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Emirates Airline Recruits Brazilians as Flight Attendants

First-class service at Emirates Airline

First-class service at Emirates Airline The United Arab Emirates' airline, Emirates, will have a direct flight between Dubai and São Paulo, Brazil, starting in October. As preparation for those interested in working as flight attendants on the airline's aircraft, the UAE company is offering on Sunday, March 18, workshops in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, and Brazilian capital BrasÀ­lia.

According to information supplied by the company, the workshops, called "Cabin Crew Open Days", will serve to present to candidates the operation of the company, the work conditions and the lifestyle in Dubai, where the company's head office is.

Emirates usually only promotes this kind of event in Dubai and Europe, but with the start of operations in South America they also decided to start promoting the activity in Brazil, then in Bolivia and Venezuela.

The "Open Days" are going to take place in São Paulo on the 18th, in Curitiba on the 20th, in Brasí­lia on the 22nd and in Belo Horizonte on the 25th. According to a spokesperson for Emirates, videos about the company and about the culture of Dubai will also be presented.

According to the company's general director for Brazil, Ralf Aasmann, apart from details about the work and about the Arab country, the candidates will be able to leave their curriculums for future analysis. The selection process itself should take place between May and June.

The company already has 106 Brazilians working as flight attendants on its flights. The organization employs people from 120 different nationalities. With the inauguration of the flight to São Paulo, Emirates wants to increase the number of Latin Americans working for the company. In São Paulo, the "Open Day" will take place at Congonhas Aviation School.

Emirates currently counts on 8,000 flight attendants. The organization has a fleet of 101 aircraft and flies to 88 different destinations in 59 countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Since 2004, the United Arab Emirates have had an aerial agreement with Brazil, permitting the organization of flights between both countries. But Emirates only announced the official launch of a direct flight between São Paulo and Dubai in January this year.

Further information:

Congonhas Aviation School (Eacon)
Tel.: (55 11) 5041-4700
Address: Av Washington Luí­s, 6055, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil



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  • yalmas

    General Mangr-GE-Thailand
    Some female attendants are very sexy and juicy..i like them

  • nawal zari

    do you accept short girls. 1,56m?

  • Tatiana Mischek

    Explaining Leo Wanker vision
    Well, this thing is strange, really strange.
    Today a teacher said it really happens, people from south Brazil like to have blond flight attendants.

    When such a person goes to Europe, then they learn that thereÀ‚´s no difference. It doesnt matter the color of your skin, but where are u from. People who in Brazil think they are white, there they are black.

    People have a strange vision of beauty, in Brazil people like white people, and these people are on magazines, tv spots, soap-operas. The few black actors, for example, are always the maid, driver, the bad guy, the criminal, the prostitute.

    And as the image of flight attendant here is connected with glamour, people think that they must look like “rich and beautiful” people. And THE people who think like this in general almost never travels.

    I imagine a white racist flight attendant working, then, how difficult it must be to help and serve the black clients.

    I am black and IÀ‚´ll aplly to Emirates.

    Now I have a question: Leo, why dont you try to work for Lufthansa?

  • kenny

    emirates accept applications for new joiners up to the age of 35, your weight has to be in proprtion to your height, approx 30% of emirates crew are male, and 70% are of the female crew do not have blonde hair and blue eyes, considering alot of the female’s are from arabic countries such as Lebannon, eygpt, morrocco, and many from Asian countries, only a minority are Blonde,Blue-eyed european and australian girls…. so as for Leo Wanker’s comment….. get your facts right.

  • Snake

    Leo WTF are you saying?

    Many Brazilian women whether blond or brunette have great body, over and under 25.

  • Leo Wanker

    Flight attendants for Emirates
    For those interested in applying, don’t bother. You have to be female, great body, blond hair with blue eyes and under 25 yrs old.

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