The World Needs to Eat and Brazil Has the Food

Brazilian cattle at pasture The main consumers of cattle beef in years to come will be developing countries. While developed countries will be consuming a little over 100 million tons of cattle beef a year, by 2030, developing nations will be consuming over three times more or around 350 million tons.

These figures were supplied by the president of the Brazilian Beef Industry and Exporters Association (Abiec), Marcus Viní­cius Pratini de Moraes, at a meeting promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan in Brazil, in São Paulo.

"We are selling more and more meat to less traditional markets," stated Pratini. The Arab nations are part of this list and have been increasing their purchases systematically. The Abiec president also presented at the meeting the Brazilian cattle beef export figures for February.

Raw cattle beef exports grew 84.43% in terms of value, to US$ 280.5 million, and 62% in terms of volume, to 115,300 tons. Sales of industrialized meat were US$ 55.5 million, presenting growth of 23.2% over the same month in 2006, with a volume of 16,100 tons and an increase of 20.7%.

Egypt was the second main importer of raw cattle beef and the sixth in terms of the industrialized product. "Our tendency is to continue expanding exports to the Arab countries," stated Pratini.

Algeria was the tenth greatest importer of raw cattle beef and Saudi Arabia the twelfth. In terms of industrialized meats, the Saudis were the thirteenth.

"Up to 2030 the consumption of meat in Europe, Japan and the United States is going to grow little, whereas it is going to grow strongly in emerging countries," stated the Abiec president.

Due to this demand in emerging markets, Brazilian slaughterhouses are trying to open markets in the region. In the Emirates, for example, Abiec participated in February in fair Gulf Food, in Dubai, and promoted a barbecue for local authorities and importers.

Pratini is strengthening, at the events in which he participates, the importance of Brazil as a global supplier of food. "The world needs to eat," stated the Abiec president. "We have land, technology, water and industrial capacity."

Below is the interview given by  Pratini:

Exports of cattle beef to the Arab countries grew 32% in terms of volume and 37% in terms of revenue last year when compared to the previous year. How much should they grow in 2007?

We do not make specific growth forecasts per country or region as we are always incorporating new markets. And we cannot say when this process of finding new markets is going to end. But we believe that this year, up to the end of the year, we will manage to increase exports, in physical terms, by around 10%, and in terms of prices, by at least another 10%. The Arabs will present growth equivalent to this 10%, probably even more.

In your last trip to Dubai, to the Gulf Food, what did you observe about the perception of Brazilian cattle beef in the country and region?

Brazilian cattle beef is present in all markets of the Gulf. In Dubai the product is present in all restaurants and hotels. There are even Brazilian cooks doing barbecues in Dubai. There are Brazilian chefs in two of the great hotels. And Brazilian barbecues are also spreading throughout that region. I believe that the current relations between Brazil and the Arab countries, mainly in the Gulf region, are very constructive, very positive. We have frequently been visited by them here. We have a program of absolute respect to halal slaughter principles, which are audited periodically. It is a good market.

Who is our main competitor regarding the supply of cattle beef to the Arab world? Is it Australia? And how does our price compare with our competitors'?

In reality, Australian cattle beef is much more expensive than Brazilian cattle beef as it is a product that comes from confined cattle. Therefore they only sell some cuts. The cuts are the more expensive ones, for roast beef and things like that. But in terms of volume, be it for industry, or for retail, like butcher's shops, Brazilian cattle beef predominates.

Tunisia and Syria were two countries that started importing Brazilian cattle beef last year, despite at small volumes. These two countries had not purchased cattle beef in the previous year. Is an effort being made to enter these markets?

What is happening is that we promoted events in Lebanon and Egypt and there are always representatives there. We are even thinking of promoting something like that in Syria. There are very close relations between some countries and Brazil. There are families, relatives (in common). These people make the bridge, do the marketing. And our tendency is to continue expanding exports to the Arab countries as they also don't have great options. Nowadays Brazil is a meat supply alternative that exceeds any other country.

Do you know what kind of action will be developed in Syria?

We have started talking to Syria but have not yet managed to establish a formal agreement. But we are already discussing the possibility of promoting some activity there.

Anba –


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  • from your dougther

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    In case you mist what I said Ric… that means you are not too smart!!! Neither is your main man Ch.c !!! You are both indefensible!!! laugh laugh laugh…

    Amazonia State
    capital——— Manaus
    Area———– 1,570.947 KM SQ.
    Population—- 3,332.330
    Governor—– Eduardo Braga

  • Ric

    There Is No State Of Amazonia
    The Brazilian Amazon is in the states of Amazonas, ParÀƒ¡, AmapÀƒ¡, RondÀƒ´nia, Roraima, Acre, Mato Grosso, Tocantins.

    I donÀ‚´t know what programs you are talking about, but I feel sure you are not here in the Amazon tonight, but Somewhere Else.

    You appear to have a bad attitude, that will keep you from making and keeping friends except for people with similar personalities. But it may not be too late if you seek help.

    Your comments to ch.c, highly regarded by many here, were inappropriate and not well taken. Invective convinces no one.

    There is no such thing as Zero Sum.

