Good Weather Brings Brazil Super Soy, Corn and Cotton Crops

Cornfield in Brazil Brazil's National Food Supply Company (Conab) has just disclosed the seventh survey for the 2006/2007 Brazilian grain crop. The Crop Assessment manager at Conab, Eledon Pereira, said that this year's crop can already be considered as a super-crop. According to estimates, the crop should yield 131.1 million tons.

The favorable weather is considered to be the main contributing factor for the super-crop. "We had a super-crop in Brazil in 2003. The weather was excellent. This year, the weather is similar to that of 2003," said Pereira.

The survey was conducted by 70 Conab technicians from March 19 to 23. They interviewed farmers, representatives of rural cooperatives, and of public and private organizations in the main grain producing regions.

According to the survey, soy production should reach 58 million tons, an 8.5% increase over the previous crop. The corn crop also showed a significant increase, compared with the figures for 2005/2006. This year, the first crop shows a 15.2% increase, from 31.8 million tons to 36.6 million tons of corn.

Another item that showed significant increase in production is cotton. Since last year, the planted area in Brazil increased by 24%, and production should increase by 32.9%, from 1.7 million tons to 2.2 million tons.

According to Eledon Pereira, the increase in planted cotton area was due to attractive prices in the time of planting.



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  • AES

    Good news is good news.
    I know the DOW rises and falls on commodity production results. Good news is good news. Its value is determined two ways. The harvest of the Southern Hemisphere must work to offset depleating and by consequence increasing prices of Northern Hemisphere commodity supplies. I am sure China is always interested in cotton, and if worse came to worse you could convert the soy to ethanol and sell it in the new contracts and future contracts. Very interesting.

  • Ric

    Boom and Bust
    Some Americans are dumb. Builders see an opportunity and continue to go into debt and build spec houses even after the boom has turned to glut. Then they go out of business. Happens every cycle.

    Corn in the USA is like money, a reference. They feed it to cows and pigs. The sugar made from it is used in everything from soda pop to peanut butter. When corn goes up so does nearly everything else.

    Now due to ethanol made from US corn, Midwest farmland is going up in value; 31 ethanol plants have been built since 2005; and in the last 8 months, a bushel of American corn has doubled in price from two dollars to four dollars. At that price the profit is only three cents on a gallon of ethanol.

    At the same time Alberta can produce a barrel of crude oil from twenty dollars from oil sands, and OPEC crude is going down, not up.

    And Peak Oil is not here, but years away.

    A big bust is in the making, lots of people are going to lose their shirts, as ethanol becomes a problem, a problem that will affect Brazil also to some extent or other. Timing is everything.

    Arco had thousands of solar panels in the Carrizo plain across the street from our ranch, 30 years ago. Too soon. It was taken apart and sold to hobbyists, piece by piece.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    what is truth
    i am a Brazilian. I have no desires, no will, no likes, no dislikes. I had been fashioned to resemble as closely as possible a human model which I had not chosen and which did not suit me. Day after day since my birth, I had been made up: my gestures, my attitudes, my vocabulary. My needs were repressed, my desires, my impetus, they had been dammed up, painted over, disguised and imprisoned. After having removed my brain, having gutted my skull, they had stuffed it full of acceptable thoughts which suited me like an apron on a cow. And when it was verified that the graft had taken, that I no longer needed anyone to control the waves which welled up from the depths of my being, I was let go. I could live freely.À¢€™ roam À¢€˜in the context of the culture that makes us what we are
    Brazilian.trying to deal with the network of chains that bind us: chains composed of gender, class, À¢€˜raceÀ¢€™ and religion and how the family transmits the past into the present and in doing so, hides the chains from our view.

    I a country that does not give the BASICs rights to its people ,
    that allows the wealthy to run as they see fit , that allow es the government to take what ever it wants , in in return say nothing to admit nothing .
    but to place the blame on some one else everything is someone else fault
    while we the people are set aside in the same country we are to be proud of
    kept dumb by the government schools ,
    kept hungry by the selling off of our food stocks .
    denied good things to buy as the import tax is placed to high to deal with .
    but every 4 years we set out to elect the new lords of the land not who is best but who we feel will not steal more from us than the last one.
    all the new programs will not help Brazil or its people till we stop kidding ourselves we need change .
    stop all the corruption .
    stop all the lieing .
    stop all the theft .
    stop the killing of our young .
    stop lieing to ourselves .

    grow up and face it we need help !!!!
    and it must start from within the host government , if not we need to replace them one way or the other

  • conceicao

    Thanks Jony, but sorry, I can’t read Portuguese.

  • jony

    To AES and Conceicao
    All though a rarity, itÀ¢€™s refreshing to read some constructive and informative comments around here… you comments are clear, focused and with authority. You have also shown great restrain amidst all the non-sensible self-proclaimed experts that we all know so well…
    Would like to hear your thoughts on a very important program that is going on in Brazil at this moment.
    Please refer to:

    Be good, and keep up the good work.


  • conceicao

    At least the U.S. ethanol program helps prices for all these commodities on world markets.

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