Bombarded by Angry Brazilians Cicarelli Says She Can’t Be Blamed for YouTube Ban

After Brazil's MTV was inundated by over 20,000 emails from angry viewers threatening a boycott to the TV station if they didn't fire their presenter Daniella Cicarelli, the infamous celebrity came to public to say that she has nothing to do with the cause for the viewers fury: the blocking of YouTube in Brazil decided by a Brazilian judge.

The ban of the video sharing site, which is owned by Google, was decided by São Paulo judge Enio Santarelli Zuliani in response to a lawsuit asking that a five-minute video showing Cicarelli and her boyfriend apparently making love on a beach in Spain, be taken off the Internet. The steamy video was made by a paparazzo last September.

The MTV presenter says now that she has nothing to do with the latest lawsuit and that the only one responsible for the court procedure was her boyfriend, Tato Malzoni, who works, for Merril Lynch.

Cicarelli, who is a fashion model and the former wife of soccer player Ronaldo, told Jornal da Globo, a TV news program, that she feels wronged.

According to the TV presenter, Malzoni and she had decided several months ago to file suits separately. Cicarelli said that all she asked from the courts was that the video was not shown on TV.

She told that she was taken by surprise when she read on the Internet last Thursday that YouTube might be blocked in Brazil. Cicarelli went as far as to lament the ban of the site but not as far as to criticize the Justice: "Who am I to judge what is Justice?"

She assured that she wanted the video case to be history by now and that she had no interest in creating polemics since that would only harm her career. Cicarelli said that she has talked to the boyfriend since YouTube was blocked and then unblocked, but wouldn't tell what they talked about, adding: "I respect his position."

The model ended up her interview saying that she doesn't feel that she owes an apology to anyone since whatever happened was not her fault. She also expressed her hope that people will understand that she was not responsible for the lawsuit and its aftermath. Malzoni, however, still hasn't told his side of the story.


MTV Reaction
Brazil MTV released a note commenting on the temporary ban of YouTube in Brazil. The TV station repeats the version that it was the boyfriend and not their employee who filed the lawsuit against YouTube and professes its love for freedom of expression and hate for censorship. But MTV doesn't mention YouTube by name:

"Concerning the case of the temporary blocking of a videos sharing site, MTV Brasil explains:

"The lawsuit that prompted the judicial decision to block the above mentioned site was not filed by Daniella Cicarelli but by her boyfriend, Renato Malzoni Filho. The judicial decision, as the chief judge who ordered it explained, was misinterpreted, and he himself has already decided expressly to unblock the service.

"MTV Brasil has always repudiated censorship and always fought for freedom of expression, being recognized by its social and political campaigns. For this reason it cannot accept the gist of the angry and offensive protests that have been asking for the boycott to the presenter and to the TV station itself.

"Although covered with legitimacy, most of these protests basically, deep down, share the same lack of values that they wish to attack because it foments the censorship to a television channel.

"Moreover, we believe that there are many other matters begging for protests in Brazil and MTV has always been open to debate them.

"MTV Brasil is against all kind of freedom restriction. From sites blocking to censoring people and TV channels."


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  • Grunt

    lying freaking whore
    What a lying freaking HO. First she screws like a dog in public and in another country (what a nice ambassador for Brazil, she helped a lot in dispelling the À¢€œwhorishÀ¢€Â image of Brasileiras). Then she whines about someone filming her in public (and letÀ‚´s face it the video is not erotic in any sense of the word. She looks bored stiff, and he looks like a dork). No wonder they donÀ‚´t want anyone seeing it.

    Days ago she cries À¢€œnao fui euÀ¢€Â (a CLASSIC brazilian response), and now the more crafty of the fourth estate have found the actual legal process against and low and behold the signature of our little vixen is there. SheÀ¢€™s not only a HO, but a lying HO too.


  • Stephen

    Para Bob
    Ola Bobby! Do you live in Brazil? Do you know and understand the consitution? I doubt it.The 1st judge was paid and the second one of course. They don’t represent anything but their own pocket book. Nothing to do with the goverment. If the slut and stud muffin wanted they could go and find a 3rd judge looking for their justice. Come on down and live it for yourself, but bring lots of bucks just in case you get caught in a web.

  • bob

    I beleive that the first two commenters are the air heads
    Its the Brazilian gorvenment fault for BANNING something that it see as harmful to there cause.
    Lets not forget that this is a communist state not a free state by the people for the people

  • Fucker

    She is one of those who, since birth, tries to catch attention from people. And she always gets it! Stupid people: she and whoever gives attention to her. So many other important things to do and to think about and people waste time watching a mortal skinny big-mouthy vulgar bitch fucking someone on the beach. Oh… send this bitch to hell!

  • Stephen

    THis Girl is an Airhead
    What a dumb space cadet is she that gets layed on a public beach, giving up the right to privacy in a public place, and then her and her stud muffin get revolted because their inappropiate actions goes to the public domain, starts a law suit and then she says who is she to know what justice is? Not a serious girl. Slut of the year more likely!! Anyone up for a Vote on this?

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