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    Ch.c liar liar your butt is on fire!!! laugh laugh laugh
    a) Mad caw disease is a constant occurrence in your shit ass country as well as in the more developed European union countries BUT not in Brazil Sealy stupid Swiss!
    b) Any first grader can pick up the Brazilian map see the names of the states…even a Swiss is capable of doing it??? So what is your point? You want to redefine the Brazilian territory too?
    The part of the Amazon area belonging to states other than the state of amazonia has their own programs, that allows a certain percentage of sustainable deforestation. Unlike the Europeans and North Americans the Brazilians are doing it in a much more intelligent way. Just look at your disastrous catastrophic examples of progress without sustainability. You black forest as shitty as it is is the last remaining trees standing in the continent. You have destroyed hundreds of miles of forest for the sake of ski resorts… laugh laugh …not too smart is it? Look what you did to the Alps…your acid rain has ruined every single body of water 3000 ft. above sea level. Your agriculture is non-existent due to the short seasons…laugh laugh laugh the only thing you know how to make is snow!!!! HahhhhÀ¢€¦what a lousy little fucking country yours is !!! But hey!! You make great mechanical watches except the whole world is going digital !!! laugh laugh laugh… You can’t win…can you?

  • ch.c.

    Continued….for The doughter !!!!!t
    Funny your sarcastic comment on U.S. and Canadian beef !

    Here is one against Brazilian meat, not so old, found at :

    “Farming Unions Press EU for Intervention on Brazilian Beef Imports
    The UK and Irish farming unions have jointly called upon the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, Markos Kyprianou, to intervene and conduct further investigations into the importation of Brazilian beef into Europe.

    Five major countries, including Australia, the USA and New Zealand have banned imports of Brazilian beef due to fears over animal health status and the shortcomings in the management of Foot and Mouth controls in Brazil.

    In September 2005, the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) visited Brazil and found an absence of animal identification, at which the farming unions have expressed their concerns.

    The UK and Ireland farming unions are urging the Commissioner to take action, following an additional report that deficiencies found in Brazil in 2003 have not yet been rectified.

    Bob Howat, NFU Scotland Vice-President, said:

    À¢€œIt is evident to me that current systems of Foot and Mouth control in Brazil are inadequate and cannot offer us the guarantees required by EC legislation.

    À¢€œIt is time that the Commissioner conducted further investigation to ensure that meat entering Europe doesnÀ¢€™t pose a threat to animal health. If the science continues to prove that Brazilian beef poses no threat then we will accept that decision but it seems clear that more investigation is required.À¢€Â

    Thus dont be so confident as to the quality and sanitation of the Brazilian beef !!!!!!!!!!

    Laugh…..laugh…laugh….from Switzerland !!!!!!

  • ch.c.

    To all !
    1) To your doughter !
    You could be right, but so what ? If there is a sanitation problem, of course we will reduce or eliminate the purchase from that source.
    Just like when Brazil had the FMD cattle disease in 2005. Right ? around 50 coun tries did the same.
    This said most of the meat we eat is from Switzerland ! In fact should be good quality since Brazil buys live cattles from Swiss origin and cross breeds them. Same for goats, but here we usually dont eat that meat, but enjoy the goat’s cheese !
    And as I said there is not one restaurant that sells Brazilian meat , wether you like or not. And we know it because by law every card menu must disclose the origin of the meat and thus far I have never ever yet seen Brazilian meat even in cheap Asian restaurants.

    As I said no doubt that this meat is used for workers canteens ! 11000 tons of imports equals to only less than 2 kilos per citizen on an annual basis ! Trust me….we can afford to eat far more meat than that !!!!! smile

    Quite funny your comments on meats grown with hormone. Because in EU we have the same problem with transgenic GM soya, corn and cotton and everything that bear the name “GM” or “transgenic”. Products that BRAZIL, the USA and Argentina….WANT TO SELL US….even if we dont want it !!!!
    Yesssss very sad that world people are FORCED AND OBLIGED TO BUY something they dont want to eat !!!!!!!!

    2) TO AES !!!!!!
    To whom else could Brazil really sell ??????

    3) tO FORREST
    I am not sure of what you said. It seems to me that the only brazilian meat accepted in the USA is the canned beef !

    4) And it is a pure lie that there is no cattle in the Amazon. After deforestation and the burning of woods, which is a fertilizer as you should know, they put cattles for 2 or 3 years maximum. Then the land is degraded and cattles are moved to newly deforested areas !!!!!!!!
    Here is a part of an article that you can find yourself at :
    “While environmentalists have feared that the spread of soybeans in the Amazon posed the greatest threat, the report showed that the amount of deforested land dedicated to cattle pasture is six times as large as land with cultivated crops”.

    You also have thousands of articles on that same subject if you surf Internet !!!!!!!
    Part of another article at :
    “This report explains the link between this frightening increase in deforestation and the growth in international demand for Brazilian beef.
    It also calls on the international community to provide urgent assistance. BrazilÀ¢€™s beef exports have grown markedly due to the devaluation of the etc etc…”

    And by the way…are Mato Grosso, Rondonia, Acre, Amazon, Roraima, Para, Maranhao, Amapa and Tocantins, not the states that form the Amazon ?????
    You really are a real idiot, by saying there are no cattle in the Amazon !!!!!! Even more so if you are a Brazilian, by definition !!!!!

