thank you for your attention and interest.

  • A brazilian

    simpleton indeed
    “Still, holding the pilots is not a smart move. Brazil is a very isolated country from the rest of the world, I realize that. Very little regard for international laws or procedures, I know, I live with it everyday.”

    Brazil is an isolated country because half of its population vote “Lulinha paz e amor” and PT. Much won’t change because there’s no common sense, racionality and other stuff here which could make this country progress for all. Much new knowledge available through books, but they cost from 40,00 to 70,00 one piece due to all the tax expenses for the government. What for? So they can put all these money inside their pockets and underwear.

  • Simpleton

    to rob (or not to rob)
    “Brazil is coming off as a military dictatorship that has no respect for international law”

    What BS. I’d have to go back and dig out the “news” reports but I’m certain that an active duty FAB officer of appropriate rank provided a statement very early on that retaining the EUA pilots further would have no material effect on the investigation. Finally, Brig Bueno himself pretty much said this on a public basis as well. The Brigs (and all those under them who very earnestly do support them) can’t make the Defense Minister do anything any more than the Defense Minister can make the Justice department do what’s right. Who is ultimately going to take the hit and have to retire, resign or get fired? Probably all of them.

  • jc

    to you Ch. c
    You have substantially toned down your comments, just look at this insert below from you trying to kiss ass in relation to CVRDÀ¢€¦pathetic but laughableÀ¢€¦ since when have you started writing À¢€œconstructive criticismsÀ¢€Â about anything to do with Brazil, you pathetic idiot asshole? Unless, of course you are worried about somethingÀ¢€¦

    But what has not yet been published is…..
    written by ch.c., 2006-11-22 21:15:02

    the strong rumour that : ” Cia Vale do Rio Doce is said to be considering creating a separate company to concentrate under one banner its non-ferrous metals (copper, nickel and aluminium) businesses, which could be based in
    Switzerland for tax reasons and listed in London, where all the big global miners are traded. This new company could have a market value of between US$27 and US$30 billion”

    Time will tell !


  • Dette

    Brazil and America can cooperate
    This article is authored by Americans at the request of Brazilians. It is time to recognize that this tragic accident is being investigated in a cooperative spirit. People in both our countries are suffering because of an ACCIDENT. This article lays out facts that the Brazilians and the Americans can agreed upon. It is time to stop looking for someone to blame.

  • Rob

    Think of the future
    First off, I actually live in Brazil. I have for decades. My entire family is Brazilian. Keep that in mind.

    Still, holding the pilots is not a smart move. Brazil is a very isolated country from the rest of the world, I realize that. Very little regard for international laws or procedures, I know, I live with it everyday. Holding the pilots only means the politicians want to put them on trial. And putting them on trial will only make the situation more public and force more hidden problems to be reveled. Be real, this will never go to trial. Otherwise everyone involved has to go to trial, including the Minister, controllers.
    And if the government only puts the pilots on trial then the whole world will see the injustice that goes on here each and everyday.

  • ch.c.

    Ohhhhhhh….what a change…..
    ….in tone from JC ! Rob is dead right, finally some but not yet all detailed facts !

    It clearly shows that the accusations from Amorim, Pires and el al that the US pilots turned off their transponder to make some illegal manoeuvers to celebrate
    the delivery of the plane is either wrong or not yet proven ! But what is proved is that they did not made illegal manoeuvers as per the above report that they stayed at the 37000 feet altitude !

    Thus my critics to all those who openly and continually accused the US pilots well before the end of the investigations is thus far proved to be correct !
    Pires, the Defense Minister even guaranteed the final report would be close
    to the preliminary one he had….obviously….blaming the US pilots ! sources : article on this same site !
    How can a Minister guarantees what will be written in a few months time by the investigators ?

    As I said many times, I have no doubt that justice will prevail ! But accusing one side, wether it be the US pilots or the ATC before the end of the investigations
    is even more unethical when it comes from Government Ministers !
    And this is exactly what Amorim, Pires and 1 or 2 air force brigadiers did !

  • jc

    “why is brazil holding the american pilots?” Ask your foreign policy makers!!
    Now Rob I think we read the same article…didn’t we? The question becomes either, the one of reading and comprehension or reading of what you want to hear… I am sure the second is where your hart is.
    I must say things never really looked too impressive for ExcellairÀ¢€™s policy so far, by the preponderance of the facts. A few articles ago it became clear by a commentator that excel employees were directed to get in this site and show outrage and support for the pilots being detained on À¢€œthis barbaric little country somewhere in the south hemisphereÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦ well that didnÀ¢€™t worked either. So now with this new article showing the level of cooperation of the two countries in the pursue of accuracy and transparency in the investigation, they finds themselves in the position of, once again, changing tactics to support their wishful pre selected outcome.
    The reality is that the majority of facts in this article were extracted from the SIVAM system and shared with the FAA technicians by the Brazilian authorities.
    As I have stated before À¢€œA subdivision of the SIVAM system is entirely dedicated to the Brazilian Defense Department, the INPE, CISCEA and the Air Force with most of its information being À¢€œclassified informationÀ¢€Â.
    The Brazilian ministry find themselves, perhaps for the first time, dealing with the logistics of releasing classified information to the international authorities or declassifying matters of National Security. The information generated by such system used in conjunction with the Black Boxes laboratorial analysis, could provide for one of the most detailed reconstruction accident investigation À¢€¦ever.À¢€Â But À¢€œweÀ¢€œ must give it a chance.
    One could argue for the lack of trust in the American foreign policy by the Brazilian government if the pilots were allowed to go back home before the investigation is completed. I think its time for both countries to re exam their extradition policies especially when is becomes evident the existence of a full technical and security trust cooperation between the two countries.

  • Costinha

    I will say it AGAIN!
    Put those CIA operatives scums (US pilots) where they belong… In Jail! Soon enough they will be someone’s bride and will be screaming for MORE…MORE…MORE!

    nof said.

  • A brazilian

    The persepction someone who has brains get is that Brazil is conducing the issue in a reasonable and fair fashion. That doesn’t apply to Rob.Maybe, torturing the accussed in GuantÀƒ¡namo bay would be smart and a fair solution in your opinion.Obviously you dont have the guts to act in your own name and reveal who you are to the world, the way the Brazilian authorithies do, huh?

  • Rob

    So why is Brazil holding the American pilots?
    So since the facts clearly show the pilots did not grossly violate any standard pocedures why are they hostages? Mistakes MIGHT have been made by them, the ATC and/or there was equipment failure, but taking hostages because of equipment failure is not smart. Brazil is coming off as a military dictatorship that has no respect for international law. Even thou this may be true it is not wise to show this to the world.
    Someone in the Brazilian government has got to smarten up and realize this is damaging Brazil`s already poor reputation. Tourism and business investments are driven by perseption.

  • Rob

    Wow, this is a pleasure to read. It actually uses facts!
    Amazing. This is the first report that has been issued using actual facts and not made up stories or twisted emotion.

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