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Brazilian Exports Fall Close to 9% When Compared to 2006

Santos port, in São Paulo, Brazil

Santos port, in São Paulo, Brazil Brazil's trade balance result (exports minus imports) in the month of March reached US$ 3.323 billion, with growth of 15.3% over the figure for February, but 8.56% retraction when compared to March last year. With this, the trade balance surplus for the year has reached US$ 8.689 billion, 6% less than in the fist quarter of 2006.

March presented the greatest trade flow this year, both in sales to the foreign market and in purchases of foreign products. Exports generated revenues of US$ 12.855 billion, whereas imports totalled US$ 9.532 billion, according to a report disclosed today, April 2, by the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

Brazilian exports this year reached US$ 33.919 billion, rising 15.2% in comparison to the first quarter of last year, whereas imports reached US$ 25.221 billion, rising 25.3% in the period.

The official estimate is that foreign sales should reach US$ 152 billion in the year, with a surplus of around US$ 40 billion.



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  • aes

    ABr: Thanks for the data
    What is amazing is that the cost of goods to foreign buyers has incresed do to the increase in the strength of the Real vis a vis the dollar, but in spite of that exports rose 15%. That the increase of imports by 25% means that these goods were bought at a 25% discount (more or less), than last year. This is the time to buy heavy machinery, capital goods with the strengthened Real. That exports were up inspite of the increased strength of the Real means that Brazilian exported products have been selling too cheaply over the past four years.

  • adrianerik

    That exports were up inspite of the increased strength of the Real means that Brazilian exported products have been selling too cheaply over the past four years.

    This is not necessarily true. We really need to see which exports have gone up and which exports have suffered. If most of the growth is due to an increase in a few industries while other industrires are suffering than that means that a few are earning huge profits while many are closing and increasing unemployement.

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