Brazilian Model Cicarelli Lied. She Is Author of Suit Against YouTube

Despite her claims to the contrary, Brazilian model and MTV presenter Daniella Cicarelli, 26, is responsible, together with her boyfriend, for the lawsuit that ended up blocking the video sharing site YouTube for millions of Brazilians.

Apparently the only thing that the boyfriend signed by himself was a bill of review later in the suit, but that procedure is still part of the original lawsuit she signed.

The ex-wife of soccer striker Ronaldo is lying, concluded Consultor Jurí­dico, a Brazilian site specialized in legal matters, which had access to the couple's filing.

The initial lawsuit, which was filed in court soon after the now infamous video of her making love on a Spain beach came out, is signed by Cicarelli and her boyfriend Renato Malzoni Filho, 33.

Malzoni, a Merril Lynch banker is also the supporting actor in the steamy video that the Brazilian justice keeps on trying to prevent the Brazilian public from watching.

In a interview with Globo TV and then with Folha de S. Paulo columnist Mônica Bergamo, Cicarelli stated that she had no saying in the legal procedure.

"I'm not suing YouTube," she told Folha. "Tato's (Malzoni) lawyers were the ones who filed the lawsuit. When this whole story came out, I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to sue, I would have to sue everyone who reported the story: the newspapers, the magazines, everyone. So I decided to sue only the paparazzo."

She is referring to the Spanish paparazzo Miguel Temprano, who shot the video in southern Spain's  beach of Tarifa in Cadiz. The scenes were shown for the first time on TV at Telecinco's Dolce Vita show.

A few minutes later the hot love scenes were already on YouTube on its way to become Brazil's top shown video. How many times has it been seen? Nobody knows. Due to previous lawsuits the clip, in fact several copies of it, have been deleted and reposted thousands of times at Google's video sharing space and other sites all over the world.


An Internet community called  "Protest – Out Cicarelli" at Orkut, Google's social networking site, is inviting Brazilians to participate in a march and protest against Cicarelli on Saturday, January 13.

The idea is to gather at the Sumaré subway station in São Paulo and from there walk to Brazil MTV's headquarters, a few blocks away, where the marchers intend to call for the firing of the model and presenter. 

The organizers of the protest wrote in their Orkut community: ""We will show who is the boss in this democratic country!"

Brazilian Internet surfers have been calling for Cicarelli's pink slip and for a boycott of MTV since a São Paulo judge issued an order that took YouTube off the air for close to 24 hours earlier in the week. MTV has received about 100,000 emails asking for the presenter's dismissal. The TV station has released a note criticizing its critics:

"Although apparently legitimate these protests basically, deep down, share the same lack of values they wish to attack, since they promote censorship against a television channel".

The note, however, instead of calming the critics made them more determined to go ahead. "This note makes no sense. It is as if they called us bozos," said Márcio Motta, 22, the creator of the anti-Cicarelli community at Orkut.

"Our protest is a peaceful one. We want to ask a position from MTV. Cicarelli is a bad example for youth. And this is not the matter anymore, but censorship. She isn't pleasing anyone anymore."


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