Again Arson Destroys Office of Brazil Newspaper that Denounced Corruption

Brazil's Tribuna do Povo online A fire that swept through the offices of the fortnightly newspaper "Tribuna do Povo", in Várzea da Palma (300 km north of Belo Horizonte, capital of the southeastern state of Minas Gerais) on  April 9, 2007, was arson according to Brazilian authorities.

The blaze resembled one that destroyed the offices of a newspaper and two radio stations in Marí­lia, in the state of São Paulo, in September 2005 after they too had strongly criticized local officials.

The latest fire badly damaged the offices, destroying furniture and computers. A neighbor alerted police, who found cans of petrol on the spot and said it was arson.

The newspaper, founded and co-edited by Dirceu Marques de Oliveira and Artur Nascimento, has reported on extensive corruption in the Várzea da Palma town government.

Similar accusations of corruption against local officials, including former mayor Abelardo Camarinha, led to the fire at the Marí­lia offices of the daily "Diário de Marí­lia" and radio stations Diário FM and Dirceu AM on 8 September 2005. Three people were each sentenced to 12-year jail terms in January 2006 for setting the fire.

Camarinha and his son Viní­cius, a member of the state assembly, were not punished, and mounted an operation to block publication of "Diário de Marí­lia" on general election day on October 3, 2006.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an international group dedicated to defend freedom of expression and of the press, says that it strongly deplores what happened in Brazil and called for those responsible to be arrested and punished. There are no suspects, at the moment, however.


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  • Wolfgang von Lohengramn

    Geni and the Zeppelin
    First, I’m brazilian, so shut up your mouths damn pro-brazilian scum, I know what I’m talking about!

    Second, we don’t live in anarchy, it’s just plain despoty. The rich are untouchable and the poor exists only to serve the “nobility”.

    Third, it’s not the political body or the laws that are corrupted, it’s the entire God damn brazilian society!

    Fourth, if you expect to have any rights here, be prepared to waste a lot of money, because you have what you pay for. If you have the right ammount, you can steal, kill, rape, snuff, deal drugs, illegal weapons or even slaves.

    Fifth, if you go against any important people here, you and your family could end up murdered in an “attempted robbery” or “suicided” with two or three shots in the head and the hands tied on your backs (Remember people, brazillians are experts in committing suicide by the strangest ways, like stabbing thenselves in the back when they are sleepping or hanging thenselves while on their knees).

  • Forrest Allen Brown


  • bo

    Reporters Without Borders
    Of course they’re a real organization, and a very credible one.

    Contact us

    International Secretariat :

    Reporters sans frontiÀƒ¨res
    5, rue Geoffroy-Marie
    75009 Paris – France

    Tel. 33 1 44 83 84 84
    Fax. 33 1 45 23 11 51

    E-mail :
    Web :

    Africa desk :
    Americas desk:
    Asia desk:
    Europe desk :
    Middle-East desk :
    Internet desk :

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    Reporters Without Borders (RSF),

    HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THEM OR any one ever said they even are a true unit

  • CH.C.

    Is there Corrrrrrruption in Brazil ?
    Many brazilians junkies of this site will say……but not more that in other places ! Laugh !

    Ask them then if corruption is also within their own Judicial Sytem ! Their answer would be……Ahhhhhhh Noooooo ch.c., you are wrong,
    you are again only ranting against Brazil !!!!!!!! Correct !

    Unfortunately all my ranting is not ranting but simply the truth ! And to my knowledge, the truth is NOT ranting ! Right ?

    Here is my gift of truth….for this week end….to the Brazilian Junkiiiiies !

    Hey hey….read that one NOW:
    “RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Federal police Friday arrested the chief organizer of Rio’s carnival parade, a federal judge and a prosecutor in a crack-down on illegal gaming and money laundering, authorities said.
    Ailton Guimares Jorge, the president of the Independent League of Samba Schools, was among 24 people arrested for alleged involvement with illegal numbers games, bingo parlors and the distribution of slot machines, police said in a statement.
    ALSO ARRESTED were Judge Jose Eduardo Carreira Alvim, vice president of the federal court’s second district, and federal prosecutor Joao Sergio Pereira. Police did not explain how the officials were involved.
    Anisio Abrahao David, former president of the Beija Flor samba group , this year’s Carnival champion, also was arrested in the crackdown, which also involved arrests in Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Bahia.
    Rio’s annual Samba Parade is the centerpiece of Brazil’s carnival celebrations, which have largely been funded by the leaders of illegal numbers games.
    Jorge and David were among 14 people convicted on similar gambling charges and sentenced to six years in prison in 1993. Both were released after serving only three years.
    Those arrested will face charges ranging from corruption of public officials to influence pedaling and money laundering, police said.”

    I ALSO BET THESE 2 JUDGES WILL NOT STAY VERY LONG IN JAIL !!!!!!! They will simply negotiate their freedom with more corruption or they will threaten to reveal other high levels officials involved in that particular case or others wher they know WHO is involved !!!!!!

    Is it not Brazilians who say : in Brazil corruptions always end up in Pizzas anyway ?

    Funny that in Brazil those at risk are the ones against corruption and not the corrupted officials !

    Corruption being certainly the highest growing industry…….in Brazil !

  • bo

    Who’s e-mail address…
    Who’s email addy forrest?

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    hay bo
    and what is there emailaddress
    haye looked before but could not find

  • bo

    [quote]Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an international group dedicated to defend freedom of expression and of the press, says that it strongly deplores what happened in Brazil and called for those responsible to be arrested and punished. [b]There are no suspects, at the moment, however.[/quote][/b]

    Well, they shouldn’t have a hard time coming up with a few. Who were the subjects in the articles?? Maybe a good place to start, just brainstorming here. 😉

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