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Brazilian Army Takes Position in Rio to Secure City

The Brazilian federal government has heard Rio's appeals for more security and is sending federal troops to help patrolling the former federal capital. The first soldiers are arriving in Rio today, but it hasn't been defined yet where and how they will be acting.

According to the state's Public Security secretary, José Mariano Beltrame, the federal force of 400 men will start descending on Rio this Sunday night. It won't be before Tuesday, however, until authorities decide on how do deploy them.

One of Sérgio Cabral's, first acts upon being inaugurated as Rio de Janeiro governor earlier this month was to send a SOS to capital Brasí­lia asking for help from the National Force.

Just four days before Cabral assumed the state helm, Rio's drug lords put on a show of force and intimidation unleashing a series of attacks that ended up killing 19 people, seven of them trapped inside an interstate bus that was set on fire by gunmen who first robbed the passengers.

"The federal forces will be responsible for the security on our state borders as part of the Secure Border Operation,"  secretary Beltrame told reporters during the funeral of the Military Police 13th Battalion commander, lieutenant-colonel Alexandre Siqueira de Andrade, 43, who was killed by a gunman who had tried to rob him.

Colonel Andrade was going home Friday night, January 12, with his driver, in an unmarked police Volkswagen Gol when two gunmen on foot stopped them and tried to rob the policemen.

The colonel and the driver reacted firing several shots. One of the gunman, Márcio Alexandre Pereira Gomes, 25, already shot, was chased by Andrade and both ended up in a fist-fight at the top of Costa Verde bus company's garage roof, in the Bonsucesso neighborhood on Rio's north side. 

The 33-feet-high roof, however, gave way with the weight of the two men. Both were taken to the Alexandre Siqueira hospital but no one survived the fall. The colonel suffered cranial traumatism with loss of encephalic mass.

Rio's Security secretary has also revealed that he is reinforcing the security of the state's new Health secretary, Sérgio Côrtes. Authorities have foiled a plot to kill Côrtes last Thursday night, January 11.

The scheme was uncovered thanks to wire tappings. According to Rio's Security Secretariat, the assault was planned by people unhappy with the changes made by Côrtes since he took over as health secretary. 

The initial plans called for the secretary to be murdered January 9, but that day Côrtes had been around a strong security before and after visiting Rio's Coroner's Office.

Coincidentally, Côrtes was dining with Security secretary Beltrame when came the news that he had been marked to be killed that same night. Beltrame immediately called for police reinforcement to protect the threatened authority. Côrtes is now getting around the clock protection from the Core (Operations and Special Resources Center).

The new secretary has been receiving death threats since 2002, when he started working as director of the Orthopaedic Trauma National Institute, where he uncovered fraud schemes involving irregular bids.


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  • ch.c.

    To : a Canadian NOW………
    just compare a similar country….but still much smaller : THAILAND !!!!!!

    1) They have many many times more tourists than Brazil despite the size differences and the population number differences..

    2) And while Brazil is struggling to receive more tourists, they grew by only 1,4 % in 2006 and in US$……making in fact a REDUCTION when you translate it in Reais, Thailand is booming so much that they even put some restraints to foreigners wishing to buy real estate there !!!!

    Yesssss…..an opposite world ! Thais are nice and sweet, Brazilians are not so nice, arrogant and not welcoming foreigners. Even on a compararive price/quality/services Thailands beat Brazilians….hands on !

    And despite the 2004 Tsunami, which has been totally cleaned by now, beaches in Thailand are so much better and cleaner than in Brazil !!!!!!

    Why do someone or How can someone hesitate between these 2 countries ?
    The difference is like Paradise and Hell !

    Many travellers have gone in Brazil ONCE but have no intention for a TWICE !
    While in Thailand it is not only “repeated” tourists…..but also tourist who decided to reside there……PERMANENTLY !!!!!

  • Carlosmiguel Francisco Estevan

    I hope my letter makes sense to you ???
    Vasa, Eu sou espanhol e meu amor por anos era a mÀƒºsica latin, palavras do amor e a entidade da vida prÀƒ³pria como um Latino. Recentemente 2 anos, eu vivi e li e bebi a cultura de Brasil. Meu clube em Las Vegas chamou Desis e Lucyies, Àƒ© brazilian e:atin. Eu li seu cliente de sua vida e o que aconteceu em seu Brasil e em meu sonho idealistic dos mas Que Nada. Eu encontro-me no sorrow profundo com o que tÀƒªm o happend e o o que se encontra para vocÀƒª e seus sonhos. Eu vim aqui de Miami aonde os thoudsands dos brasileiros viriam cada ano e comprariam e comprariam e danÀƒ§ariam. Agora para os Àƒºltimos 10- anos ou mais ninguÀƒ©m de Brasil vem a Miami. Eu sei seus sentimentos e delema. Eu desejo somente que eu poderia oferecer o consolation. Eu fui ÀƒÂ s escolas em CanadÀƒ¡ e por anos vivi em ÀƒÂmÀƒ©rica do Sul as.well.as em meu condado de Spain. Eu vivo diÀƒ¡rio no sorrow e na dor para pensar de que este illusion Àƒ© somente aquele e vocÀƒª tem que ir sobre. Meus amigos do Carabiean leram sua letra e emitiram-na attaced a esta mensagem uma mensagem de nÀƒ³s. por favor someday escreva-me e deixe-me saber nÀƒ³s podemos ajudar. Amor e Sincerety O DR. Don CarlosMiguel Francisco Estavan II

