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New Massacre of Youngsters in Brazil. Police Are Main Suspect

Jacinaldo Silva, one of the victims of the Rio massacre Jacinaldo Silva, one of the victims of the Rio massacre

Jacinaldo Silva, one of the victims of the Rio massacre Five young men were murdered Saturday night in a school of Nova Iguaçu, in the Baixada  Fluminense, an area to the north of Rio and part of the Greater Rio de Janeiro. For police chief Fábio PacÀ­fico Marques, head of the 58th Police Bureau a death squad might be behind the massacre.

"This is a typical action of an extermination group, pseudo vigilantes who use violence to try to  impose their will before the community."

This was Rio's third massacre in less than 40 days.

The police chief noted that the gunmen were careful to gather all the shell casings after the shooting to make more difficult the investigators' work. He also disclosed that three of the victims were killed point blank in the head after having been dominated.

It's possible that the crime was committed by policemen. It's possible that the reason is drugs, but it's still too early to know for sure," said Marques.

According to the story told police by witnesses it was around 10 pm on Saturday when at least 8 hooded men holding weapons invaded  the Cacilda Becker Public Education Integrated Center (Ciep) in the Miguel Couto neighborhood. While some witnesses say the youngsters were playing ball, others told authorities they were smoking marijuana.

Relatives of the victims say the young men used to get together on Saturdays to play soccer. "They even might be playing ball," stated the police chief. "But we are going to investigate the possibility that drugs were the main motive for the crime. Three of the men had criminal records, two for some stupid stuff and one for drug trafficking."

Residents of the area informed that people were celebrating a birthday party in the school. Some initially thought the hooded gunmen were part of the party, this before they started shooting. When the police arrived the bodies of the victims were lying down in the school's patio.

The bodies of Reginaldo Melo da Silva, 24 and Jacinaldo Mendes da Silva, 30, were buried Sunday in the Nova Iguaçu municipal cemetery. The bodies of the other three youngsters, Wilson Araújo de Andrade, 17, Carlos Eduardo Silva, 25,  and Rafael Gomes Pereira, 22, were still at the Coroner's Office late yesterday.

The preceding Rio massacres occurred January 24 and 25, when 11 people, among them seven teenagers aged 14 to 18 were killed in the north side of Rio.

The largest Rio's slaughter, however, happened a little less than a year ago, on March 31st, 2005, when a band of policemen randomly murdered 30 people, whose only crime was to be walking down the streets of the Nova Iguaçu and Queimados neighborhoods. None of the victims had a police record.


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  • ch.c.

    but but but…….
    …are the Brazilian Policemen not known worldwide for being themselves….DRUG DEALERS ???
    …are the Brazilian Policemen not known worldwide for killing thousands of innocents….YEARLY ??????
    …are the Brazilian Policemen not known worldwide…for being members of the DEATHS SQUADS….killing hundreds of children….YEARLY ???
    …are the Brazilian Policemen not known worldwide for their corruption practices and red tape ?

    Of course….they are known to be such people ! Please read the Brazilian news medias, and the many reports issued by NGOs and International Agencies !!!

  • paulista

    So true!
    “police are tired of going after people just to have there work turn out by the judge “

    And so are the people too.

  • decy

    SO this type of killing is accepted in Rio as long as it’s not children
    Get rid of your security minister, he is absolutely useless. How can gunmen just walk in to a school and “exterminate” the population then walk away free. And are Brazilians just getting dummer and more insensitive as the violence increases. How easy is it to say that it’s all drug related? Bullshit. I see why the population were against giving up their rights to fire arms. Why youngsters don’t even bother with school or belive they have a chance at a future. IF the government can’t protect it’s citizens…. It’s time for a revolution.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    sheep to slauter you mean
    unless the brasilian military invented a different type of wepon they are called shell caseings not capsules

    so if the PM did it does that mean they are the US military . and the young men of brasil are from iraqu

    or just mabey the police are tired of puting people in jail and a judge just lets them out all over again !!!!

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    glad to see it was not kids
    The term is shell caseings not capsuls , unless they were shot with a gun that shoots some sort of pill ?
    So if it was the PM would that make them the US military and the YOUNG MEN the people of iraq !!

    could be police are tired of going after people just to have there work turn out by the judge ( yea right )

  • aes

    Lambs of god
    Why do they call them youngsters? 24,30,25,22 are not younsters one was 17. They were I am sure innocents, lambs of god butchered in evil.

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