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Brazil Boosts Overseas Promotion Tenfold to Double Foreign Tourism

Brazil is going to invest US$ 120 million in the international promotion of Brazil in 2007. The announcement was made by the country’s Minister of Tourism, Walfrido dos Mares Guia, in the first day of work at the 3rd World Tourism Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development.

"We expect from US$ 9 billion to US$ 10 billion in foreign funds entering the country, brought by foreign tourists, in 2010," stated the minister, during a seminar on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) that took place yesterday, November 30.

Guia forecasted that the sector’s results should "at least double by 2010, thanks to gradual increases in public investment – by federal, state and city governments – in the last four years."

He also credited the result to the possibility of expansion of public-private partnerships, "also including aviation companies so that, with greater promotion of Brazil on the international market, the number of charter flights to the country may be increased."

According to the Minister of Tourism, for this result to come true, investment will have to reach US$ 150 million in 2008 and US$ 200 million in 2009, just in foreign promotion. Average investment in the area has traditionally been between US$ 10 million and US$ 15 million per year.

"In 2006, however, we are going to invest US$ 65 million in commercial promotion and our budget reached R$ 1.5 billion (US$ 692 million), four times greater than in 2003," stated the minister, who emphasized the daring of the sector’s plans this year.


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  • Paulo

    Great idea ! There is plenty of security in Brazil for foreigners. There’s a tourist police force for starters. People choose a destination on preconceived ideas, generated by advertising (hink Egypt or Israel for example), and the price of getting there. Flights to brazil are very expensive for lots of reasons. ( see the flights blog spot on http://www.holidayinbrazil.com ) If Brazil had an open skies policy like Morrocco prices would fall futher and its popularity would increase even more. Morrocco is now a sought after destination because its easy and cheap to get there.

  • ch.c.

    US$ 120 millions or 1,2 billion are worthless ……
    …as long as foreigners dont have security and trust that the country is much safer than it is now.
    And advertising funds will be of no help, until foreigners stop reading in the news and medias the number of problems the face when in Brazil !

    My own country, without even a sea access, bad overall weather, population size 25 times smaller than Brazil, land size around 40-50 times smaller, has already TWICE The Brazilian Tourism Revenue !

    Your US$ 120 millions would be better spent in security and safety rather then in advertising !

    Finally the price/quality of your services are not good. There are tens and tens of of countries, so much better than Brazil, wether it be on the cheap or expensives tourism

    Afterall it is the price/quality/saftey comparisons that tourists look when they chose the destination of their next vacations, and nothing else.

    And Word of Mouth is the best advertising !

  • Guest

    Perhaps if Brazil addressed security and corruption problems in Rio and other tourist destinations would do more to attract tourism than these marketing campaigns.

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