Six Youngsters Massacred in Brazil, Again. Police Are Suspect

One week after seven minors were killed and dismembered in a Rio de Janeiro favela, Brazilians are again facing another massacre of youngsters.

This time, the mass killing of six young men occurred around 8:30 pm, yesterday, in the North side of São Paulo.

Authorities say that there is evidence that the crime is part of a gang war. Witnesses reports and details of the carnage, however, suggest that the act may have been committed by the police themselves.

According to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo four men dressed in black, wearing bullet-proof vests arrived in a car and started to shoot seven youngsters – four of them teenagers – who were in front of a bar in the Parque Tietê neighborhood.

At least one witness told police that he saw a sign on the car indicating that it belonged to the Civilian Police. This information, however, was not included in the police report to which reporters had access at the 72nd police district in Vila Penteado.

None of the victims had any criminal record. All seven youngsters were taken to the emergency room at the Vila Nova Cachoeirinha hospital, but only Leandro Siqueira, a 19 year old, resisted the shots. He continues being treated in the hospital.

All the others died: Ewerton Damião Silva de Freitas, 19; Rafael Jesus da Rocha, 20; Douglas Ribeiro Francelino, 17; Francisco Itamar Lima da Silva, 17; Antonio Elias Lima da Silva, 16, and Robson de Oliveira Novaes, also 16..

Just one day before this massacre, three other youths were killed at dawn, in Favela da Paz, also in the North side of São Paulo. In that case, according to the police, parents of the victims testified that the three young men had been drafted to work for drug traffickers in the shantytown.


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  • Jairzhino

    To Ch.c
    My Dutch friend says the Swiss are a bunch of know-it-all pain in the @#$!!. Your Swiss aren’t you? The only point you are proving is what a knnow-it-all pain in the @#$$!! you are. I’m sick of seeing you on ebery posting forum here spouting your @#$%^&*!!.

  • Maks

    Europeans…Switzerland and the Dutch
    “There are only two things I hate; those who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.”

    Nah, they’re nice people, friendly, like bicycles a lot.

    Swiss people are confused…half the country speaks French, and half speaks Swiss-German…but that’s the beauty of Europe for you. I’ve been there, lovely place, cheap chocolate, expensive everything else. You don’t even need a visa to get in there. Just arrive in the airport in Geneva and wave a passport and you’re in…if you can survive for any length of time with the high economy there is another matter. Actually, lots of illegal immigrants enter Switzerland first (due to the lack of immigration checks) and then travel to other countries by bus/train.

  • wanderlust

    I’m curious, ch.c, what do Europeans say about the Dutch ?

  • sdad

    swiss ppl r bullshit

  • ch.c.

    to all junkies !!!!
    Are you not in a free speech country ? Or are you the only ones free to critic the others ?????

    Yesss Jairzhino, I am Swiss, and you dont really know what europeans say against Dutch.

    This said junkie, more people appreciate and love Swiss people than Brazilians !

    And if you are against the sad stats concerning Brazil, you should open your mouth when articles are published in this site, because the above stat was published here…and everywhere ! Dont you like that someone, me or a journalist, writes the official Brazilian stats ????? Why ? Laugh…laugh….

  • JONY


  • aesaac

    if at first you dont succeed try try again

  • ch.c.

    Costinha… A Brazilian ….where are you ??????
    who is clouding the image of Brazil ? Me or the sad reality ?

    Quite shameful that in your country 50 % of ALL YOUTHS DEATHS……aged 15-24….is due to violent deaths !!!!!!
    Another world record !

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