  • vaza canadense

    Longe de casaaaaaaa
    hÀƒ¡ mais de uma semana
    hÀƒ¡ milhas e milhas distante
    do meu amor
    SerÀƒ¡ que ela estÀƒ¡ me esperando?
    Fico aqui sonhando

    eu vÀƒ´o alto, chego perto do cÀƒ©u
    saio de noite

    eu ando sozinho

    eu entro em qualquer bar
    eu sigo meu caminho
    na rÀƒ¡dio toca uma canÀƒ§Àƒ£o

    que me faz lembrar vocÀƒª

    Eu fico louco de emoÀƒ§Àƒ£o

    jÀƒ¡ eu nÀƒ£o sei o que vou fazer

    Estou a dois passos do paraÀƒ­so
    (nÀƒ£o sei se vou voltar)
    Estou a dois passos do paraÀƒ­so
    (Talvez eu volte, ou fique por lÀƒ¡)
    Estou a dois passos do paraÀƒ­so

    NÀƒ£o sei por que eu fui dizer bye bye

    Bye bye baby bye bye

  • Canadian NOW, But Brazilian FIRST

    This is so sad.
    This has become a real sad country. I was born in Sao Paulo, left at the age of 13 remember bad times and real beautiful good times as a child growing up there. True, we were poor, but I must say very happy (sometimes not knowing better is the best!)
    I returned to Brazil in 1979 fell in love with it all over again, could not wait to bring my family one day, to see the beautiful place I was born . When I finally had the opportunity to do it in May of 2006; for the full 10 days I was there, we could not leave the house we were staying at because crime was growing ramped – 36 police officers had been shot in one weekend, buses full of passengers were being burnt on the streets and most scary, my city was covered in dirt, graffiti and garbage.

    No I don’t blame today’s world, I blame mostly, the Brazilian government and partly the Brazilian population for not thinking that this could be the Tourist Capital of the world. Foreign money could be flowing in your streets like water, bringing you the progress written in your flag and which you so much deserve, in a land which lacks nothing but the good will to make a profit with it, not to say the opportunities for business which the world is afraid to invest in.

    So sad. As a Brazilian, I felt ashamed to show my family this is where I came from, especially when I remember it as being paradise on earth. I have travelled the best and most expensive countries in the world, I’m not just a Brazilian living in North America. You have so much more than what the rest of the world can offer.

    All I can hope for is that some day your leaders will wake up to see how much your country is really worth and how beautiful it really is, and clean it up enough to show the world the economic value it has for itself and for the Brazilian population.

  • ch.c.

    Great police action movie…for youths !
    – Many Foreigners are robbed…individually, some murdered
    – Many Foreigners are robbed…in groups
    – Many Brazilians are robbed, killed, some are even burnt (in the buses)
    – Brazilian Chief Justice…robbed
    – Brazilian High ranking Military Police officer…robbed and died
    – New Rio’s State Health secretary…..planned to be murdered
    – SP and Rio criminals attack their cities…killing hundreds of citizens

    Who is next ? A Federal MInister ? The Army Chief ? Lula…himself ?

    Is Brazil at war…with Brazil ?

    If you are unable to control your own criminals, do you really expect to control criminals and gangsters in Haiti…with your thousands of soldiers you sent there ?????
    In HaÀƒ¯ti, in December alone, well over hundred of citizens in which many many school children have been abducted and many (including young children, sadly even young babies) were later killed by the gangsters.
    Simple demonstration how…INEFFECTIVE…. are.Brazil administrations (federal/states), policies, justice, police and army !

    Not so funny either, that the new Rio’s Health State Secretary receives deaths threats since 2002, because he uncovered fraud schemes involving irregular bids. These threats
    DID NOT AND STILL NOT come from criminals…but from ALL those corrupted State or Federal civil officers or higher who benefitted from the irregular bids !
    If there were frauds schemes, what have been the results of the state/federal investigatons since….2002 ?
    File closed, with no one found guilty….AS USUAL …because too many people from many different political parties were involved ????????????

    What a shame, what a shame, what a shame !

    Except generalized corruption, killings from gangsters, robberies, social and legal injustice, killings from large landowners, impunity for politicians and large landowners…NOTHING IS GROWING IN BRAZIL !!!!!!

    And your (UN)justice is so generalized……that you put a 19 years old youth girl in jail for 4 years…..because she has stolen….a tube of butter !!!!

    All the above is just incredible in a developed country…but the daily life, the way of life, the lifestyle……OF AND IN….BRAZIL !!!

    Sadly a Human Tragedy !

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