7 Minors Are Massacred and Dismembered in Rio, But Brazil Barely Notices

The community of Del Castilho, in the North side of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, started this Friday, January 26, the grim task of burying its seven youngsters who were shot and dismembered in the morning of the previous day, apparently as a result of a fight between gangs to control drug trafficking in the area.

According to some reports, none of the youths, all of them minors. had any criminal record. Others dispute this, however, and say they all might be gang members.

Maurí­cio da Costa Andrade, 17, was the first to be buried, yesterday morning in the Caju cemetery. Then it was the time for Jaime Clécios Ferreira da Silva and Rodrigo Santiago, both 17, to be buried at the São Francisco Xavier cemetery, also in the Caju neighborhood. 

The bodies of André Luiz Santos, 16, and Floriano Felipe da Conceição, 14, are still in the Coroner's Office with two other bodies who had not been identified by the end of Friday.

While the massacre was shocking to the community and the victim's families, Brazilian and Cariocas (Rio's natives) didn't seem that shaken or outraged by it. After so many other massacres where bodies were counted by the dozen, seven didn't seem such a big number.

O Globo and Jornal do Brasil, Rio's two most important dailies, didn't ignore the carnage, but they minimized its importance on their front pages.

The police still don't know what led to the slaughter, but early information suggests that the youngsters were picked up randomly and were killed just for being from a favela dominated by a rival gang.

According to a survivor who managed to escape, he and his companions had left the Vila do João favela, in the Maré complex, to play soccer in Morro do Adeus (Farewell Hill), in the Ramos neighborhood.

The van they were riding in, he told police, was intercepted by a group of gunmen who made them leave the car and then tortured the youngsters before shooting and dismembering the bodies. Some of the cut-up limbs and body parts were left inside a Fiat Siena in front of the Del Castilho's Medical Aid Station.

The survivor, whose name wasn't revealed, since the young man fears for his life, has fled his parents home and is in a undisclosed location.

The mass murder seems to be the responsibility of the TCP (Terceiro Comando Puro – Third Pure Command), which heads the drug trade mainly in Acari and Parada de Lucas shantytowns.

Their main foes are the CV (Comando Vermelho – Red Command), a more powerful gang from where they branched with the help of some former policemen who decided to change sides.

But the youngsters who were killed lived in a neighborhood controlled by another rival gang, the ADA (Amigos dos Amigos – Friends of Friends).  

There is another version being studied by the police, however. According to the Bonsucesso police chief, Aldari Viana, authorities suspect that the youngsters killed were on a mission to invade the Morro do Adeus and retake the control of the drug trafficking that the TCP had wrested from the ADA.

Last December, milí­cias (private groups formed by former policemen) had taken over Morro do Adeus after expelling the drug traffickers. But earlier this week the TCP gang managed to get their old turf back.

Another murder occurred on Thursday may be linked to the massacre. The police suspect that a burned body found at the Maré Complex is that of Ronaldo Ferreira do Nascimento, aka Mocotó, 33, who had just left jail on parole.

An anonymous caller told the Disque-Denúncia police hotline that Mocotó was murdered by order of another drug lord, Edmilson Ferreira dos Santos, better known as Sassá, who is in jail.

There are two police bureaus on the case. The 44th Police Precinct from Inhaúma wants to know who left the Fiat Siena with the dismembered bodies in Del Castilho.

The 21st Police Precinct, from Bonsucesso is trying to find out the kidnapping culprits. Agents there say that one of those who were massacred, Maurí­cio, is a criminal known as Cheiroso (the pleasant smelling one) and someone who is known to have already tried for three times to invade the Morro do Adeus.


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  • Jay Skulkan Bushwhacker

    Seven young People Assume Room Temperature
    You people should be like we Americans. We are a first world country. We are the most peaceful Nation on earth as long as you do what we say. If you don’t we will give you everlasting peace by dropping some bunker busters on you.

    We have no crime here. It is the rest of the world who are criminals George Bush is GOD. We are going to take control of the entire world and let it be run by WHITE people GODS people. The others will be our slaves, and we will use the best of their women for boody call purposes.

    Addios Amici miei

  • Christine

    Torture and dismemberment are everyday occurence in favelas of Brazil
    I am an American living in Brazil and working for an NGO. Ijust want you all to know that torture and dismemberment are an everyday occurence in the favela’s of Brazil. My maid lives in Complexo de Mare in Rio and she comes to work from time to time and tells me that someone was made an example of in the community. It is also used as a way to keep people in the community in line. Apparently a man in the community had raped his young stepdaughter and she told on him. His punishment was to be hacked to pieces in front of the people from the community. I am sure that noone will be doing that there again anytime soon. But these are not isolated incidents. The police are not in the communities and they only go there to invade- not to keep the peace. They go in with guns blazing and it doesn’t matter who is in the street- kids on the way to school, people on their way to work. Innocent people die everyday in crossfore here. I saw the picture two days ago on cover of O Dia of a woman whose brother was killed just this way, she was broken down crying over a car next to his body. I could only feel for her. Americans are guilty of a lot of sins. Indeed we have our own problems with black on black crime. But someone is killing the Brazilians- at a very high rate especially in the city of Rio de Janeiro- and it ain’t the Americans. It is the people of Brazil killing eachother. it is the have-nots killing eachother and then when they come down off the hill and start killing the haves – people become all freaked out. Crime is very very very much on the rise on the ‘asphalt’ these days. Everybody is scared and everybody is talking about it. I had a 20 year old ask me the other day with igdignation why the hell i would want to love here.

    Peace from the asphalt-

  • Hombre

    Brazil will rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brazil and the Favela, will rule.
    Favela for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ch.c.

    In Brazil the only things that are growing are :
    – corruptions
    – insecurity
    – petty crimes and violent crimes
    – impunity
    – lies
    – false promises

    Brazil is an archaÀƒ¯c and medieval country, as I said so many times.

  • aesaac

    It seems the paid private police force is able to accomplish what the ‘police’ either cant or do not want to. Such butchery seems something of Iraq rather than Brazil. Dismemberment? It is apparently time to exterminate these murderers now by any means.
    It is of such severity it perhaps demands military intervention, for this is certainly an insurgency.

  • bo

    [quote]HereÀ‚´s an article about Brazil, and you Americans just canÀ‚´t stay on subject, can you?[/quote]

    Ric, that post was obviously made “tongue in cheek”, and smart money is on the fact that he is not an american, or from the united states, whatsoever.

  • usa

    according to bushwackers post… brazils crime problems is the u.s.a. fault….interesting analysis…good luck brazil as you slide into obscurity as the most backward corrupt crime ridden poverty stricken bastardized country in so. america….

  • Ric

    HereÀ‚´s an article about Brazil, and you Americans just canÀ‚´t stay on subject, can you? Gotta change the subject and talk about the states. Jay, where did the article mention the states? And stop listening to Rush, who popularized the term “assumed room temperature”. Try listening to Michael Savage instead. And tell us what you think about MocotÀƒ³, SassÀƒ¡, and Cheiroso. WeÀ‚´re not afraid of your bunker busters. We donÀ‚´t use bunkers. Except for that detail, your post has the ring of truth. IÀ‚´ve heard some Brazilians echo your feelings. So you are not alone.

  • bo

    And Yes!!
    As we ALL know, these types of things happen EVERYWERE!!

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