Brazil Looks for Rapist Who Strangled 1-Year-Old Girl Inside Church

Gabrielli Cristina Eichholz was raped and killed inside a church in Brazil The Brazilian police have already interrogated without success over 20 people in connection with the murder of a one-and-a-half-year-old girl, who was raped, strangled and then thrown inside the baptismal basin of an Adventist church in the city of Joinville, in the southern state of Santa Catarina, last Saturday, March 3.

fffThe latest person to be questioned by the authorities, a 23-year-old man, with signs of mental illness, was let go after presenting a convincing alibi. He had been presented by a pastor from the church as a suspect for having killed little Gabrielli Cristina Eichholz.

For Rodrigo Bueno Busso, the police chief in charge of the Gabrielli investigation, the crime was premeditated. Without saying how he arrived to this conclusion, Busso stated: "When the assassin picked up the victim, he certainly had already thought about taking her to the men's bathroom and then leaving her in the baptismal tank."

The toddler had been taken by relatives to the Saturday's services and left in a room to play with other children who were being overseen by church's employees.

After meeting with church's officials and those who participated in the Saturday prayers, Busso told reporters that his probe is just starting: "We are working on several avenues of investigation and have some probable suspects, but it's still too early to point the finger at anyone," said the police chief.

Among those heard by the investigator was the woman monitoring the room where little Gabrielli was left. She was the one who gave the girl to a man who showed up saying he was her father. The lady's testimony has been kept secret by the police. The coroner's office report shows that the child was raped and strangled.

Felipe Lemos, a church spokesman says all parishioners are extremely mortified: "Everybody is in shock. Nothing like that ever happened in any of our churches all around the world."

Gabrielli's mother, Andréia Pereira Eichholz says that she feels no hatred in her heart: "I can't understand how something like that could happen inside a church. I want to know who grabbed my daughter. I don't feel any anger or hate. I just want to understand why."

"I have no more tears," she told Joinville's newspaper, A Notí­cia. "They dried up. I prefer to think that my daughter drowned. It hurts less. She was a sweet girl, always smiling. Everyone was drawn to her beauty."

The mother says she allowed Gabrielli to go with her cousin and her boyfriend because the girl loved to be with them. Both have been living with Gabrielli's parents for four months. Saturday when they were leaving to the church – Andréia goes to another evangelical church, the Assembly of God – the girl started to cry wanting to go with them. The mother saw no problem.

Yesterday morning, Márcia Machado, the cousin and her boyfriend, cried while looking at pictures of the girl. "She was going to stay with us during the services," said Márcia. "But one of teachers asked to take her to the playing room and we authorized it." 

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Santa Catarina released a note, in which it laments the assassination of the litlle girl. The statement says that the church is also, like the toddler, a victim of the crime and that they are on the side of the police and the Justice in the investigations.

"The Seventh-Day Adventist Church makes it public in view  of the unfortunate episode occurred inside a congregation in Joinville, last Saturday, that it vehemently repudiates this horrendous act that victimized the child.

"We are well-known for preaching against violence and in favor of Christian values, among which the appreciation for family values and respect for children. We profoundly regret what happened and join the bereaved family, doing from the moment we heard about the fact all that's within our reach to lessen the pain and the sorrow.

"We stress that, under the terms of the Brazilian Constitution, Adventist temples are open to the public and that the Church has no intention of assuming the role of public security organs, but lamentably, from all availabe evidence, was victim of a criminal in this episode. And in this condition of victim of a barbaric act, the Church is on the side of the police and the Justice hoping for a complete elucidation of the case.

"We make it clear that the crime occurred without our knowledge and that we are cooperating in every which way we can since the crime was discovered.

"In closing, we point out that at this time all of the Church's members who are aware of the fact are concentrating their prayers to the Heavenly Father in favor of the victim's relatives."


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    Bad Translation
    The worship services were not taking placing as a “CULT” as this badly translated article reports. CULTO in portuguese means WORSHIP; CULT is a false cognate of “worship service” in portuguese. Just thought of pointing out this error in the article. The Seventh-Day adventist Church, where the crime occured, is a main-stream evangelical church and should under no circumstance be compared to a “CULT”.

    Poor child, created in the image of God brutally murdered by an instrument of the devil, a demon in the form of a person. May the author be punished and may justice be done. Come Lord Jesus, come!!

  • Leslye

    That is so very sad… and may the person who did this be punished. Knowingly it will not bring this baby back but at least he can’t hurt another child. I must say that I am brazilian, and very proud of it… but our government needs to step it up and do thier job equally.

    Rest in Peace Baby Gabrielli 😥

  • Bruna

    Things like this unfortunately happen everyday in Brazil. I’m proud to say that I’m brazilian – we have a beautiful culture, amazing nature and a place where we don’t have hurricanes or tornadoes or any natural disasters. Our mainly problem is the justice: the government works for the ones who have money, not for the honest ones. That’s why crimes are commited all the time: criminals know they won’t be punished, or if the will, for a good amount of money they will be released and live life like any other ones. It’s sad to see these situations, but until our government doesn’t change and treat everyone as equal and give everybody chances to work, study and have a better life, we will still see like this happen. When our government stop working for the riches and they realize that we need justice, then we will have a better place.
    I’m sorry for the family and I still believe in God’s justice. I know it’s not going to comfort anyone, but I do believe it.
    I hope justice can be made and they find who did it.Sadly it will not bring little Gabrielle back, but at least we can save other children from going through this too.

  • Amey

    In my opinion this type of crime is committed by satanists. Yes they exist in Brazil too. Experts in religions, people who have some knowledge of it or christian people have heard about them. Satanists are apparently normal people like anybody else, but they participate of anonymous rituals such as raping and killing children. Because of my job, I’ve read a report from a Californian county org saying people you would never believe are part of it. Also, this story made me remember this report being said by specialists that satanists engage in child care services to make it easy their rituals.

  • ch.c.

    What did I say time and time again ?
    rarely a day without an horror story….in Brazil !

  • e harmony

    Eternal rest to little Gabrielli. 😥

  • original_lion

    Just when I thought the bandidos invented everything, now this… Looks like there is a WHO-WILL-BE-MORE-CRUEL competition going on between the scum of Brazil…

  • bo

    Hey Ana…
    thought this kind of horror didn’t happen in Brazil?? (rolleyes)

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