Brazil Just US$ 3 Billion Short of Year’s Surplus Goal: US$ 44 Billion

Brazilian exports generated US$ 11.86 billion in November, a record value for the month, against US$ 10.8 billion in the same period last year.

Imports, in turn, totaled US$ 8.67 billion against US$ 6.7 billion in the same month in 2005, resulting in a trade balance surplus of almost US$ 3.2 billion

The daily average of imports in the month, US$ 433.6 million, was the largest monthly average registered to date. The figures were disclosed today by Brazil’s Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex), an organization under the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, during the 26th National Foreign Trade Meeting (Enaex), in Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil.

There has been growth in exports of basic, semi-manufactured and manufactured products. With regard to destinations, those that grew most were the Middle East, with 82.5%, Eastern Europe, with 38.1%, and Africa, with 28%.

In the accumulated result for the year, exports reached US$ 125 billion, already exceeding the total for last year.

Imports, in turn, totalled US$ 84.162 billion, resulting in a trade balance of US$ 41 billion. All the values are record for the period. If the trade balance is as good in December as it was in November Brazil’s surplus will reach the government’s goal for the year: US$ 44 billion.

The markets that most grew in the period were the countries of South America, excluding the Mercosur, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

In the accumulated result for the last 12 months, exports have already exceeded US$ 136 billion.

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  • Darlene Brice

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