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Brazil’s Chief Justice Robbed in Rio by Heavy-Armed Gunmen

All the security apparatus the Brazilian federal government uses to protect its highest authorities wasn’t enough to dissuade a group of at least 6 heavy-armed men from attacking and robbing last night Brazil’s Chief Justice, Ellen Gracie Northfleet.

Northfleet who was accompanied by Supreme Court’s vice-president, Gilmar Mendes had her official car stopped by a false police raid at Perimetral Avenue, around 10 pm. Even though there were two cars to carry the Justices, they preferred to ride together in one vehicle so they could talk.

The gunmen not only took the blue GM Zafira in which the authorities were but also all they were carrying. The Justices were dragged out of the car by the armed men and were kept under the barrel of the guns while the policemen in charge of the security, driving in two other cars, watched the whole scene without reacting.

They explained later that they were afraid any reaction could have put in risk the lives of the ministers. Both Justices have come to Rio in a government jet to be part of  Conciliation Day, an event happening today at Rio’s Justice Palace as part of Justice Day. The idea is to reduce the large number of lawsuits in the Brazilian courts.

Talking to a friend, after the scary experience, Justice Mendes commented: "It was shocking, very annoying. It is something really impressive. They were strongly armed, with masks covering their faces and they were carrying heavy guns besides revolvers."

The Justices were victims of what is known as arrastão (dragnet), a collective robbery in which several victims are attacked simultaneously. It’s believed that at least another four cars were also assaulted.

The gunmen were driving a pickup truck and a Honda Civic. Brazil’s highest judicial authorities left inside the car their briefcases containing documents, money and cell phones. Witnesses say that the traffic was slow at the time of the robbery.

Both Justices after the assault were taken by their bodyguards to the apart-hotels in the Ipanema neighborhood where they are staying. 

Several other people were also robbed. One of them, adman Roberto Cavalcanti, 29, who came to Rio on assignment, still shaken by the incident, gave vent to his frustration: "I’ve only been in Rio for three minutes and I have already been robbed. I won’t be back to this city."

These false police raids used to happen only in the poorer north zone of Rio. Now they have become more common in some of the main connecting routes between downtown and the more upscale south zone.

The car taken by the criminals was found a little later by the police in the Maracanã neighborhood. Two of the gunmen ended up being killed by two policemen, after robbing an Audi, The others gunmen, however, managed to flee.


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  • indeed

    Brazil is great
    You are the only ignorant here saying “If Brazil were in WWII we’d all be speaking German.” This is not called subtle it is called stupidity.

    I am sure your Brazilian slave wife would like to hear what you think of her!

    Americans who visit Brazil are Nazis problematic vultures.

  • Mad Max

    The CIA did it via proxies

  • joao heringer

    the americans did it
    Maybe the two Americans pilots robbed the chief justice in addition to crashing their plane on purpose and sabotaging brazil’s ATC.

  • Brazil is Great

    Think Twice is an Asshole
    Dear Think Twice Then Talk,

    I know that you and your Brazilian friends are completely ignorant. You can’t even grasp something remotly subtle.

    Your country institutionalizes poverty, is beholden to drug dealers and is best known for how women remove pubic hair.

    You have much to be proud of. The next time I masturbate to Brazilian porno, I will rejoice that Brazil is a wonderful third world country with very beautiful prostitutes, brave security guards and a President who drinks excessively and worships dictators and other liars.

    Hats off to you. And for your information, the French were on the right side in World War II, too and if we depended on their skills as warriors, we’d all be speaking German. Just as we would if your country were anything more than a bit player. A pimple on history’s ass. DeGaulle was right.

  • think twice then talk

    brazil is a ghetto= moron
    Brazil was in WWII and on the right side too.
    Do you know anything?

  • ch_c.

    Second great news….today !!!!!!
    Truly well done ! These robbers deserve a gold medal !
    Hopefully theey will do the same, but with more violence, to the idiot judge who jail a youth girl because she stole a tube of butter !!!!!

    Ohhhh and is this not the best advertisement anti tourism publicity ??????

    And amazing that the bodyguards…..just watched !!!!! Quite courageous !!! Laugh…laugh

    The best growing industries in Brazil remain corruptions and armed robberies.
    Both are NON risky, either you get impunity or no one will arrest you !!

  • brazil is a ghetto

    Brazil: The French of South America
    So brave. So strong. So concerned with justice. Brazil.

    If Brazil were in WWII we’d all be speaking German.

    But come to think of it they act like fucking Nazis anyway.

  • me

    Fucking Brazil
    Obviously, Brazil is a country that canÀ‚´t govern itself

    And things are just getting worse

  • Gringo

    And a day later
    Two of the suspects in the assault have already been shot and killed. I guess the big politicals are sending out a message to would-be theives. I guess I was wrong, justice in Brazil is swift. 😥

  • Rick

    1 liberal+1 mugging=1 conservative

  • bo

    Thumbs Up!!
    This gets a big thumbs up!!!! 😉 At least their not only targeting the English, lol. This just happened to the 2nd busload of english in the last year on their trip from the airport to the hotel. Wow, brazilian security, what an oxy-moron!!

    [quote]The Justices were dragged out of the car by the armed men and were kept under the barrel of the guns while the policemen in charge of the security, driving in two other cars, watched the whole scene without reacting.[/quote]


    Now, someone tell me, do you think this would’ve, could’ve happened in the U.S.?? Do you think their security would’ve reacted likewise?? LOL!

    One day brazil may learn, you DON’T negotiate with thugs and thieves, once again, I know this is difficult for those in brazil to understand, can anyone say, “MARCOLA”!!??

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