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Brazilian President Praises Sex and Pans Hypocrisy

Brazil wants to increase distribution of female condoms to 6 million Talking extemporaneously in Rio during the launching of two state programs, one to contain the spread of the AIDS virus among women and an AIDS prevention campaign for the Pan American Games, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva talked about the need to fight hypocrisy in Brazil.

The president was participating in a event taking place in Cidade do Samba (Samba City). The Brazilian government plans to double the number of AIDS tests and increase to 6 million, by 2008, the number of female condoms distributed for free.

The president commented that themes like early-age sex and the use of condom are rarely discussed due to pressure from the Church, the parents or for pure prejudice.

"Let's fight hypocrisy in the country," Lula told his audience. "Contraceptive has to be distributed for free and people have to be taught how to use it. Sex has to be made and people have to be taught how to make it. That's the only way we can have a country free from AIDS."

According to Lula, precocious maternity is the reason why about 30% of Brazilian girls between the ages of 15 and 17 are not going to school.

"When we approach these subjects with a certain hypocrisy and when we are not brave enough to discuss the themes the way they are, the result we reap is precocious pregnancy, is violence among young people, because we didn't care enough to teach," the president said adding:

"You can't just stamp on a teen's forehead when it is time to start making sex. Sex is something that almost everybody likes and it is an organic need, it is a need for the human species and for the animal species. Therefore, since we don't have control over this, what we need to do is to educate, at the right time, while they are still children."



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  • Ric

    “LetÀ‚´s fight hypocricy in the country”. Be a good idea in the city as well.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    lulas numbers are big
    by my count that would only give every person in brasil 2 comdoms for the year

    the only large numbres lula deals with is the amount of money he takes to put in his bank

  • ch.c.

    Please read well the above when the government said :the health ministry HOPES to distribute 500 million condoms this year !!!!!

    Knowing very well Lula’s trick : he usually announces publicly large numbers with big fanfare, and silently of course reduce the budget allocated.

    Therefore in view of the quantity of condoms delivered in 2005 and 2006, I bet that NOT 500 millions will be delivered free….in 2007 ! 350 millions…..at best…but probably around 300 millions !!!!!

  • ch.c.

    Funny comments !
    The difference between America and Brazil is that in American they can afford to buy and dont need things free as Brazilians continuously do !!!!!
    Furthermore Lula is quite laughable in his perpetual promises :
    – did he not promise 1 billion of free condoms yearly ? Yessssss…but not near close to 1 billion are delivered !
    – did he not promise 10 millions new jobs during his first mandate ? Yessss….but only 5 millions were delivered !
    – did he not promise 400’000 MST settlements ? Yesss…but only 200’000 were settled !!!!
    – did he not promise that one his top priority was to reduce corruption ????…yessss…but there is more corruption by now, not less !
    – did he not promise to fill the millions of potholes in your roads when he freed 400 millions Reais at the end of 2005 ?????
    How could anyone fill millions of potholes with 400 millions Reais ? Lula of course ! Sand filled the potholes ! As many “experts” said :
    it will be good until the next heavy rain season !!!!!! Worse 73 contractors have been found with irregularities in their audit !
    Guess why ! Afterall this maintenance program was during the months preceding the 2006 elections….curiously !

    Going back to the 1 billion free condoms promised by Lula :
    Mariangela Simao, coordinator of the National Program to Combat HIV/AIDS, said in a statement : “the government does not “have the conditions to review the quality of such a large number of condoms,” AND ALSO :According to Simao, the health ministry hopes to distribute 500 million condoms this year, up from 251 million in 2005 and 253.7 million in 2006. As a result of the campaign’s setbacks, the government has not announced its plan for distributing condoms during Carnival”

    As you can see that the Lula statements and promises must be cut by at least 50 %…….EVERY TIME !

  • e harmony

    Not to nit pick, but animals are not a species, [i]Homo sapiens[/i] are a species in the Kingdom of Animalia (animals). Supposedly [i]Homo homo sapiens[/i] are suppose to be thinking, thinking men. Granted understanding in science and life in general is always changing, so the veracity to that label of humans I’m not sure of, nonetheless if in fact one is powered by the faculty of “thinking” more so than other Classes, Orders, and Species (especially in the animal kingdom) then I perhaps one can go without sex temporarily? On the other hand humans are biologically driven to have sex, it’s natural, and its just a part of life. All that said, by-in-large I agree with President Lula.

  • Luis Fleming

    It’s been a long time since the president made a pertinent comment.But it was very sensible of him to speak his mind this time. Let’s hope it doesn’t backfire, because people are conscious about the president’s short sight and lack of tact.

  • bienchido

    Exactly. If only the Bush Regime were as enlightened on the subject.

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