Brazilian Seduces Via Net and Kills. Then Is Caught in Net Sting

Carlos Eduardo Cabral accused of killing Brazilian real estate agent Célia Carvalho Brazilian real estate agent Célia Maria de Carvalho Damasceno, 43, started a passionate romance via Internet with a 17-year-old boy. During Carnaval, which was celebrated earlier this month, she met the minor for the first time. She didn't know, however, he was not interested in her but in her money.

Last Saturday, February 24, Célia went again to see the boy. She never came back home. The police found her body this Wednesday, February 28, with her hands tied up and a gag over her mouth. The woman was apparently clubbed to death and buried on the backyard of an abandoned house on the road to Genipabu beach, in the metropolitan area of Natal, the capital city of the northern state of Rio Grande do Norte. 

Now the teenager is blaming his cousin Carlos Eduardo Cabral (photo), who is 18 and Cabral's girlfriend, a minor, for the crime. The police found at Google's social networking site, Orkut, which is Brazil's MySpace, more than 20 pages of dialogues between the woman and the 17-year-old.

The police counted on the help of the victim's daughter, a 20-year-old, who created a profile in Orkut to lure the suspect. When she was able to arrange a date with the teen she brought the police together.

According to the police, both young men have already been arrested before for robbery in Natal and São Paulo. Both of them came from São Paulo a few months ago.

The preliminary police report states that Célia was killed Saturday night. She had left home saying that she was going to a barbecue at the beach.

The youngsters' intention, according to Rio Grande do Norte's under secretary for Public Safety, police chief Maurí­lio Pinto, was to extort 4,000 reais (US$ 1,900) from the victim. As she refused to give them the money they assaulted her, tying up her arms and legs, gagging her and clubbing her to death.

It's believed that under torture she gave the teens her password for the ATM. Cabral, according to the police tried to withdraw money, but there was no funds.

While the 18-year-old boy says that he and his cousin hit the woman with a stick, the minor who had contacted Célia on Orkut, swears that he didn't kill anybody, that this was the work of his cousin together with his 16-year-old girlfriend. 

While the police still don't know if the girl took part in the slaughter – she confessed she beat up the woman – they have found at her home two cell phones, bus vouchers and 6 reais (less than US$ 3).


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  • KAKI

    Brasil is Much safer than Jamaica
    I have been to Jamaica and will probably never go back. Brasil is pretty darn dafe once you get outside the large metropolitan centers.
    In jamaica, people would not stop perstering me and would not take no for an naswer.Instead, they would get pissed and manacing. Not a place I want to go back. Granted, not all Jamaicans were like this and I met some very nice people who were friendly and courteous.
    Still, the overall impression was that I was better off hanging out in the cmplex.

  • Simpleton

    nATAl or bUST
    Thought of doing an improptu trip to Natal without escort this next trip. Thought about doing a family style campout without permission on Bo’s as yet to be developed property in the NE of Brazil. Thinking maybe it’s time to give up on living large, living real, loving decent people that exist everywhere there. I’ve lost my vision – which way is out?

  • jab


    dont you remember what I told you yesterday ? smile

    yes you did.

    What a shame. A beautiful country. I will avoid, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica however many people have visited with no problems.
    There are safer places that’s for sure.

    How about Florianapolis(excuse the spelling)

  • ch.c.

    To jab !!!
    dont you remember what I told you yesterday ? smile

    Said oherwise : Avoiding Brazil, increases the chances for a longer life !

    Yessss because in Brazil, 50 % of youths deaths, aged 15-24, is due to violent crimes !!!!

    Sad but true stats ! Just think of it !

  • ch.c.

    As I said….
    Horror stories and massacre is by now almost a daily life…in Brazil !

    But believing that crimes will be reduced is a simple heresy….until the Brazilian authorities and politicians understand that it will remain so, and worse yet …..growing, until the wealth inequality for which Brazil is quite well known, is finally reduced !!!!!!

  • steve

    Lower the age to 16
    I say again and again, lower the age of consent to 16, 16, 16!!!! I am sick of this constant dribble coming from the NGO parasites, various moral groups and members of law enforcement, the media and the current administrations obsession with the UN. Terrible crimes are comitted by teenagers but they need protection. Many middle age men that would be natural mentors are under seige of nazi style denoouncing tactics by corrupt rogues taking advantage of this never ending campaign.

    16 is the legal age to vote in Brasil, stop the witch hunt of ‘abuse’ and allow those that can vote the liberty to go with who they wish and at the same time suffer the consequences if adult crimes should be commited!

  • jab

    I thought Natal was the safest place.

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