  • from your dougther

    hey ch.c acording to your government 80% of what you eat is from brazil ???
    Laugh laugh laugh
    Swiss is banning beef imports from USA and Canada and wants brazilian beef only!!!
    Read for yourself below… laugh laugh laugh …Ch.c. you are one pathetic mother fucker!!!

    Potential Swiss ban of U.S. beef concerns U.S. industry
    Food & Drink Weekly, Oct 23, 2006

    Find More Results for: “swiss import beef “
    Swiss eating more…
    Swiss Mull Ban.
    Import access: the…
    A moral maze:…
    A trade agreement between Switzerland and the EU will result in a Swiss ban on imported U.S. and Canadian beef if the animals from which the meat comes were produced with growth hormones. The agreement is designed to bring Switzerland’s sanitary and phytosanitary rules into conformity with EU standards, and the EU for the past 21 years has banned imports of hormone beef. Switzerland is not a member of the EU. According to the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office, Switzerland annually imports approximately 11,000 tonnes of beef, less than 3 percent of which is from the United States and less than 1 percent of which originates in Canada. More than 80 percent of Switzerland’s annual beef imports come from Brazil. Switzerland will continue to import U.S. and Canadian beef if exporters certify that it was produced without growth hormones.

    In 1996, United States and Canada jointly filed a successful complaint with the WTO regarding the EU’s ban on hormone beef. After winning the case, the two countries were granted authorization to impose retaliatory sanctions against the EU in for form of increased tariffs for a selected list of products in the amount of US$116.8 million and C$11.3 million, respectively. Those sanctions have been in place since July 1999.


  • Ric

    Brazilian Range Fed Beef
    Is better for you. In contrast with marbled feed lot beef in the states. Only Costinha could love the smell of the feed lot north of Kettleman City on the I-5.

  • aes

    Carping Harpes
    I think it is brilliant that Brazil is mass exporting to untapped global markets. It takes money to create programs to improve the lives of the impoverished. It is easy to criticize what is wrong, why not speak to what is right. To practice failure is to become good at it. Psychological imaging of succeeding leads to succesful performance. Imagining failure is to contribute to it. Go Brazil. . .feed the world, barbeque for everyone.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.
    than what is running around on my land ?
    brasilian rats, with no nuts

    you ever been out of rio or SP
    most meat brazil sent to the US turns into hambuger, and thoes bottled meat sause lots of cooking done there.

    i have eaten a lot of brasilian meat some good some not so good
    but to say brasil has no beef cattle in the north of brasil well you are rong

    you are right the rain forest is getting smaller every day soy beans , sugar cain , corn , all for export , along with the wood , and all the wild life

    but brasil ,
    you wont change it so why do you bring it up .

    brasil is the custodian of the worlds best hope for clean air and it still clear cuts more land a year than the state of road island

  • Does it matter?

    The Ignorance of the world don’t cease to amaze me. There’s no cattle in Fortaleza or in the Northeast of Brasil!!!! There’s no cattle in the Amazon (Actually there’s not even people living there)!!!!! The US and europe eats brasilian meat and they don’t even known!! The meat that’s is sold on supermarkets in europe, with absurd prices, is brasilian, wether you like it or not!! Uruguai, Argentina and the south of Brasil has the best meat and Barbecue in the world. When I went to Australia I tryed to eat their famous barbecue, and you know what? Shit, hard expensive meat. The australians simply don’t meat, because their best meat goes to export. Gaucho hasta la muerte!!!

  • Stefanni

    Just Forget About It
    That is great, isn’t it? Brazilians need softer meat, Arab countries also want it, actually everybody does. But no one talks about the Amazon forest being destroyed to feed the world, the land concentration and poor conditions of labour force in cattle farms in Brazil. It’s time for the Brazilian press to start talking about the dirty side of the meat industry, but everybody must be so hungry that they forget about it… Very greedy, isn’t it?

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    while in fortalaza

    try out

    PAR QUE grate beef 1/2 kilo rib eyes t bone
    and the sides very very good

    all outside under the stars and in a park like setting with live bands on weekends
    very big trees , fish pond ,

  • ch.c.

    Brazilian meat !
    At least in most Europeans countries,no one orders Brazilian meat. It could be it is good in cheap canteens.
    Here when we want tender meat mouth watering and not too expensive we buy Argentina beef not so easy to find.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    very well said CH.C
    I hope they dont try to sell that tuff stuff they sell to the brasilians in the stores and the stuff they sell in the street markets

    i had water buffalo in nam that was easer to chew .

    if so the next big selling export will be presure cookers ,

    The incestuous relationship between government and big business thrives in the dark.

  • ch.c.

    yessssssss…..very sad !
    The World Needs to Eat and Brazil Has the Food….but Brazil has not enough to feed its own citizens…..FIRST !

    Tens of millions of citizens are UNDER NOURRISHED and millions are in hunger state !!!!!!

    Be proud to prefer exporting….instead of feeding your society !

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